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Chapter 162 - Deepwater black serpent

The great East China Sea was simply endless, it was difficult to see the end, and on the high-altitude, Ye Xiwen was treading the rainbow light and was turning the map in his hands, while using Zhen Yuan protection cover to not get disheveled by the strong winds.

This great East China Sea was boundless and only a distance of about ten thousand Li came under the known scope of Great Yue State. Although the influence of Great Yue State was extended in a range of a few thousand Li, but Ye Xiwen obtained quite a complete nautical chart from Yi Yuan School that had mapped about one million square kilometers of area near the sea coast.

It could be said that the scope of the East China Sea known to Great Yue State was in fact nothing but the tip of an iceberg.

The vastness of great East China Sea could be imagined.

And Ye Xiwen spent hundreds of sprit stones for this nautical chart, however it also showed the position of the stronghold of Crazy Shark thirteen pirates, which was perhaps a hard to find secret for an average person, but for a monster like Yi Yuan School, it was easily worth nothing.

After all, for average people, masters of the truth realm were indeed like human gods, simply unattainable, but for Yi Yuan School, they were just like the tools to deal with trouble.

Therefore, it actually saved him a lot of effort and he did not specifically have to look for the whereabouts of Luo Yifan, he just directly went in the direction of the stronghold of Crazy Shark thirteen pirates.

The salty sea breeze brushed again Ye Xiwen's face, he narrowed his eyes then immediately covered his whole body with Zhen Yuan, so that even at such a fast speed, the blowing sea breeze seemed comfortable to his body.

"This East China Sea is really too big." Ye Xiwen said with emotion.

"This is nothing." Ye Mo disdainfully curled his lip and said, "The greatest is the sea of stars, each star is separated from other by an unimaginable distance, far more than what you can ever imagine."

If an average resident of Zhen Wu Jie was told about the distance between the stars, it would be like casting pearls before a swine, but Ye Xiwen was naturally not the same and already knew about this.

(NT: Info for forgetful readers: Ye Xiwen was a university student from modern earth, but his memories got mixed up with this world's weakling Ye Xiwen and they both kind of discarded their own separate personalities and decided to form a new identity and become OP to be able to protect family and friends. In the first 100 chapters, Ye Xiwen's only goal was to become OP, now he has side goal of crushing Luo Yifan and Luo clan. MGS has 3290 chapters and ongoing, we are currently at 4.9% of the story.)

"According to the appendix on East China Sea map, there are many forces in this region, in addition to those pirates, there are many scattered martial sects, although they cannot be compared to Yi Yuan School and other several major forces, but all have their own characteristics, not to mention, in the depths of the East China Sea, there are a lot of unusually formidable sects. It is said that there are many sects among them, which are not weaker than Yi Yuan School and many tyrannical sects are thriving on huge continent-like islands." Ye Xiwen said. "And not just these tyrannical forces, in this sea, there are lots of demon beasts as well."

In short, there were many who refused to accept the laws of the land.

"In this sea, elixirs and heavenly treasures are endless, so the might of these demon beasts and martial sects is tyrannical." Ye Xiwen said.

"It also has many submarine based spiritual pulses and their quality is much higher compared to the quality of spiritual pulses on the land, but various demon beasts are lurking near the seabed and it's a pity that your strength is not enough to deal with them, otherwise, you could go there and conveniently plunder the spirit stones from those demon beasts." Ye Mo said.

The demon beasts of Xiantian level had remarkable wisdom, but it could be said that there was really not much difference between truth-level demon beasts and humans. The truth level demon beasts even used to organize armies consisting of the Xiantian level demon beasts, carved out their own territory in the sea, they were not one bit weaker than human experts and belonged to a different kind of civilization.

"Immediately after killing that Luo Yifan, you can practice here for a month, your cultivation will certainly have a huge improvement, once you have beheaded Luo Yifan, completely eradicate all those pirates, and then, you can pillage the treasure they have gathered after roaming in the East China Sea for so many years. They must have saved up a lot of treasure, which should also contain many top grade spirit stones, just enough for you to start practicing once again." Ye Mo said.

Anyway, Qianji Island was located in the East China Sea and it would be quite convenient to reach there. It was also better for Ye Xiwen to become much stronger before participating in the competition.

Moreover, the pirates of the East China Sea were like a plague, they must be eradicated completely, if not killed, then they would continue to harm innocent people, in addition to that, these pirates had plundered lots of spirit stones and other practice materials, so Ye Xiwen could use these treasures to hone his skills.

Ye Xiwen was flying extremely fast and soon left the continent far behind and it slowly went out of sight.

"Shua!" Suddenly, a storm appeared in the distance and speeding Ye Xiwen entered this storm, when he saw that the weather was turning hostile above the sea.

This storm was really too horrifying, Ye Xiwen was finding very hard to resist inside it, the Lingqi was sweeping across so fast and wildly that it could directly crush a warrior of Houtian level, even Xiantian level warriors would find it hard to maintain a strong foothold in this storm.

After Ye Xiwen strengthened the Zhen Yuan cover over his body, he directly dived into the sea water. Compared to the raging and towering waves and wild winds rushing all the way from the sea surface to the clouds, the entire seabed was very quiet and was not at all unstable, even though there were monstrous waves on the sea surface.

