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Liu Yi stood before the blackboard and slightly closed his eyes. The text that he read immediately reappeared in his mind.

Such a long text was solidly recorded in his brain.

The breathing technique from his Fox sister is really amazing.

‘Breathing technique….this time, I’m counting on you!’ Liu Yi thought.

Liu Yi lifted the chalk and, in front of everyone’s eyes, wrote down the English text, that was clearly printed inside his mind, on the blackboard.

The more he wrote, the more amaze the students!

They continuously compared the text in their English book and the text that was unceasingly written by Liu Yi on the blackboard.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi has written a third of the text and not a single letter or even a punctuation mark that were wrong!

By the heavens! Liu Yi, who usually has had ordinary academic performances, which he barely qualified, unexpectedly able to written down the English text correctly! Indeed, it almost looked like a copy!

Liu Yi right now is standing before the blackboard, in full view of the classroom, so, it was impossible for him to cheat!

Jiang Youcai was stunned and couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“Impossible…impossible…how could it not have any errors…” Jiang Youcai muttered.

He frantically looked at the English book, trying to pick up any fault in Liu Yi!

But Liu Yi’s every sentence, words, letters and punctuation marks never differed from the text.

How is this possible! The usually barely past the word test, puffing and blowing turtle-bellied Liu Yi….Today, how could he be so savage?!

“Liu Yi is simply a changed man….”

Wang Lele, who was also surprised to see Liu Yi’s written word on the blackboard, couldn’t help but whisper.

“In the past, he was merely a transparent student….I never thought that he could defeat Lan He in basketball and now, he even kill Jiang Youcai in memory test…”

“Humph! Loves to show off!” Murong Die quipped.

She curled her lips. Her heart was very uncomfortable.

‘Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, this lady has good intention in helping you, but you always made life difficult for this lady!’ She grumbled in her heart.

‘This lady is absolutely not finished with you!’


After writing the last words, Liu Yi clapped his hands and said.

All the people in the classroom have been shocked into silence.

The English text that was written by Liu Yi contained no errors.

At this point, no people more excited that Li Juanhua. She looked at Liu Yi with a pleasant surprise and said.

“Liu Yi, this is the first time teacher apologize to you! I didn’t think that you have indeed earnestly study! Teacher has wronged you!”

Liu Yi’s heart was somewhat sour.

‘This was the first time the homeroom teacher apologized to a poor student like me.’

His heart lamented.

Lan He, who was sitting around and watched, gritted his teeth.

Liu Yi has recently stolen all the limelights.

Before this class, the one who has the best limelight is but Lan He alone!

But now, Liu Yi frequently stole the spotlight! Which made him really unhappy!

But Liu Yi only has a few days left. The black dragon restructuring is coming soon, and Ma Wei will be the hall leader.

At that time, Liu Yi will disappear from his face.

And nobody can rob Murong Die from him again!

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

Jiang Youcai didn’t believe the fact, “Liu Yi, you must be cheating!”

“Jiang Youcai, you’re the class leader, but, unexpectedly you can’t accept to lose.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands to get rid of the chalk, and said, “My grandpa said, men must keep their words. If you want to spit, then spat. If you want to nail, then nailed.”

“I absolutely not recognize this result! You must have cheated! I’m not going to apologize to you, humph!”

After saying that, Jiang Youcai sat down.

Liu Yi looked down upon the likes of him.

‘This type of men is too inferior.’ Liu Yi thought.

‘No wonder Murong Die didn’t like him.’

‘He wants to woo girls just by relying on good grades….’

‘Unless the girls want him to do their homework!’

Moreover, Li Juanhua said nothing this time. But, Liu Yi knew that she was quite partial to Jiang Youcai. She didn’t want to shame him.

“Apologize, apologize!”

At that time, Chen Cai shouted.

With this cry, many poor students collectively stood up and then loudly and rhythmically shouted at Jiang Youcai in unison.

“Apologize, apologize!”

“Apologize, apologize!”

Even Wang Lele also waved and shouted.

With the lead from Wang Lele, some of those standard grade students began to shout together.

“Apologize, apologize!”

Except for the tens of excellent students, the rest of the students banded together and continuously shouted at Jiang Youcai.

Jiang Youcai turned pale and looked at the many students, who usually never entered into his eyes, that have banded together, forcing him to apologize.

This kind of momentum made him scared.

‘Since when did Liu Yi has so many supporters!’ He thought.

‘I am the class leader!’

‘But the students in the class didn’t listen to my will!’

“Quiet, be quiet!” The homeroom teacher shouted.

Li Juanhua was also somewhat surprised. She never thought that this matter will turn big like this.

But at this time, the students have been excited. They ignored the usually dignified Li Juanhua and, with blood boiling into their bones, continued to shout slogans against Jiang Youcai.

“Apologize, apologize!”

“I, I……”

Jiang Youcai pale to the extreme. He suddenly felt that his schoolmates were quite fearful…

At this moment, his old pride and arrogant seemed to collapse.

“I, I’m sorry….”

He finally couldn’t stand the pressure and said these three words.


Suddenly a group of students high-fived each other to celebrate.

