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“My dear son….come eat….”

“I don’t want to eat! Leave me alone! Go away!”

Lin Huayang locked himself in his room, ignoring her mother’s request and bitterly shout.

“Then I’ll put the food in front of your door….don’t forget to eat….”

The outside footsteps gradually left.

Lin Huayang waved to slam the new Apple notebook on the ground, shattering it.

His room was full of debris.

Apart from the bed, everything else didn’t survive.

Lin Huayang almost shattered everything that can be shattered.

His lower part is dying, nothing can be worse than this!

Lin Huayang constantly struggled, wandering between anger and despair.

The target of Lin Huayang’s dart board on the wall was plastered with Liu Yi’s photograph.

So many darts were on that photograph, evidence of Lin Huayang venting his anger.

But this is far from enough.

Lin Huayang wished he could give his soul to the devil in exchange for the power to kill Liu Yi!

But this was only a wish. It’s impossible to come true!

When Lin Huayang has no place to vent his anger, his phone suddenly rang.

Lin Huayang angrily picked up the phone to see the caller. It turned out it was Lan He!

‘This young master Lan, what does he want with me?’ Lin Huayang thought.

Lin Huayang was really not in the mood to answer the phone. But he suddenly remembered that Murong Die seemed to cover up for Liu Yi!

‘If Murong Die protects Liu Yi….then, wouldn’t that make Lan He, who tried to pursue Murong Die all this time, my ally?’

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend!’

‘That’s right….’

Lin Huayang’s anger was burning. Revenge is everything for him. He then picked up the phone.

“Is it young master Lin? I heard that Liu Yi has also provoked you?

On the phone, Lan He directly said without preamble.

“Oh? Young master Lan didn’t like him too?”

Lin Huayang was secretly delighted.

Even if there’s no Yuan Shaojun, if Lan He was willing to be his ally, it would be wonderful!

‘Liu Yi, you made me unable to play with a woman, I’ll pay you back ten times, hundred times!’

“Hehe, it seems like we are indeed on the same team.”

Lan He laughed over the phone, “Young master Lin, today, why don’t we make an appointment to watch a movie?”

Lin Huayang was immediately surprised.

‘What kind of trick is this? Lan He wants to watch a movie with me?’ Lin Huayang couldn’t believe what he just heard.

‘Fuck me…Could it be Lan He, because he can’t capture Murong Die, turned into gay?’

‘His mother….Although I can’t play with a woman anymore, my heart still doesn’t change!’

“Young master Lan….to tell you the truth, I’m not in the mood….”

“Haha, young master Lin, hear me out first.”

Lan He leisurely laughed, “There will be a good show today….perhaps you can see the person that you hate, kneel in front of you, crying and begging….”

“Is this real? Young master Lan, I don’t mean to doubt you….but that Liu Yi seems to have two personalities. He can even send Yuan Shaojun to the hospital….”

“Relax….This time, I got the Black Dragon gang to help me….”

“Oh? Really? This is going to be fun! Young master Lan, where are you right now? I’ll immediately go there!”

“Come then, I’m at Tianda theater. I’ll wait for you there. I won’t leave before we meet.”

“Good, don’t leave before we meet!”

Lin Huayang excitedly hung up the phone, forgetting how weird that farewell was. His whole body was in a state of excitement.

‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi, an ordinary student like you already made too many enemies!’

‘This time, Black Dragon Gang will be looking for a trouble for you….hehe….’

Lin Huayang perverted smile appeared on his lips.

‘When the time comes, I must tell young master Lan I want to personally destroy your lifeblood!’

‘Then, in front of you, playing with your goddess Ma Yixuan!’

‘Yes, that’s it….’


‘Liu Yi, just wait for this father!’

The mentioned person, Liu Yi, was standing on the fourth floor of the Tianda Cinema. With popcorn in his hand, he suddenly had a big sneeze.


“Watch out, don’t dirty the popcorn!”

Murong Die quickly complained from the side.

“Hehe….some guy must’ve been cursing Liu Yi gege!”

The nearby Wang Lele cocked her head and smiled.

“Nonsense, this was certainly because some girl was thinking about me.”

Liu Yi sniffed and then said.

His eyes couldn’t help but see the eyes of Murong Die and Wang Lele.

Today, these two girls were more beautiful than usual.

Because there’s no school on Sunday, the two girls didn’t wear their uniforms.

Murong Die’s upper body wore a long black dress. Although its fabric was unknown, it must’ve been very high quality. In any case, it looked luxurious and beautiful.

Under the skirt, there was a somewhat thick long black cotton sock that wrapped her leg all the way to the thigh root position.

It was cold this time of the year. So, wearing light clothing is definitely a no-no.

Though it was just a simple black dress, Murong Die’s body seemed doubly beautiful and touching.

The nearby Wang Lele wore a set of blue-black jeans.

Her upper body wore a short jean that stuck to her chest.

There was a white shirt underneath that, which held her two full breasts. This vivid appearance is mouth watering.

This girls chest is large, with a very thin waist. This is truly an exaggerated proportion, a devil-like body, with unknown numbers of girls who envy her to death.

These two beautiful women, each has their own style, which attracted most of the men’s eyes in this cinema.

Liu Yi, who was standing next to the two girls, suddenly felt a lot of pressure.

