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Hearing the weak and feeble voice of Liu Yi, Yuan Zhenyue can’t help but smile..

This smile, was so charming and fascinating, making Liu Yi just, for a time, absent-mindedly looked.

This violent female police officer….when smiling, was actually very attractive.

“Brat, what are you thinking about? I’m just afraid you’re going to run!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s arm tightly pressed Liu Yi’s body and said.

“Humph, humph, the last time I let you ran away. You kid is too sly!”

‘I’m sly?’ Liu Yi asked himself.

‘Are there any justice in this!’

Liu Yi thought he has suffered injustice.

“This time, you can’t run away….humph humph, don’t think that you’re going to be okay just because there’s lady Murong behind you. Tell me clearly, what did you do to Lin Huayang?”

“Ah? What can I do to him!?”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes and scratched his head.

“You’re still acting like a fool!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s arm ruthlessly pressed his body, making Liu Yi’s face even more tensed.

If outsiders saw these two people’s present appearance, they would think that these two were having an affair.

Because their current posture was too ambiguous.

Yuan Zhenyue was almost plastered on Liu Yi’s body. With arm extended to pressure Liu Yi’s chest, her jade leg stuck out and arrived between Liu Yi’s legs.

Although Liu Yi enjoyed Yuan Zhenyue’s body fragrant very much, Liu Yi really didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“Lin Huayang’s….below didn’t work….”

“Below didn’t work? He can still eat noodles can he?”

“Fuck, continue to play dumb is it?”

Yuan Zhenyue harshly glared at Liu Yi, then her face became somewhat red, saying, “His penis is limp! He can’t get it hard anymore. Henceforth, his sex life is gone. Do you understand now!?”


Hearing this news, Liu Yi was gobsmacked, thinking.

‘I only gave Lin Huayang a single slap. How could it make him unable to get hard?’

‘Isn’t this a bit too fantastic!’

‘As fantastic as immortal cultivation!’

“Are you still going to play the fool?! This mother’s patience is getting low!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s talk and style were extremely agile and fierce.

“This….yesterday, we did have a conflict.”

Liu Yi felt that although Yuan Zhenyue is unreasonable, he inexplicably trust her. Therefore, he honestly said.

Yesterday, Lin Huayang and Yuan Shaojun mustered a hundred people to gang up and beat me up….I was surrounded but I broke their siege, and then beat Yuan Shaojun….I swear, it was self-defense….although, later on, I might be a bit excessive in my defense!”,

“Atta boy, a man beat a hundred, you’re good!”

Who knew, that Yuan Zhenyue didn’t care about that excessive defense. Her eyes lit up and cheerfully said.

“Let us fight another day again!”

“Ehm, ehm…let’s talk about this in another day then.”

“Did you just half-heartedly say that? Why don’t we start our practice now?”

“Give me a break….this is a school….”

“Humph, then continue your account honestly!”


Liu Yi continued his recount, “But I only gave Lin Huayang a slap in the face….I didn’t use a ruthless method on him….”

“I know. The hospital has checked that. They said Lin Huayang didn’t have any injury in the lower part. Looks like it should be a psychological problem.”

Yuan Zhenyue thought for a moment, and then said, “I reckon, he must’ve been too scared of you.”

“Hah….his courage is too small….”

Liu Yi thought in his heart, ‘This kid, by relying in his dad’s authority, has been arrogant and domineering in school. Unexpectedly, when he came across a problem, he turned out to be like this.’

‘What a shame.’

“In short, you must keep a low-key for a while.”

Yuan Zhenyue reminded Liu Yi, “I checked your family background. You’re just an ordinary student. Although Lin Family can’t be compared to Murong Family, they still have some influence in this Northern Dragon city. I think it’s best for you to pack up and leave, be a transfer student to someplace else. Otherwise, your family member might be in danger. This Lin Family will definitely retaliate yours.”

“I know….”

Liu Yi said in his heart. ‘How could I stay low-key? Lan He, Yuan Shaojun, they were all my enemies.’

‘There’s also Lin Huayang. Troubles will come looking no matter what I do.’

‘Fuck it. I’ll use the red scarf hero identity to finish them all!’

When Liu Yi’s mind wandered to this thought, he suddenly had a scare.

‘Why would I think about that!’

‘This must be the influence of my second personality!’

‘Liu Yi oh Liu Yi….You must not abuse your own power….’

Liu Yi quietly circulating his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to adjust his mindset.

“Well then, I’ve told what I need to say, the rest is up to you!”

Yuan Zhenyue said, “I’ll come looking for you another day and we’ll have a fight! You’re not allowed to refuse me, otherwise, this mother will block you at the school entrance every day!”

‘Shit….What kind of police is this….’

‘She’s clearly a rogue….’ Liu Yi thought.

He wanted to cry but have no tears.

After saying that, Yuan Zhenyue’s body slightly moved, as if she was about to release Liu Yi.

Liu Yi also felt relieved.

But this time, Yuan Zhenyue suddenly looked fierce.

Liu Yi felt a cold wind blast his cheek, making him involuntarily inclined his head to the right.


Yuan Zhenyue’s fist scratched Liu Yi’s left ear and hit empty air.

“What are you doing!”

Feeling the danger, Liu Yi’s goosebump trembled.

“I think if I come looking for you another day, you’ll certainly going to run away. Picking a good day to fight is hard, let’s just fight now!”

‘Is today a good day!?’ Liu Yi thought.

‘His sister, this is the school!’

Liu Yi incessantly complained.

“Take this!”

Yuan Zhenyue said as she moved her left knee toward Liu Yi’s lower abdomen.

