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Ye Mo thought and said, "That thing isn't too powerful, the only scary thing is you can't scan it with spirit sense nor see it with your eyes. You don't even know where it's attacking you. I think if you could see it, you could easily kill it with your power."

"What is it?" Cha Qizhao subconsciously asked.

"It's a shadow, I have a heaven flame and it has nowhere to hide under it. I don't know if other people can see it with heaven flame."

Ye Mo then looked at him. "You guys often come to Sand River, you probably should know there are such things right? Is this the first time you've seen it?"

Cha Qizhao's face changed and nodded. "Yes, if I'm not wrong, this shadow might've been released by us. When we attacked the seal, the concussion force was very powerful. The moment we were about to break one corner of the seal, there was suddenly a terrifying explosion. A few cultivators near it instantly died. Our big God Lord was injured and the city lord Xie and third city lord of West Cultivator City were injured. So we sent out messenger flying swords asking for help."

Then, Cha Qizhao seemed to have thought of something and took out a red flying sword. "I'm going to send a messenger flying sword back, we can't let more truth realisation state cultivators come to Sand River."

He was very fast and the flying sword shot off into the sky but it only flew out a few hundred meters before it exploded.

"What's going on?" Cha Qizhao looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo's face changed. He took out a messenger flying sword but it exploded mid-air as well.

Cha Qizhao tried again and his face looked very bad. "Messenger flying swords aren't working, it's probably due to us opening that seal."

Ye Mo asked heavily, "How did it happen, how did you let the shadows out?"

Cha Qizhao said with regret, "We all attacked the seal and we thought it would be fine to open it, but when we did, there was an explosion. A few truth realisation states died and a few were heavily injured. City lord Xie suggested that we stop attacking the seal and ask for help. We thought that with more people the seal would be opened eventually.

Ye Mo frowned. That was a good way if there was no systematic way of unlocking the seal, but he had never heard that attacking a seal by force would kill a few truth realisation state cultivators. This was too absurd.

Cha Qizhao continued, "We didn't keep attacking it and set up a defense formation around instead. But at this moment, a black mist seeped out of the seal. It was very eerie and our spirit sense felt very bad scanning it. If we didn't scan it though, it was fine."

Cha Qizhao sighed, "We didn't care about the black mist at first but a few days later, a friend from the Heartless Forest suddenly went crazy, thinking there were countless things attacking him. He released his magic artifact attacking nonstop, there was no use in persuading him. We were trying to subjugate him at first, but more and more people went crazy. A few truth realisation state cultivators even fought on the spot.

When we knew things weren't good, we already fell victim to it ourselves. Shi Zhongque is a truth realisation state cultivator of West Cultivator City. "

"Friend, if it wasn't for you, I would've died just now. Thank you for saving my life. You can come to our God Beast Mountain Range, I will always treat you as a VIP. I don't know your name yet, friend."

Ye Mo saluted with his fists too. "I'm Ye Mo, I'm friends with third God Lord, it's no big deal don't worry. I came here this time on the request of West Cultivator City to come help."

Cha Qizhao rejoiced. "That's great, so you're third God Lord's friend!"

But then he said worriedly, "Brother Ye, the sealing grounds are too dangerous. I suspect that the seal isn't to seal the West Extreme State from ascending to the immortal realm but sealing the demon realm. The black mist probably seeped out from the demon realm and combined with something from the Sand River to form that invisible being."

Ye Mo also suspected that the black mist underwent some mutation to become that thing.

Ye Mo fell silent for a while and suddenly asked, "Brother Zhuo, did you see the immortal crystals inside the seal?"

This was what Ye Mo cared about the most.

Hearing this, Cha Qizhao immediately knew why Ye Mo came here. He thought Ye Mo would be much more powerful than him so it was natural he asked about the immortal crystals. Cha Qizhao nodded. "That's right, there's an extremely big 8 trigram disk at the light pillar and around it are countless immortal crystals."

Ye Mo nodded. "Brother Chao probably guessed it, I came for the immortal crystals. Although the sealing grounds is dangerous, I still want to go. If brother Chao wants to go then come with me. If not, then go back first. I feel that the shadow is just invisible, but if you are attacked and you can maintain your sanity and burn it with a rare flame cultivation essence flame, then there would be some hope."

Cha Qizhao nodded. "Brother Ye, you're right - but not every truth realisation state cultivator is as firm minded as you. If they lose their mind they won't know how to attack. As you said, if it was a head on battle, we wouldn't be scared of it at all, but it can make truth realisation state cultivators lose their minds."

Then he looked at Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, if I go back alone I will probably die, so I'm going to go with you as only you aren't scared of the shadow."

Ye Mo nodded. "Then let's go."

Then, he took out Blue Moon and let Cha Qizhao get on and lead the way.

Blue Moon disappeared in a blur. Even Cha Qizhao had never seen a half-immortal artifact flying and was shaken by Blue Moon's speed. He felt that with Blue Moon, Ye Mo would be able to send him out of here in half a day.

But he didn't say such a thing. If Ye Mo could take on those shadows, then he also wanted one or two immortal crystals.

Cha Qizhao explained some basic knowledge of Sand River to Ye Mo and Ye Mo realized that all cultivators who came in must have Clear Benefit Pill. It was a level nine spirit pill but it was a necessity. Only after consuming it would you be able to resist the hallucinations - but it wasn't foolproof. Many cultivators still fell into hallucinations despite using it.

Cha Qizhao didn't know how long he had been running for but he felt his cultivation essence dry up and calculated that he spent at least 10 days running in the Sand River.

However, Blue Moon arrived at the seal in just half a day.

Ye Mo put away Blue Moon and landed on the sand with Cha Qizhao. He looked around and this place was like everywhere else. There was no seal nor explosion.

Just when Cha Qizhao wanted to speak, Ye Mo waved his hand and Cha Qizhao felt a scorching heat. He saw a red sun rise into the sky. Despite not targeting him, he still felt the terrifying heat.

Cha Qizhao felt shook - such a powerful spell! If Ye Mo used this red sun against him, he had no way around it but to use a defense magic artifact.

The next moment, Cha Qizhao saw two faint shadows under the sun. Ye Mo didn't use the heaven flame to attack it, so Cha Qizhao saw two shadows hiding in the corner showing a terrified face.

Cha Qizhao asked dazedly, "That was what attacked me just then?"

Ye Mo nodded. "That's right."

Cha Qizhao was furious and flung out a few red beams.

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