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Chapter 939 - gravity troll Fire

"Fei, another wave has arrived!"


Long Fei suddenly roared, he had been chased by a large wave of powerhouse, and now, these powerhouse were about to break through the Golden Immortal Rank.

Moreover, some of the powerhouse s had already reached the Golden Immortal Rank.

Long Fei could not bear it.

Fei'er was also a little unable to endure it.

"Power of thunder, heed my call!"

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The huge lightning field rumbled, and a thick bolt of lightning struck down, causing a large wave of powerhouse s to be unable to take care of themselves, but they did not die instantly nor did they receive any heavy injuries.

It had only lost a portion of its HP.

Fei'er angrily said, "Master, they are too strong. I haven't even finished cultivating the power of the thunder element."

"About that, about that …"

"I'll leave first!"

Fei'er was a little depressed and unwilling, and she said fiercely in her heart: "I must become stronger."

She was hit.

After being attacked by these powerhouse s, she thought that direct lightning was omnipotent, but now she realised how weak she was.

"Huh?" Long Fei's heart trembled, "Fei'er, don't go!"

Fei'er had already been transferred into the Thunder Dragon Pearl.

It was also at this time.

Surrounded by hundreds of powerhouse, Long Fei stared at him with murderous eyes, as if they wanted to eat him alive.


"Why aren't you running anymore?"

"Discharge! Why aren't you continuing to discharge?"

"Brat, I want to see where you can run to!" A of the Golden Immortal Rank gasped for breath, he was in a bad mood because of Long Fei.

All the surrounding powerhouse were the same.

Many of the powerhouse s had their hair blown apart. Their hair was like chicken nests, and each one of them was out of the mainstream as they were in an extremely sorry state.

"Run again."


As soon as his voice fell, everyone stood up and shouted, "Kill him!"

With one step, the powerhouse s all stepped forward.

Long Fei smirked and laughed coldly: Kill me? Just you all, do you all think you're amazing just because your level is high? This daddy here cannot bear to see someone who is so powerful in front of me. "

Very arrogant.

Long Fei said in his heart: "hell corps used it, Fei'er used it, now …"

"Giant Demon!"

"The Seal on you has broken through, right?"

Giant Demon's voice echoed from the 18 Hells: "Master, I have been waiting for your summons!"

The gravity troll could not wait any longer.

Long Fei laughed excitedly and said: "Then let me experience your power that is unrestrained. Come, let me show these super powerhouse that once ruled this world."

"Yes sir!"

At the same time, the powerhouse pounced towards Xiang Longfei.



With a series of explosions, an incomparably gigantic devil appeared beside Long Fei. With its arms wrapped with chains of Seal, its eyes darkened, and a whirlpool like aura faintly moved around its body. The moment it came out, the tombstone slowly floated up, as shattered stones floated up in the air, and even the bodies of the powerhouse s seemed to be on the verge of losing control and rising into the air.

Long Fei said casually: "Kill them all!"

The gravity troll laughed sinisterly, "Understood!"

"Ten thousand times gravity!"

"Gravity Bullet, explode!"

With an angered shout, the spiralling aura on his body immediately burst forth, enveloping all of the surrounding powerhouse. At this moment, all of the powerhouse's body strength was lifted, and in that instant …

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"Boom, boom, boom …"

One after another, their bodies exploded into fine powder. Not even their bones were left behind.

Many of these powerhouse s have cultivation base of Golden Immortal Rank, but... After being crushed by the gravity troll's Qi, the Seal was released and the gravity troll's power recovered to the Peak Realm.

Powerful to the point of being a complete mess!

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The system beep frantically sounded, deafening, as though its eardrums were about to explode. Long Fei laughed out loud: "You want my life?"

"Are you even worthy?"

The increase in Experience Points by tons was only … Long Fei did not have a Rank 5 Immortal Root yet, so he was unable to level up. However, Long Fei was not worried. Although he was restricted from levelling up, he still had a lot of Experience Points. As long as he fused with the Immortal Foundation, he would be able to continuously break through.

It could not be upgraded, but the experience was still there.

It was just that Long Fei could not obtain stronger power until he levelled up.

"It doesn't matter anymore."

"What I want is Skill Redemption Point." Long Fei's mind was set as he roared, "Giant Demon Swipe, Swipe, Swipe everything here away!"

In the past few hours, Long Fei had swept across a large area, but compared to the entire God Emperor's Graveyard, it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Continue, continue!

"It's thirty-eight thousand Skill Redemption Point. What Demon Fruit, what Blood Wheel's Eye? If I want to exchange, I'll exchange for a set of skills from the Undying series."

Long Fei didn't want anything else, he just wanted … This was the skill of the Barbarian King!

Five seconds for a real man.

The gravity troll crazily swept everything. The powerhouse of the Golden Immortal Rank was not his match at all.

Long Fei was stunned by the gravity troll's power. He inwardly rejoiced that he had not stolen the ten holy token question of god s for nothing.

At the same time.

Long Fei moved and said: "Lei Mo!"

Lei Mo's eyes shook as she became excited. "Master."

Long Fei said: "Try to think of a way to break the tombstones in this cemetery as much as possible, beat as many tombstones as you can.

Lei Mo didn't know what Long Fei was going to do, but he was still very excited. "Understood!"

Be it the gravity troll or Lei Mo, they belonged to the demons in the 18 Hells, and they all had a time limit on their appearance.

As the time to appear on the stage increased from the original five minutes to fifteen minutes, it became too short for Long Fei.

Right now, he needed experience too much, and skills and Exchange Value too much.

If their time was up, Long Fei would probably have to pay an extremely heavy price to kill any one of the powerhouse!

Thus …

He had to think of a good countermeasure!

A strategy at all costs!


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Golden Immortal Stage Level 4 powerhouse' for obtaining 160,000 experience, 1200 power of celestial points, and 1 Energy Values point."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Skill Redemption Point + 64 points'."

It did not increase exponentially like it did at the beginning, but the experience was already quite abundant.

Heavenly level instance dungeon!

It was a heavenly place to gain experience.

Long Fei would not miss it.

He definitely wouldn't miss it.

Fifteen minutes later.

They covered the sky with their powerhouse s. These powerhouse s were all at the peak of the Golden Immortal Realm, and there were even powerhouse of the Yuan Xian Realm.

"Master, my time is almost up."

Seeing so many powerhouse, the gravity troll started to worry for Long Fei.

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