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Chapter 163 - Poisonous Dragon water control flag

"Divine dragon flings its tail!" Ye Xiwen resorted to the most powerful move of coiling dragon palm. Palm shadows appeared everywhere and completely surrounded the water swords. Those whistling water swords were then directly scattered and obliterated.

To deal with this huge demon beast, Ye Xiwen was prepared to use all of the tricks up his sleeves, only then he would be able to completely crush this demon beast, this was kind of person Ye Xiwen actually was. An average person would choose to escape in the very beginning as soon as they encounter a truth level demon beast like deepwater black serpent and that too in the sea water. If Ye Xiwen was facing this demon beast on the land then it wouldn't be so difficult to deal with it.

"Huala!" The deepwater black serpent's tail suddenly and fiercely whipped towards Ye Xiwen pumping seawater with the strength of millions of Jin and instantaneously approached him.

"Break!" Ye Xiwen shouted and chopped out his long blade, releasing a dazzling Bladelight of missing moon beheader, which directly rushed cutting off water waves. Ye Xiwen swam as if flying inside the water and instantly appeared in front of the deepwater black serpent.

The deepwater black serpent didn't hesitate and without demur, it directly whipped its huge tail severely towards Ye Xiwen, as if it wanted to whip him to death.

"Boom!" Ye Xiwen instantly used 'Divine dragon flings its tail' towards the giant tail of deepwater black serpent.

The enormous power of the direct collision inside the seawater set off endless waves of water, rippling out layer upon layer. Once again, Ye Xiwen was almost blasted to be sent flying, but at the crucial moment, Tianyuan mirror acted as an anchorage and saved him. Ye Xiwen secretly cursed in his heart because if Tianyuan mirror was not there then he would have been sent flying. The fighting strength of this monster under the water was really troublesome.

"Begin!" Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout. Tianyuan mirror flew out from within his body and released a terrifying scarlet light which instantly flew over towards the deepwater black serpent's head, and in a flash, the scarlet light shone over the deepwater black serpent.

"Zizi!" This scarlet colored light shone on the deepwater black serpent's body, and immediately, the Zhen Yuan contained in its body began to be corroded by this terrifying scarlet light which was shining on its flesh and penetrating directly into its flesh, making it to give out intermittent waves of pitiful screams and roars. Its flesh and blood was getting corroded and melting, slowly transforming into bloody- scarlet light and returning to the Tianyuan mirror. Due to that, the scarlet light of Tianyuan mirror was flourishing and becoming more and more powerful.

Ye Mo's figure suddenly appeared right above the Tianyuan mirror along with a black light whizzing out of its body and used his small hands to pinch some kind of tactics unceasingly into the mirror. Under his manipulation, the might of the Tianyuan mirror was constantly increasing and began devouring the deepwater black serpent's essence and blood even faster.

"Ha ha ha, this is really so cool!" Ye Mo yelled which dancing with joy.

But at this time, without the slightest hesitation, Ye Xiwen instantly shot his long knife and maliciously stabbed into the deepwater black serpent's body, and right after the long blade stabbed and went into its body, while still holding it in one hand, Ye Xiwen used his other hand to directly punch on it and plunged his blade straight into the body of the deepwater black serpent.

"Roar!" The deepwater black serpent screamed pitifully with the intense pain, its whole body began to twitch and twist crazily while violently lashing out millions of ton of seawater in all directions.

But Ye Mo remained radically unmoved and continued to unceasingly pinch his tactics into the Tianyuan mirror. At this time, the true fearful might of Tianyuan mirror fully emerged and under the control of Ye Mo, it could be said that this might was not one bit weaker than the might of a truth level master at the peak of Truth first stage. This kind of might was absolutely powerful and could cause complete mess.

According to what Ye Mo said, this was because Tianyuan mirror just now woke up from its endless sleep, so it could only display this much strength, as long as there was sufficient accumulation of energy, Ye Xiwen could quickly restore it to its true valiance.

As Tianyuan mirror was absorb more and more essence and blood of deepwater black serpent, the scarlet patterns on Tianyuan mirror began to become even stranger.

Ye Xiwen was crazily waving his long blade inside the deepwater black serpent's body and each time, terrifying Bladelight was flashing inside its body. The barrage of Ye Xiwen's malicious blade attacks had completely churned the internal organs of the deepwater black serpent, although its outer skin was very hard and tough, but that was not the case for its visceral organs. Ye Xiwen was constantly using his fierce blade attacks on its soft and unprotected internal organs.

The deepwater black serpent struggled for some time but was finally motionless and it didn't take Ye Xiwen too long to find a fist-sized Neidan inside the beast's body and he directly drilled it out.

Ye Xiwen finally relaxed, this deepwater black serpent was indeed very difficult to deal with, however he still didn't know how many deep sea monsters like it were lurking deep inside the sea.

After the deepwater black serpent was dead, its body and blood was soon completely absorbed by the Tianyuan mirror and vanished without a trace. Tianyuan mirror had shown faint signs of recovery after absorbing the life essence of deepwater black serpent and perhaps it wouldn't take long for its might to become comparable to the second stage of truth realm.

If the might of Tianyuan mirror became comparable with the master of Truth second stage then Ye Xiwen's own strength would undoubtedly also increase by leaps and bounds and he would be able to compete with masters of Truth second stage.