Liu Yi was shocked and hurriedly reached out his left hand to the front of his lower abdomen to stop Yuan Zhenyue’s knee.


But Yuan Zhenyue’s momentum can’t be stopped!

Since he opened his second star jade, Liu Yi felt that Yuan Zhenyue’s strength should also be around two stars.

His hand was forced against his lower abdomen by Yuan Zhenyue’s knee pressure.

His stomach immediately felt a squeezing sensation. It nearly made him threw up acid.


If he didn’t slow down this kick just now, it’s entirely possible that that will be his game over.

Yuan Zhenyue really started to show her no mercy face!

“Hehe….We haven’t met for two days, but you’re already this strong!”

Yuan Zhenyue was getting more and more excited, her pair of hands made a jab at Liu Yi’s ears, intending to squeezed his brain out.

‘I’ll be damn….’ Liu Yi cursed in his heart.

‘How could she do such a vicious trick like this!’

Liu Yi hardened his heart, and directly grabbed Yuan Zhenyue’s thigh and then ruthlessly pulled it upward.


Yuan Zhenyue suddenly exclaimed. Her left leg was pulled up by Liu Yi and she instantly lost her balance and fell, pulling Liu Yi on top of her.

But Yuan Zhenyue was not going to lose like that. She raised her right leg and made a bicycle kick that went straight to Liu Yi’s chin.

Liu Yi didn’t hesitate. His right hand immediately held Yuan Zhenyue’s right leg.

But Yuan Zhenyue seemed to already expected Liu Yi to do that. Both of her hands supported her from the floor, and she pressed her legs, pressuring Liu Yi’s arm and then caught him by the neck, ready to turn over and threw him.

But when both of legs clamped Liu Yi’s neck, her whole body suddenly went soft. A unit of heat continued to flow in her body.

Yuan Zhenyue’s body shook, her cheek flushed, a strange feeling appeared in her mind, making her whole body extremely hot.

Although she was physically weak, she subconsciously clamped her legs, hanging on top of Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi suddenly realized his right-hand problem!

‘His mother!’ Liu Yi exclaimed in his mind.

His Amorous Ripple Hand is causing trouble again….

‘I really didn’t mean it….’

Liu Yi quickly loosened his right hand.

At this time, a girl’s voice suddenly rang.

“You….what are you two doing here!”

Liu Yi turned his head to look

‘Fuck me!’ He cursed.

It was Wang Yuzheng!

Liu Yi was taken by surprise.

‘How could there be such a coincidence!’

”Liu Yi….you actually do this kind of thing in high school….you, you….you are a scum, degenerate man!”

Wang Yuzheng’s face was red. She cursed several times and suddenly turned and ran away.

Liu Yi wanted to resolve this, but he was unable to explain.

‘This….this is so unfair!’ He cried in his heart.

Originally Wang Yuzheng just misunderstood him a bit, but now her misunderstanding has gone deeper….

Liu Yi hastily loosened Yuan Zhenyue.

After being loosened, Yuan Zhenyue squatted on the ground, her face was still flushed, while she whistled, gasping for breath.

“You, what did you just do to me….”

Yuan Zhenyue’s apricot eyes began to clear. She raised her head and looked toward Liu Yi and then, while still gasping for breath, tenderly asked.

“I, I don’t know either….I must attend a class, bye!”

Liu Yi was embarrassed to death.

He can’t deal with Yuan Zhenyue, so he raised his legs to run.


Yuan Zhenyue looked toward the direction where Liu Yi made his escape and pounded her fist on the ground.

Unfortunately, she can’t raise her strength anymore. This fist was also light.

She was confused and didn’t know what kind of method did Liu Yi just do to her to be able to make her turned into this state.

‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi….who are you, really!’ She thought.

‘I Yuan Zhenyue must investigate to the bottom of this!’

When Liu Yi rounded a corner, he immediately came across Murong Die, who was looking for him.

“Hey, you came back?”

Seeing Liu Yi, Murong Die quickly asked, “What did that policewoman ask you about?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing….It’s just some investigation about another case….”

Liu Yi didn’t want to spread around Lin Huayang’s condition, making him looked like a woman.

“Cut, if you don’t want to say it, then so be it. It’s not as if this lady want to hear it either!”

Murong Die curled her lips, turned around and left.

Liu Yi’s heart was in a mess.

Well, since he met with Fox sister, his world has become a mess.

First, he started to become enemies with various people, then he had an encounter with the great God cult believer….

In the end, even the Principal became his enemy.

‘Do I listen to what Yuan Zhenyue said and moved to somewhere else?’ Liu Yi mused.

‘Definitely not. This one mid is the best school in Northern Dragon City.’

In the past, his dad and mom, to let him enter this one mid, has spent a considerable amount of sponsorship money to this school….

Because of this, his family condition has become a lot worse.

Liu Yi absolutely can’t leave one mid. He can’t disappoint his parents.

He secretly clenched his fists.

‘No matter if it’s Lan He, Lin Huayang, or even Principal Lin, I’m not afraid of them all!’ He thought.

‘Come a person, beat a person. Come a pair beat that pair!’

‘Grandpa said, don’t just casually stir up troubles, but if you met with a problem, don’t be afraid to get into trouble! This is the real man!’

‘That’s right! I, Liu Yi am an indomitable real man!’

At this time, Liu Yi suddenly heard Yuan Zhenyue’s shout from behind him

“Liu Yi, if you’re a man come back here!”


Liu Yi’s instantaneous heroism immediately collapsed. He picked up his shoes and ran back to the classroom.

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