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The class leader’s words immediately attracted a lot of jealous eyes.

This class leader’s name is Jiang Youcai (Youcai means: have talent). He is a famous learning hegemon in school.

This person is simply born to learn!

He ranked first in every exam, all year round. The focused experimental class next door have came to him several times to invite him to move there. But he never went there.

Because a lot of people knew that this Jiang Youcai has a serious crush on Murong Die.

But when he confessed his feeling to Murong Die, he was rejected, on the ground that Murong Die doesn’t want to fall in love as long as she was in the high school.

But Jiang Youcai did not give up. He thought that as good as he is in learning and as the top student in the entire school, he should be able to catch Murong Die!

“Teacher Li, ten minutes is too long. I can memorize it in five minutes.”

The learning hegemon Jiang Youcai sat there, slowly suggesting the teacher to restrict the rule for him.

“Mm, you must all follow Jiang Youcai example in learning.”

The homeroom teacher slowly nodded, pleased and said, “You guys look, he has the similar text, but why he can finish the task so fast? That’s because he has been studying diligently. If you continue to study in your evening study, I wouldn’t have to be so worried like this. But our class had just past the average score in the previous English test! You guys! Because your homeroom teacher is me, an English teacher, that test result made my face burned!”

With that, she sighed heavily.

A group of students didn’t know what to say, but their eyes that were looking at Jiang Youcai were full of resentment.

“Chen Cai, you and Liu Yi should learn more with other people.”

The homeroom teacher looked at the two men behind Jiang Youcai and immediately sighed.

“You and Liu Yi’s level of English and other subjects were only at the average level. I put Jiang Youcai’s table in front of you is so that you can learn from him….”

The homeroom teacher has made them as an example…

Liu Yi started to sweat.

At this time, Jiang Youcai suddenly said. “Teacher Li, I request for a change of seat!”


The homeroom teacher was surprised. She didn’t know why Jiang Youcai would suddenly ask for a seat change.

“Teacher Li, both of them were whispering, sleeping in the class, or snoring behind me everyday. They made me unable to study! Teacher Li, If this goes on, I’m afraid my grades will fall off.”


The homeroom teacher stopped Jiang Youcai’s complaint and suddenly glowered at Liu Yi and Chen Cai.

“You two are too complacent! Tomorrow…”

Liu Yi’s heart was suddenly surprised.

‘Fuck me, the teacher was going to kill me; she will report this to my parents!’ He thought.

‘This Jiang Youcai is also too nasty; he wants to cast us aside!’

Chen Cai was also gritting his teeth. He cannot wait to tear up Jiang Youcai.

“Teacher! We are willing to help out students.”

At this time, Murong Die suddenly murmured, “If student Jiang Youcai afraid that his grade might be affected, then let me and Wang Lele sit in front of Liu Yi.”

In just several words, the whole students in the class were suddenly shocked.

‘Fuck me!’ They thought.

They were really jealous of Liu Yi!

Murong Die actually asked to be placed in front of Liu Yi on her own accord!

‘Damn….What levels of treatment is this!’ The other students lament.

Liu Yi was also confused. He didn’t know why would Murong Die do that…

But Murong Die knew, the reason Jiang Youcai made a complaint about Liu Yi was because he saw her paid attention to Liu Yi previously.

Jiang Youcai reasoning is: if Jiang Youcai harmed Liu Yi by making the teacher call Liu Yi’s parent….then based on Murong Die haughtiness, Murong Die will realize how pathetic Liu Yi is and stay away from him.

But she didn’t seem to realize that as soon as her words get out, Jiang Youcai’s view toward Liu Yi was even more vicious.

“You guys….”

The homeroom teacher did not react for a moment.

Murong Die is one of the students that gave her a headache in the class because she cannot afford to offend her.

But fortunately, Murong Die is quite low-key. She hasn’t given any trouble to the homeroom teacher.

But today….Did the Sun rise from the West?

“That….Wang Lele, don’t lie on the table.”

The homeroom teacher thought she can’t let this topic get out of hand, so, she changed the subject and jokingly said.

“Reporting to teacher, my chest is big, it fell in the panic!”

Wang Lele’s words directly choked the homeroom teacher’s mouth.

Other students held their laugh. They didn’t dare to make a noise.

“Wang Lele, quit screwing around…”

“Reporting to teacher, I’m not screwing around, my chest literally fell!”

Wang Lele piteously looked at the homeroom teacher, Li Juanhua.

Li Juanhua can only have a headache.

‘Ai….today’s students, were really difficult to manage.’ She lamented.

In the old days, when she first started as a teacher, the parents will come to her with their child and said to her.

“Teacher Li, I entrusted my child to you! If he disobeys you, or if he doesn’t study well, beat him!”

If that student gets naughty, she will hit him by herself. If they went home and complained to their parents, they will get beaten by their parents instead!

That student will then be honest and afraid of the teacher.

But now she can’t do that anymore. Every student that she had right now was all the young master and young lady of their family. They were all spoiled from their childhood.

If she beat them, they will go home to complain tearfully to their parents. The next day, their parents will look for her and said.

“We never even try to beat him, on what ground you dared to hit him!?”