However, inside the sea, there simply was no shred of light because of the stormy clouds in the sky and huge depth and massive amount of water over his head, the light couldn't reach so deep inside, and even Ye Xiwen could see only a little.

He could only see clearly for a few meters, the distant places inside the silent sea seemed strange and could easily make people feel nervous.

Then, abruptly, a fishy smell entered his nostrils and a giant shadow leapt towards Ye Xiwen.

The giant shadow opened its big mouth and nipped towards Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen hastily stepped back in the water, however his speed was slow compared to his speed on land, although after achieving the strength of truth realm or later, one could breathe in the water, walk in the fire, but these were just magical powers, though powerful, but were nothing comparable to the abilities of the genuine denizens of the sea. They didn't use supernatural powers, it was all basic instinct, while for land walkers, it was obvious to lose their flexibility and speed drastically inside the water.

After feeling the presence of that huge shadow, Ye Xiwen suddenly and hastily retreated, delimiting water waves inside the sea, and barely avoided being bitten by that big mouth.

Ye Xiwen immediately condensed Zhen Yuan in the eyes, and a burst of golden light suddenly flashed in his eyes, increasing his eyesight considerably and this helped him in seeing clearly compared to earlier.

It was almost a 1000 feet long black python, its whole body was swarthy, had two huge disc-like eyes that were releasing scarlet rays of light.

Ye Xiwen had to hold his breath, this was the so-called deepwater black serpent and he had read about it in the records. According to the records, deepwater black serpents were a famous race of serpents, there were innumerable deepwater black serpents in the world and could only survive in the depths of the ocean. Their race was considered very horrifying, after all, a newborn deepwater black serpent was already in the Xiantian realm and after reaching adulthood, they usually became terrifying monsters of the truth level. Inside the sea, their race was considered very tyrannical and domineering.

Some deepwater black serpents had the opportunity to swallow heavenly treasures and also had a chance to become water dragon. A water dragon was an extremely terrifying existence and was capable of causing great commotion in a major sect like Yi Yuan School.

Moreover, it seemed as if this deepwater black serpent should have been awakened by the rolling storm above the sea and must have woken up from a deep slumber.

"Ye Xiwen, this is your rare fortune, this deepwater black serpent's whole body is a treasure. It must have been in the deep sea, perhaps in a very deep slumber, you could never have obtained a chance to see it, you should thank this storm that suddenly appeared and awakened it. Moreover, its body has just crossed the length of 1000 feet which indicates that it has reached the adulthood not long ago, and it also means that it has recently entered into the truth realm!" Ye Mo said in an excited manner.

The strength and adulthood of a deepwater black serpent was directly proportional to the length of its body. After stepping into the truth realm, the length of a deepwater black serpent could reach up to 1000 feet, after breaking into the second stage of truth realm, its length would be able to reach 2000 feet. Each time its skill deepened, it would shed skin and its stature increased by 1000 feet. The most powerful deepwater black serpent almost had a body length of 10000 feet and one wouldn't be able to see its entire body in one glance. If Ye Xiwen ever saw a big monster like that, perhaps, even he would have to immediately turn away.

He was obviously not an opponent of such a monster and would be easily killed in one tail sweep.

However, even if this deepwater black serpent had just entered into the truth realm, it would be very hard for an average martial artist to deal with it, generally speaking, the content of Zhen Yuan inside the body of any living being was always proportional to the size of the body, if the body size was greater, it could store more Zhen Yuan. Humankind generally reached the height of more than a meter, but this deepwater black serpent was full 700 meters long, a total of almost 700 times bigger than an average human and hence its body contained 700 times more Zhen Yuan. In addition to that, being a demon beast of truth level, its body was much stronger and formidable than that of a human. It was simply not an ordinary tough opponent.

"Hiss! Hiss!" The hissing sound produced by the deepwater black serpent could be heard from afar, it opened its big mouth revealing its poisonous fangs, white in color and incomparably sharp, if bitten, perhaps it could instantly pierce him to death, which was absolutely terrifying.

Demon beasts of truth level already possessed very high intelligence, Ye Xiwen could even see the fierce look on its face.

Ye Xiwen instantly shot coiling dragon palm, hidden dragon rises from the Abyss. A dragon's roar resounded, his palm transformed into a dragon claw and rushed straight towards the big mouth of that deepwater black serpent.

"Boom!" Ye Xiwen felt as if his arm hit the reinforced concrete. Accompanied by a loud roar and setting off waves in the water, a figure was directly blasted away inside the water, it was actually Ye Xiwen.

This deepwater black serpent did not know martial arts, just by virtue of its solid flesh and terrifyingly strange life force, it was able to beat back the attack of Ye Xiwen, these demon beasts were really quite unique, ordinary humans simply could not be compared with them.

Ye Xiwen couldn't imagine, this deepwater black serpent was so formidable now, if it learnt various martial arts then it would become much more terrifying.

The deepwater mysterious serpent opened its big mouth and gave out a long and loud roar, which turned the sea water into water swords and went lasing toward Ye Xiwen. Each of these water swords was sturdier than a formidable master.

They whistled and quickly arrived!

(To be continued)

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