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The elevator door opened slowly, two ninjas in black costume walked in.

The two whispered to each other words that only they could hear and understand.

At this time, Liu Yi who was hanging on the elevator ceiling suddenly jumped down and patted the two’s shoulders from behind.

The two ninjas looked back. Seeing Liu Yu, they were suddenly taken aback and subconsciously grabbed their katanas.

But Liu Yi moved faster than them; Almost at the same time, he struck them on their chests.

“Vein Seal!”

The two ninjas’ veins were instantly sealed. They were unable to move.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi pulled out the katana on the left ninja and pierced that ninja’s heart.

Subsequently, Liu Yi withdrew his hand and wrung the neck of the right ninja.


That ninja’s neck abruptly twisted 180 degrees, his full of consternation eyes looked back as he quickly passed away.

This was not the first time for Liu Yi to kill people, especially since this time, the people he killed were the lackeys sent by the Japanese right winger, he did not hesitate at all.

“I am only returning you the favor.”

Liu Yi muttered, then carried the corpses of the two ninjas out of the elevator.

Outside the elevator, there was a long corridor. After a look, Liu Yi saw that there was a large waste disposal bin on the right side.

He dropped the two ninja’s corpses inside the bin and simultaneously took the clothes of one of them to be processed by Lin Tong’s spatial ring technique.

A black ring appeared on Liu Yi’s right hand.

Liu Yi wanted to sneak into the underground base, so wearing his clothes was out of the question.

But the two ninjas were short, so he can’t possibly wear their outfit.

Fortunately, the spatial ring technique was very magical, it can transform clothes.

After Lin Tong treated the costume, Liu Yi’s outfit turned into layers of black clothes, covering his whole body.

Now he has the appropriate outfit.

In ninja’s clothes, Liu Yi walked down the corridor toward its deepest part.

He slightly hunched his back, so as to avoid attracting unwanted attention from other ninjas toward his height.

Alas, it’s not easy to play a ninja.

Liu Yi went all the way and soon came to a spacious underground laboratory.

There were a lot of people in white coats busily working here.

Liu Yi’s eyes looked at the wide variety of instruments, which dazzled him.

My God….

There’s actually an advance Japanese science and technology lab in my country!

What exactly are they trying to do here?

Fear suddenly rushed into his heart.

No matter what, that is certainly not a good thing!

I need to find out what they are trying to do and then destroy this place….

Liu Yi found out that there were a few doors at the end of the laboratory. Each of the doors was engraved with a different number of stars.

One of them has five stars printed on it.

Is this the most important part of the laboratory?

Liu Yi can’t help but walk over and stood in front of this five-star door.

But the door password combination perplexed Liu Yi.

I am not a hacker….Black also can’t open the door for me.

“Idiot, use a direct hard damage!”

Lin Tong reminded him.

“Use your mysterious icy qi and destroy its interior.”

“All right, I’ll try….”

Liu Yi reached out his hand and touched the lock mechanism on that door.

His immortal energy surged up and gathered on Liu Yi’s right hand.

Waves of icy-cold force constantly emerged, making Liu Yi’s right hand slightly emitted a white light.

Mysterious icy qi rapidly entered the lock. The entire lock mechanism immediately damaged by the frost.

Soon, the lock combination lost its effect.

High tech stuff do not necessarily able to survive coldness.

The people around Liu Yi paid no attention to his action, perhaps none of them would believe that someone can empty-handedly open this 132-combination lock.

Liu Yi opened the five-star door unnoticed and went inside.

Inside, there was a deep corridor. In a glance, Liu Yi was unable to see its end.

“F*ck me….They actually dug a long tunnel here!”

Liu Yi can’t help but curse.

His feet stepped on ice skates, gliding through the corridor.

This long corridor seemed to have no end, but Liu Yi was quick; He soon stopped at a large metal gate.

“Looks to be some kind of a protective measure.”

Lin Tong looked at this large metal gate and said.

Liu Yi immediately thought something evil (He is thinking about a protective measure, as in condom).

“I am going to look inside first.”

Lin Tong said, turned into a red light and, in the blink of an eye, went through that metal gate.

Having Fox sister is really convenient, she is a spirit, so she can’t be hindered by walls.

Come to think of it, the flame beauty who gave me the Red Blood Code is also like this!

D*mn, the other me seems to have a more useful ability!

This is unfair!

If only I can also use the Red Blood Code, that would be nice. A pity I have to ask the other me for his permission first before I can use it.

“Do you want to use my spell?”

At this time, the other Liu Yi spoke in his mind.

“As long as you handle your affairs according to my desire, you can casually use my spell.”

This sound was trying to entice him.

“Not interested.”

Liu Yi did not hesitate to refuse.