This is their victory. Their first victory over the overachievers!

If the top students make a mistake, they too should be treated the same!

The school should treat their students equally and not, after receiving the student’s grade, bringing their colored glasses and then made a differential treatment.

Liu Yi opened his eyes of favorable impression and discovered that, at this moment, he has won a lot of favorable impression point.

Most of the student’s impression of him were no longer the pathetic zero, instead, the numbers were varied from three to ten!

Many of whom were girls. Suddenly, Liu Yi felt that the red stream of qi inside his body was instantly expanded!

The second “Kang” star jade inside his cultivation universe chart suddenly trembled!

With a loud bang, this second layer directly burst in a brilliant light!

His second star jade was finally active!

Liu Yi’s eyes lit up and then instantly disappear.

Lin Tong screamed again and again in Liu Yi’s ear.

“Oh, Heaven….the second star jade was actually opened.…”

She was jealous.

If an average person wants to cultivate the second star jade, they need at least eight to ten years!

Even such a rare talent such as herself also need at least three to five years before one can succeed!

As for Liu Yi….In just a few days, less than a month, he already opened his second star jade!

Although he has the assistance of Favorable Impression of the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra…But his speed is too fast, too terrifying….

It almost like a rocket!

Lin Tong suddenly has a feeling that future achievements of Liu Yi are limitless!

“Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, you’re great!”

After Liu Yi went back to his table, a male student, who usually doesn’t mingle with Liu Yi, smiled, stood up and was about to pat Liu Yi on the shoulder.

Suddenly, the corner of his mouth twitched and said.

“Damn, you’re not pleasing to my eyes….”

Then he sat down again, not looking Liu Yi in the eye

‘E? What just happened….?’ Liu Yi was a bit silly.

“Liu Yi, your English is amazing….could you help other people after the class is over….?”

But the nearby ordinary girl, who usually just his casual acquaintance, threw Liu Yi a coquettish look!

‘Damn it! What the hell is happening here!’ Liu Yi was confused.

“This is the random ability that came with your second star jade!”

Lin Tong enviously said, “I’m going to enter your spiritual environment to help you take a look….”

After that, she went back to Liu Yi’s body and quickly came out, and then laughed.

“Congratulations! You have a divine skill in wooing girls!”

“What ability?”

“Friendly Aura.”

Seeing the male students around him, who were previously smiling at him but now looking at him with an evil vision, Liu Yi apprehensively asked.

“Then why are they…”

“This ability makes the girls around you have a permanent +5 favorable impression, and -5 for boys! Oh, you really gain this divine ability to pick up girls!”

‘What divine gain is this….?’

Liu Yi wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

Originally, his popularity was not much, but now these male students….

When Liu Yi look at their vision, it seemed like they wanted to rip Liu Yi apart…‘Could this life have any meaning?’… Liu Yi lamented.

‘Oh my god, who’s going to save me…’

“Enough, enough. Everybody sit down, the class is about to begin!”

Li Juanhua clapped her hands and said.

Liu Yi also sat back. The nearby Chen Cai enviously said.

“Boss…you’re great…but…why do I suddenly think that you’re not pleasing to the eye…”


Liu Yi was depressed.

“Teacher Li, there is one thing that is not being settled yet!”

Right at this time, Murong Die suddenly raised her hand and said.

“Murong Die, what do you want….”

Li Juanhua couldn’t help but have a headache.

“The seat arrangement is not cleared yet!”

Murong Die said, stood up and loudly announced, “I want to sit in front of Liu Yi!”

When her words came out, everybody was immediately surprised.

‘Murong Die was still involved with Liu Yi?’ They thought.

How could they know what was inside Murong Die’s mind?

‘Liu Yi, you don’t want to help this lady study, this lady insist on you doing it!’

‘All this time, no man has ever rejected this lady, yet, you actually insist on staying away from me!’

‘Does this lady have thorns?!’

‘This lady wants you to chase me like when you chase Ma Yixuan, and then mercilessly reject you!’

‘Humph! Damn Liu Yi, this is the price that you’ll pay for provoking this lady!’

After fantasizing the happy moment when she’ll reject Liu Yi, the corners of Murong Die’s mouth couldn’t help but hung a smile.

The nearby body of Wang Lele was instantly cold.

‘It’s finished, sis’s Die already smiled like this…Liu Yi had to suffer!’ She thought.

The other students, who don’t know about this, became more envious.

Lan He and Jiang Youcai’s hate of Liu Yi were also getting deeper.

“Murong Die….don’t talk nonsense….” Li Juanhua said.

She didn’t know how to properly deal with this matter.

How could she allow the seat arrangement be adjusted? How could she let Murong Die call the shots? Wouldn’t that mess up the class?

“Teacher Li, my English is not good. If I am nearby Liu Yi, we can help each other!”

Murong Die unquestionably said, “Please help me, teacher Li!”

“Murong Die, I’m not going to swap places with you!”

Seeing Li Juanhua still hesitated, Jiang Youcai immediately stood up and shouted.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, definitely sure!”

“Good! You, the one behind Liu Yi. Come here and change places with this lady!”

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