These complaints were bad for the schools. So, she had to apologize repeatedly because of these. And these also caused her to directly get in trouble with the school’s management.

‘Difficult to manage, really difficult to control.’

“Teacher, can’t you just move me and sis’ Die to the back!?”

Wang Lele raised her hand and said, “Helping each other, is an obligation for good students, am I right!?”

“This……” Li Juanhua hesitated.

She cannot figure out what kind of game did these Wang Lele and Murong Die is playing.

“Teacher Li, I don’t need others to help me improve my academic performance.”

At this time, Liu Yi finally could not resist. He stood up and directly said, “I can rely on myself.”

Hearing these words, Jiang Youcai couldn’t help but laugh. Murong Die’s nostrils were also crooked in anger.

‘He did not even appreciate my good intention!’ She angrily thought.

“Boss, don’t do that!”

Chen Cai pulled Liu Yi’s sleeve from the side, “Let Murong Die and Wang Lele, two beautiful women, sit in front of us…How nice it would be…”

“Aren’t you trying to woo Wang Yuzheng?” Liu Yi simply said.

“Oh, right….”

Chen Cai was honest.

“You guys….stop making a ruckus….”

Li Juanhua had a big headache.

‘These students, why they were getting difficult each day.’ She thought.

‘The usually humble Liu Yi, today has become a prick!’

“Teacher Li, although we haven’t studied well, please don’t look down on us.”

Liu Yi said, “We also did our part. Every day we went home to do our homework. We also did a review on our schoolwork. Although the results were inferior to those good students, you should not mark us with a ‘poor student’ mark!”


Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Li Juanhua was shocked.

“Moreover, even if our results were not good, we still have other outlets in the future. A good result is not everything! Teacher Li, please, don’t look at us through a rose tinted glasses!”

“Liu Yi, how could you say like that to the teacher?”

Before Li Juanhua said anything, Jiang Youcai suddenly stood up, looked at Liu Yi, and proudly said.

“Based on your grades, do you have the qualification to talk like that to the teacher?”

“Can academic performance decide everything?”

Without even flinching, Liu Yi directly counterattacked Jiang Youcai, “When you look for a job in the future, and people ask what skills do you have, do you think you can say you have 100 points on your tests?”

The whole class suddenly laughed.

Jiang Youcai’s face has turned red.

“Liu Yi, you’re just jealous!”

He pointed to Liu Yi’s face and shouted, “You’re a poor student that envy us, good students! You’re really bad; You can’t be saved anymore!”

“I am indeed a poor student, but don’t judge my character with that.”

Liu Yi said, “Maybe we are stupid, and not diligent enough. But if because of this you immediately judge us with a ‘poor student’ mark, that’s the problem of your character.”

“You have no right in arguing with me!”

Jiang Youcai shouted, “You can’t even recite a simple English text, you have no qualification to say that to me! Scrap wood, you’re doomed to be a poor student!”

“Who said that I couldn’t recite?” Liu Yi frowned.

‘This Jiang Youcai went too far!’ He thought.

‘If I don’t fight him back, he really will shit on my head.’

‘I’m not the coward Liu Yi in the past….’

He clenched his fists and looked at Jiang Youcai’s eyes.

“I’ve finished my memorizing.”

“Ha? Hahaha, hahaha……”

Jiang Youcai couldn’t help but laugh, “This is just less than four minutes, but you’ve completely memorized the text? Even I can’t do that. Can you?”

“If I can recite the text, then what?” Liu Yi asked.

“If you can recite it, I will kowtow and call you grandpa!”

“You don’t need to call me grandpa. If I can recite it, please apologize to me and Chen Cai, and apologize to all the poor students.”

Liu Yi slowly said, “You insult the character of us, poor students. Apologize for that.”

“You must be wrong in the head!” Jiang Youcai immediately retorted.

He didn’t believe Liu Yi will be able to recite the text, so, he nodded and directly said, “I promise you. But what if you can’t recite it?”

“If I can’t recite it, I, Liu Yi, is willing to drop out of school!”

Liu Yi’s words were incredible.

Everyone looked at him in surprised. They never thought that he could say such things!

Dropout is not a small matter!

“Liu Yi, your intentions are good.”

Li Juanhua, worried that things will get out of control, quickly said, “How about this, Teacher will be your witness, if you are unable to recite, you must copy the whole text in the English book. After that, you and Jiang Youcai will apologize to the poor students, ok?”

Because the homeroom teacher has spoken, Liu Yi can only comply.

Jiang Youcai also has no objection. Both of them nodded their heads.

Other students were also glad to watch this scene and made some noises. It seemed this memory test will not be so dull after all!

“Liu Yi, come to the front and write down the text on the blackboard.”

Li Juanhua pointed at the blackboard and said.


Liu Yi strode across the classroom and came before the blackboard and then picked up a piece of chalk.

Many of the poor students were looking at him. If they want to see how a poor student strives for the best, they have to look at Liu Yi!

“Boss…you can do it…”

Chen Cai clenched his fist and cheered at Liu Yi.

“Sis’ Die….What do you think, can he do it?”

Wang Lele, who looked at Liu Yi with some concern, asked.

“Humph! Why should I care!”

Murong Die curled her lips, “This fool is just looking for trouble!”

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