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Chapter 193 Artificial Intelligence


“Begin analysis.”

The wires on the robot began to detach and slowly fell within bursts of white mist.

“Liu Yi, get it, it’s just a scrap metal, what are you afraid of!”

Lin Tong returned to Liu Yi’s shoulder and urged.

“This thing’s strength is very big….”

Liu Yi took two deep breaths, using his breathing technique to suppress his pain.

“Enemy defense analysis….Defensive power E class….”

The robot’s red eyes rapidly flickered as they swept Liu Yi’s body, making him uncomfortable.

“D*mn it, eat my palm!”

Liu Yi launched his Shadow Step and instantly arrived in front of that robot.

“Enemy speed analysis….Speed power A class!”

Humph, Shadow Step is of course fast!

Unleashing his powerful Desolate Flame, Liu Yi’s palm fiercely struck that robot’s right shoulder.


The robot did not move, but Liu Yi flew backward and fell to the ground.

“F*ck me….”

He rubbed his numb left arm, stunned.

“It’s too hard….It really has ‘copper skin, iron bones.’”

My Desolate Flame seems useless against it!

“Enemy strength analysis….Strength power C class.”

Although Desolate Flame can multiply my strength three times, when it reach that robot’s body, it actually counted as C class?

Liu Yi looked at that “safe and sound” robot and his heart could not help but tingle with numbness.

If Japan developed many such robots….Wouldn’t this mainland be miserable?

Unfortunately, I am just a third-star cultivator, so I couldn’t deal with such a robot!

How could ordinary soldier hope to deal with it?

“Battle ready….Requesting Artificial Intelligence activation….”

The robot said, walked to the nearby crystal column, held out its mechanical arm and grabbed the piece of floating silver-white wrist watch in it.

“Request denied, return to standby mode.”

That robot suddenly went silent, motionless.

My God….That was thrilling.

Liu Yi rubbed the cold sweat on his forehead.

If they really fight, Liu Yi actually has the confidence to defeat it.

But it would sure make a lot of noise!

Looks like my strength is still weak….

I must practice in that Hunter Center’s gravity room many times!

However, just now, that robot tried to grab a piece of watch when it requested to activate the Artificial Intelligence. This actually attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

What is that thing?

To be able to appear in this five-star room, that thing is definitely high quality.

Liu Yi was curious, he walked over, held out his right hand and grabbed that wrist watch.

But the moment his fingers touched that wrist watch, he felt as if this silver-white watch is alive.

A bunch of fine silver threads went out of that watch and spread out.

Like a spider, the watch climbed over and pasted itself on Liu Yi’s wrist. These bunch of fine silver threads then pricked Liu Yi’s skin on the wrist.

Then, a sharp pain came from his wrist, which nearly made Liu Yi shout in pain.

He quickly reached out and grabbed that watch, trying to pull it out.

But it was as if the watch already became a part of Liu Yi. When he tried to pull it, Liu Yi felt as if he was tearing his own skin, it was really hurt!

“F*ck me….What the hell is this!”

Liu Yi had a very bad feeling about this.

Lin Tong was also nervous, “Who told you to touch it! This miss has never seen something like this! What is this thing!”

“What should I do….Fox sister!”

Looking at Liu Yi’s helpless look, Lin Tong was also distressed.

“Since it has come to this, there is only one way left!”

Ling Tong clenched her teeth and suddenly said.

“What is it?”

“Cut off your right hand!”

Lin Tong said, opened her mouth and spat out her Charming Spirit Scimitar.

The silver scimitar constantly spun in the air, scaring Liu Yi into sweating out cold sweat.

“What the….Fox sister, no….My right hand is very important….”

“Don’t be afraid, even without the right hand, you still have me.”

Lin Tong tried to comfort him, “Whatever you do with your right hand, I can help you do it!”

Liu Yi immediately thought something dirty.

No, this is not the time to think dirty!

“No….Even if I die, I still want to keep my right hand….”

“Be a man and hold out your right hand!”

“I am now a woman!”

Liu Yi was adamant about not wanting to give up his right hand, he did not want to turn into the “Condor Hero!”

At this time, a mechanical-like sound suddenly sounded near Liu Yi’s ears.

“Artificial Intelligence activation countdown….10, 9, 8….”

Artificial Intelligence? What Artificial Intelligence?

While Liu Yi was feeling strange, a lot of digital-like things suddenly appeared in his eyes, constantly flowing up and down.

My God….What’s wrong with me?

Liu Yi did not know what went wrong with him.

But the countdown sound was near the end.

“3, 2, 1….Activate!”

As soon as the word activate came out, Liu Yi’s body shook.

His mind seemed to be flooded with many things, all kinds of data and information entered his mind.