There were so many jealous eyes that tried to poke holes in his body.

“Cut, how could there be a girl thinking about you!”

Murong Die rolled her eyes, which looked gorgeous to Liu Yi’s eyes; a joy to look at.

“Moreover, how could you wear the school uniform on the weekend!”

Then she disgustedly glanced at Liu Yi’s set of blue and white school uniform.

“Hehe….I, I don’t have any suitable clothes….”

Liu Yi awkwardly smiled.

To go out with two beauties, Liu Yi has actually picked an appropriate cloth at home.

But his clothes are all rustic, and not a single one was decent.

Liu Yi’s mom always wanted to buy clothes for Liu Yi, but he always rejected her.

Liu Yi reasoned to his mom that he will usually wear a school uniform, so, he will not have an opportunity to put on the new cloth.

Liu Yi has two fairly decent set of jeans. But after he practiced immortal cultivation, his height unexpectedly increased.

Before this, he was about 1.72 m, but now he’s 1.76 m!

Therefore, he can’t wear those jeans.

But the school uniform is loose, so he can continue to wear it.

When he tried to pick the appropriate clothes, he finally chose to wear this uniform.

‘In any case, I’m still a student….’ He reasoned.

‘It’s understandable if I wear a school uniform.’

“How about, after finish watching the movie, we take Liu Yi gege to buy two set of clothes!”

Wang Lele’s eyes suddenly lit up and said.

“Good idea, it’s settled then.”

Murong Die nodded her head, “This lady hasn’t gone shopping for quite a while.”

“I’m not going….”

Liu Yi’s head shook like a rattle-drum.

“What’s wrong, you aren’t happy to go shopping with this lady?”

Murong Die rolled her eyes.

“I….don’t have money….”

Liu Yi said without any confidence.

‘Sure enough, poverty inhibits one’s ambition….’ Liu Yi thought.

Although I had earned 1000 yuan, that was for future study and for the cost of future college.’

Liu Yi was not willing to spend his hard-earned money to give himself a new set of clothing.

“Who said we’re going to use your money?!”

Murong Die laughed, “Liu Yi, can’t you not be so stingy! Tianda mall is downstairs, just pick one that you like, and that’s it!”

“Eh? Don’t tell me there’s a convulsion on the mall, making everything’s free?”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes as he asked.


Wang Lele could not stand idly by the side, whispered, “Fool Liu Yi gege….Tianda group is sis’ Die’s Family Industry….”

‘Oh shit!’

Liu Yi has almost forgotten that the Murong Die before him is the Lady of the Murong family!

‘I almost make two mistakes….’

“Then it’s still not!”

Liu Yi flatly rejected the offer.

“Why not?”

Murong Die looked at Liu Yi in surprise.

“I’m not a gigolo, how can I take your stuff.”

“What the…! Liu Yi! This lady told you to go, then you have to go! If you say nonsense again, this lady will kill you!”

Murong Die really wanted to kill him.

“Liu Yi gege….just go….”

Wang Lele hurriedly pulled Liu Yi’s arm. Her double breast was pressed on Liu Yi, making his heart beat fast.

This girl….really can create a tumultuous situation….

“Just consider you accompany us for a stroll….Going to school every day is so boring….I haven’t been shopping for a long time….”

Wang Lele said.

“Well, ok then….”

Liu Yi has no choice than to give in to these two stubborn girls.

“Liu Yi! Your grandpa!”

Murong Die finally couldn’t bear but to curse.

“Why because of Lele you suddenly want to go now? I ask you to go but you refused! Are you deliberately make life difficult for this lady?”

“Em….no, it’s not it….”

Liu Yi quickly shook his head.

After a while, he suddenly thought something.

‘Properly speaking, although Murong Die is the Lady of a wealthy family, she’s always been good to me. Moreover, several times she bravely stepped forward to protect myself, helping me defuse the crisis.’

For that, he is very grateful toward her….

“Murong Die, you’re actually quite good….”

Liu Yi suddenly said.


Murong Die picked an eyebrow, ‘What’s this Liu Yi want to say?’

“You’re beautiful, and have many qualities….”

‘Mm, this Liu Yi is actually not blind. He’s actually very insightful.’

Murong Die suddenly thought that the Liu Yi before him was pleasing to the eyes.

“And you also got a heart, a very good heart…. You helped me on several occasions, for that, I’m truly grateful….”

“Emm….go on….”

Murong Die was enjoying this.

‘Is his nature suddenly changed today? His mouth begins to become sweet.’

‘If he continues to be like this, this lady will be very happy!’

“But….I, Liu Yi am not your pet. You can’t just expect me to do whatever you want me to do. You are good to me, and I am grateful for that. But please, don’t forget that I’m also an individual….”

“Liu Yi! Go to hell for me!”

Murong Die lifted her foot and kicked Liu Yi’s calf. Then angrily turned and walked toward the inside of the cinema.

“Ai, Liu Yi gege you big fool! Hurry up, let’s get into the theater!”

Wang Lele’s head hurt as she glanced back at Liu Yi and then pursued Murong Die.


‘What happened….’ Liu Yi asked in his heart.

‘Did I say something wrong….’

Liu Yi stood there, dumbfounded.

‘What I said just now was obviously very reasonable….’

“Hey, hey, you guys, don’t walk so fast. Wait for me….”

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