"This deepwater black serpent's whole body is a treasure." Ye Mo said with a smile, after absorbing the blood and essence of this demon beast, he was in a good mood, "It just so happens that I can refine a poisonous dragon water control flag using the poison of this deepwater black serpent as basis, after you have practiced using it, it can be said that you will be able to directly kill a master of Truth first stage, it will also become easy for you to compete with a master of Truth second stage, and later when you behead more of these deepwater black serpents or other poisonous beasts then the might of Poisonous dragon water control flag will greatly enhance, or after much practicing, you can form a flag array, then its might is going to be infinite!"

"You can refine a tool?" Ye Xiwen said in a somewhat surprised tone.

"Of course, although this is not what I most excel at, but at the same time, for me, refining a poisonous dragon water control flag is nothing but child's play." Ye Mo said in a somewhat triumphant manner.

"But for it to succeed, I will need your help as well." Ye Mo said, "This is the Celestial emperor tool refining tactics, go ahead, have a look."

"This is one of the world's greatest law tactics!"

Ye Mo established a connection with Ye Xiwen's mind and sent a stream of information flowing into his mind. Ye Xiwen began to frantically comprehend this so-called "Celestial emperor tool refining tactics" inside the mysterious space, present in his mind.

Ye Xiwen had not been idling and directly crushed the neidan of deepwater black serpent and began to absorb it. Although this deepwater black serpent was just at the first stage of truth realm and had recently stepped into the truth realm, but its body was huge and its neidan's inherent energy was almost ten times more than the energy possessed by masters at the first stage of truth realm, or perhaps it was a few times more potent.

Ye Xiwen immediately felt a thrill of horrifying energy that began to flow within his body. He instantly lost concentration and had to focus on controlling this terrifying energy that was surging inside his body, and while at the same time, he was also busy comprehending 'Celestial emperor tool refining tactics'.

Fortunately, Ye Xiwen was already accustomed to this pattern, because from the beginning, he had been doing the same thing and was already an expert at using the mysterious space. In short, he was accustomed to dividing his spirit and concentration into two parts to focus on two tasks at the same time and manage them unaffected.

The huge snake skin, bones and even the teeth of the deepwater black serpent were rapidly incorporated into the Tianyuan mirror.

Ye Mo also entered the Tianyuan mirror and began coordinating with Ye Xiwen to help him with the refining process. Although he knew the 'Celestial emperor tool refining tactics', but he himself was a tool spirit, and did not have the required capability, so he must coordinate with Ye Xiwen and let him do the actual refining.

Ye Xiwen was unceasingly absorbing the massive energy present in the neidan of the deepwater black serpent into his own body, and on the same time, he was focusing on comprehending "Celestial emperor tool refining tactics" while constantly refining the 'Poisonous dragon water control flag'. Almost without wasting even a single moment, Tianyuan mirror was unceasingly rotating above Ye Xiwen's head and disseminating bursts of coercion to get rid of the nearby deep-sea monsters, so that they wouldn't dare to approach Ye Xiwen.

As the time was passing second by second, it could be said that there was no sense of day and night in the deep sea. Ye Xiwen did not know after how long he abruptly opened his eyes and an absolutely formidable imposing aura suddenly erupted from his body, whipping out an endless amount of water waves.

Ye Xiwen's strength finally rose dramatically and finally reached a peak condition. Before, if Ye Xiwen's strength could only be considered comparable to the true masters of the intermediate level of Truth first stage, now after absorbing the neidan of deepwater black serpent, his cultivation increased considerably. At present, his strength was easily comparable to the master of peak level of Truth first stage. At this time, he finally managed to have a breakthrough from Xiantian ninth stage and achieved the Xiantian Great realm. It could be said that at any time, he would actually cross over to the truth realm.

Even at his current strength, Ye Xiwen was strong enough to sweep away any master of Truth first stage, however masters of Truth second stage would still be very difficult to deal with and he might have to retreat while facing them.

Meanwhile, the refining process of 'Poisonous Dragon water control flag' was finally complete. On the side of Tianyuan mirror, a black colored and insignificant looking little flag was flying and directly flew into the hand of Ye Xiwen while its size reduced and became comparable to palm-sized dimensions. A pleasant feeling appeared in his heart when he realized that he could completely control it.

This was the first divine tool refined by Ye Xiwen and was extremely powerful. When sufficient amount of qi was injected into this tool, the toxic gas sprayed out from it would be enough to effortlessly kill a master of Truth first stage and even a master of Truth second stage would be seriously injured.

This Poisonous Dragon water control flag tool was in itself a divine tool mentioned in the records of 'Celestial emperor tool refining tactics' which also included many other kinds of tools that required various refining methods and variety of tricks, etc., if the word about it spread out, it was enough to cause sensation and commotion throughout the Zhen Wu Jie. From the very basic spirit tools, 'Celestial emperor tool refining tactics' contained records of complete refining methods for all kinds of tools, which made it an absolutely insane existence in this world. One must not forget that Ye Mo was indeed also a great presence in this world.

And the refining method of 'Poisonous Dragon water control flag' was the refining method directly created by the poisonous dragon race, one of the true dragon races, and was famous for its mercilessness and slaughtering. The might of the 'Poisonous Dragon water control flag' would be simply unthinkable if it was refined out of a poisonous dragon's body. Poisonous dragon race was one of the true dragon races, and with just a casual flick of their finger, even peerless masters could be stabbed to death. Although Ye Xiwen refined 'Poisonous Dragon water control flag' from a deepwater black serpent and it was only a lower level product, but its might was very big without a doubt.

Now, relying on the strength of 'Poisonous Dragon water control flag', Ye Xiwen should be able to compete with the masters of Truth second stage and it would certainly ensure his success.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up revealing a faint smile. It was time to find Luo Yifan and settle accounts with him!

(To be continued)

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