The other Liu Yi went silent, seemingly too lazy to bother him.

“Liu Yi! There are six metal doors here!”

At this time Lin Tong spoke through Liu Yi’s spiritual environment, “Each door is at least twenty centimeters thick! Base on your current strength….It’s impossible!”

“WTF! This protective measure is too much! Six layers of protection, a pity there is nothing pleasurable in this (Again, he is thinking about condom)!”

Liu Yi felt cheated.

“Let me try it.”

He did not want to give up just yet. He approached that metal gate and put both of his hands on it.

“Mysterious Icy Qi!”

Blue-white frost instantly covered that metal gate.

But the gate was too thick. Liu Yi’s strength was indeed not enough to destroy it yet.


Liu Yi can’t help but become frustrated, Is there no other way?

“If you use my power….”

At this time, the other Liu Yi spoke in Liu Yi’s head again.

“My power….Can easily penetrate this gate….”

“Nonsense, your Red Blood Code is not a magma, how could you easily burn through this metal gate?”

“You don’t understand the magic of the flame.”

The voice in Liu Yi’s head continued, “If you don’t believe me, you can just give up….If you don’t finish the task, you won’t get the money. In any case, I can’t spend the money for myself, hehe….”


The other me is openly mocking me!

Liu Yi was depressed.

But, thinking about the task money, Liu Yi’s heart cannot help but move.

Oh, hell, don’t tell me I am really a miser?

But, I need to get the Red Scarf Army’s renovation fund as soon as possible!

That’s right….

Liu Yi clutched his head and suddenly remembered what his grandfather once said, “To accomplish important matters, no need to bother about mere trifles!”


Even if I temporarily switch personality, it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem….

This is also in order to eliminate the underworld gang in the Northern Dragon City!

Alas, I do have a thing for sacrificing myself!

“Since you want to help, then come on!”

Liu Yi put down his hands, took a deep breath and stood in front of the gate, “If you let me down….You will not have a second chance….”

With that, his body suddenly emitted crimson flame, which wrapped around his body.

When the flame dispersed, Liu Yi’s attire was replaced with a black coat.

The long silver-white hair replaced his short black hair and his red scarf floated on his chest.

“Gee….This kid’s talk is getting stronger and more and more arrogant.”

Liu Yi opened his eyes, revealing his golden eyes.

“But I like it.”

With that, he suddenly turned into a red flame, similar to that flame beauty’s spirit state.


This flame spirit instantly went through these few heavy metal gates and, in the blink of an eye, arrived at the other side of the metal gates.

Then, the Red Blood Code power faded, a black-suited Liu Yi reappeared.

“Whoa, this power is so convenient.”

Liu Yi stood up and could not help but sigh.

But when he saw the scene before him, he was stunned.

“Holy sh*t….What the….”

In front of Liu Yi, there were a number of nutritional cultivation tanks.

And inside each of these nutritional cultivation tanks, there seemed to be someone in a deep sleep state.

These people only have underwear to cover themselves and all were soaked in some kind of liquid, motionless.

“Strange….What are they trying to achieve here….”

Liu Yi walked over toward one of those tanks and took a glance.

Only to see the label that they put on that tank has a lizard picture on it.

What is this sh*t….

Liu Yi was puzzled.

These nutritional tanks were placed on both sides of the room, while at the center of the room, there was a robot whose body connected to several wires.

“I have to admit….This one looks good….”

Liu Yi looked at the two-meter tall robot in front of him and expressed his admiration.

This robot was fully made of metal. His silver body has the air of advanced technology in it.

Liu Yi’s most wanted toy when he was a child was one of those Transformers!

Unfortunately, his family was poor, and Transformers belong to those high-end toys, so his family simply could not afford.

Now in front of this robot, Liu Yi’s childhood desire resurfaced again.

If I can buy this thing as a toy, it must be awesome!

Liu Yi can’t help but reach out his hand, wanting to touch this “big toy.”

When his hand traced the arm of this robot, its metallic surface felt cold to Liu Yi.

“Such a cool robot….I wonder how much does it cost….”

When Liu Yi was still sighing with emotion, that calmly-standing-there robot suddenly stirred.

Its head lifted up and its eyes emitted two bright red lights as if they were a warning signal.

“Intruder alert, activating defense mechanism.”

The robot emitted computer-like sound, which sounded neither male nor female.

“Enemy analysis…..Combat analysis….Marked as a dangerous creature!”

At the same time, the robot’s arm swung out and, in a flash, struck Liu Yi’s chest.


Liu Yi’s body suddenly flew back and hit the metal gate behind him.

Liu Yi felt his internal organs tumbled….

And his bones fell apart.

F*ck me….This robot is so fierce!

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