“The first generation gene database intelligent computing system activate. Master, congratulation on using this system, please give this system a name.”

A mischievous girl’s voice sounded in Liu Yi’s ears.

What is this….Where is this girl?

“Master, please give this system a name….Em, Renjia wants to say in advance, Renjia wants a “kawaii” name.”

What the….What is this “this system?”

Liu Yi was still unable to grasp, yet he subconsciously thought of a name.

“Then how about I call you….Little Xuan (Jade)?”

“Recording the name….”

Without knowing the reason, Liu Yi subconsciously thought of this name….

Could it be, I still can’t get rid of her from my mind? (Xuan here is the same as Xuan in Ma Yixuan)

“Name recording successful.”

Without waiting for Liu Yi to understand, that girl’s voice sounded again.

“Oh, Master, how could you give me such a painful name! In any case, Renjia is a Japanese system, there are a lot of good names from there….Ah, forget it, there is a saying in China that says, “If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken, if you marry a dog, follow the dog,” who told me to have you as a Master….So be it, Little Xuan it is….”

Listening to this whining girl’s voice, cold sweat poured out of Liu Yi’s head.

“Who exactly are you?”

He asked.

“Master, I am the Artificial Intelligence that you get just a moment ago.”

Little Xuan said in Liu Yi’s ears, “I am an Artificial Intelligence that was developed by a genius engineer from Japan. However, after that talented engineer developed me, he died because of a heart attack. Currently, nobody can crack his invention. So, I’m sort of future era product. Especially with my neural connection system, I can directly implant myself in the human body. This thing simply cannot be achieved with the current technology.”

“So, it’s like this….”

Liu Yi did not expect to accidentally bump into such a thing….

“Then why the Japanese did not use you? Why they lock you in this place instead?”

“Because Renjia can be regarded as a semi-finished product….”

Little Xuan’s voice seemed a bit shy, “Every time someone else used Renjia….Um, because the brain cannot support the excessive data value….They died because of head burst….”

What the…!

Cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s back.

Are you kidding me!

This Artificial Intelligence is actually an unstable bomb!

The reason why I didn’t die is probably because of the change in my body made by the Immortal force.

Otherwise, if I am still that previous student….I will definitely turn into a poor headless corpse!

“How can they misplace such a dangerous thing!”

“Am I not in the middle of the most secure room!”

Little Xuan innocently said, “Moreover, isn’t there a Japanese warning sign on the side that says “Danger, do not touch?””

“Hey….I don’t know how to read Japanese!”

Liu Yi wanted to cry but has no tears.

This is really a trap….

But, isn’t this a blessing in disguise?

“Oh, that’s right, Master is Chinaman, so you don’t understand Japanese.”

“F*ck, what Chinaman, I am a Chinese!”

Liu Yi suddenly raised his eyebrows and scolded.

“But….That’s what it says in the database….”

Little Xuan somewhat felt wronged.

“That’s the Japanese database, d*mn it, update the new term!”

“I suppose you’re right.”

Little Xuan ‘nodded,’ “I will reproduce the language for Master first, and then connect to the satellite database to update my data.”

With that, change suddenly happened before Liu Yi’s eyes.

Then, the Japanese writing on the crystal column next to the electronic screen suddenly turned Chinese in his eyes.


Such an amazing feature!

Did I just stumble on a treasure?

While Liu Yi was sighing with emotion, the crystal column suddenly shone a bright red light.

Then, bouts of rapid alarm bell howled in his ears.


Little Xuan’s voice rang up, “Master, the automatic alarm system probably rings because I am not in the crystal column!”

“Then what should we do?”

“Run! In any case, this is the Chinese territory. As long as we are out of here, the Riyao group will not dare to do anything to Master!”

Little Xuan’s analytical ability was pretty good, worthy of Artificial Intelligence.

“Master, I have calculated the best route to get out of here, Master can simply follow it!”

With that, a direction arrow suddenly appeared in Liu Yi’s eyes.

Whoa, so convenient!

Just as Liu Yi was surprised with little Xuan’s ability, the motionless robot started to stir once again.

“Activating defense mechanism, clear all intruders!”

The robot began to move. It lifted the right arm, which emitted a barrel, and aimed it at Liu Yi.

“Master, be careful! This is the Japanese third generation armed defense robot, their fighting ability is very strong!”

“I can see that!”

Liu Yi has tasted this powerful robot.

But it seems like it is possible to take advantage of it….After all, it is just a robot!

“Ra tatatata!”

At this time, the robot began to open fire, bullets rapidly flew toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi immediately entered his black and white world and the speed of the bullets slowed down.

“Hey, Master’s ability is really strange!”

Little Xuan also took note of the change, “Master, as long as I am with you, I can use two hundred percent of my capacity!”

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