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Chapter 165 Holographic Simulation


“This box is made of special materials, specifically used for new recruits to test their strength.”

Li Biyue pointed the box and explained from the side, “Many spells were put on it, so it can be considered as an artifact. Even if you hit it with all your strength, it will be okay.”

Hearing from the side with arms crossed, Liu Yufan cannot help but interrupt.

“This test of strength is your preliminary test, it will measure your level of strength.”

With that, he proudly walked to the front of the box, clasped his fist, and then fiercely punched that box.

This time, the box did not break and reveal bottles of liquor.

A dashboard on the side of the box suddenly lit up.

The indicator, which has a total of 28 points, continued to tick upward. The indicator moved passed the seven points until it finally stopped near the eight points.

“See, this is my strength!”

Liu Yufan proudly said, “Seven stars strength or B+ level, and will soon become A!”

“There is still a big gap between B+ and A.”

Li Biyue ridiculed from the side, “Besides, relying on strength alone to reach A level is useless, A level requires more than just power.”

“Sooner or later I will achieve it!”

Liu Yufan looked at Li Biyue, “You just wait!”

“Why would I want to wait? Whatever.”

Li Biyue did not appreciate his words and flatly said with arms crossed.


Liu Yufan was about to explode with rage.

This Li Biyue is really too d*mn hard to penetrate!

Do I have no other way?

D*mn it!

No matter what, I, Liu Yufan can also be considered as dragon among people, and I am also the Director of the Hunter Organization in Northern Dragon City, how come I couldn’t even conquer a single Li Biyue!

Li Biyue, Li Biyue, just wait….Sooner or later you’ll be mine!

“Your turn!”

Liu Yufan said to Liu Yi as he walked away from the box to make way for Liu Yi.

“Let me see your strength, rookie. Even if the scale doesn’t move, it doesn’t matter, a lot of rookies like you can’t even move the scale. A rookie, hehe….”

The points should represent the star jade.

Liu Yi surmised in his heart.

However, he still can’t help but curiously stretched out his palm and strike that box using a wee bit of strength, just to test how it felt.


The box emitted a loud and clear voice.

Liu Yi felt a heavy metallic feel, but he also can feel a slight rebound force from the box.

And the indicator began to move and finally stopped slightly below the first point.


Seeing this scene, Liu Yufan cannot help but laugh out loud.

“Sure enough, he is indeed a tender rookie! Li Biyue, Li Biyue, your brother doesn’t even have the power of one star, he can’t even be considered as an E level hunter, how could I assign him a task?”

Li Biyue slightly frowned and did not speak.

My brother’s strength is not like this….But how could it show such value….

Being ridiculed by Liu Yufan, she felt very uncomfortable.

It’s okay if he jokes about me, but he makes fun of brother….Anger began to well up in Li Biyue’s heart.

Ma Hua handed Liu Yi a half bottle of liquor.

“Kid, why don’t you try it again?”

“It’s useless, even if you give him immortal pills.”

Liu Yufan snorted contemptuously, “This kid is simply a waste….”

“Desolate Flame!”

At this time Liu Yi suddenly lifted up his hand and sent out a palm strike toward that box.


The box emitted a dull explosive sound.

It trembled along with the table.

The indicator on the box suddenly moved up and reached the third points and finally stopped close to the fourth points.

Liu Yufan gawked, with mouth open like a toad and unable to speak for half a day.

“Oh, good kid, you actually have the power of three stars. Moreover, you almost reach four stars!”

Old man Ma could not help but roared and clapped his hands, “Li Biyue, your brother’s talent is so big. So young and already have this power. It seems like your family is really abnormal.”

“Try to talk a bit less, you’re not going to suffocate.”

Li Biyue trimmed her nail with a small black dagger. That old man Ma immediately stopped talking.

She was also secretly pleased, Sure enough, I didn’t make the wrong choice.

Brother is still young and his power is already close to four stars.

When I met him the first time, he was still two stars.

In the blink of an eye, he has rapidly progressed. This shows that his future is unlimited.

But at the same time, her innermost feelings became complicated.

In that case, it also means that brother is getting increasingly closer to that legendary man….

Ai….Why it has to be him….?

Heaven, you really know how to torture people…..

But the one who was truly shocked was Liu Yufan. He did not dare to believe Li Biyue’s brother actually have the power of three stars!

Three stars can basically be considered as D level Hunter!

As long as he can pass the next round of assessment, the D level status would be his!

D*mn it….I don’t want this kid to join this organization so smoothly!

Looks like I have to do some tricks on the next round of assessment!

“Old man Ma, prepare the second round of assessment!”

Liu Yufan very unhappily gave his order.

“Oh, why worry about it? Let us sit down and drink a couple of cups first, how about it?”

“Drink your uncle! Hurry up!”

Liu Yufan was pissed off.

This Ma Hua always does things very slowly, it pisses me off.

This old man was the personal staff of the previous Director. Moreover, his seniority is very high, some of the elders even know him personally.

It’s hard for him to expel this old man.

Therefore, sometimes when the old man Ma angered him, he can only endure it. The only way to control this old man was by giving him various punishment.

Such as wage deduction.

“Director is always impatient, very well, let’s begin.”

Me Hua reluctantly put down the bottle, touched his head, and walked to the door at the next room, and then pressed a few buttons on the door.

Suddenly, the wall slowly lifted up, revealing a huge glass wall.

Across the glass, there was a large spacious room as big as a basketball court. The wall inside was all white and looked somewhat strange.

“This is the test room, go on, enter the room.”

Old man Ma gently pushed Liu Yi.

“This….What should I do?”

Liu Yi was confused.

What kind of test is this?

“This room is a high-tech product, and supplemented by immortal cultivation technique.”

Old man Ma triumphantly said like he was like explaining his own child, “After you enter, you will encounter virtual enemies. But do not underestimate these enemies, they will draw spiritual power from the walls and they have the same power as the real demons. Kid, your strength is good, but it doesn’t mean everything. Some people have power but don’t know how to use it. If you can successfully pass this virtual combat, you will become a D-level hunter!”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”


Fortunately, this is not the first time for me.

Fox sister really helped me a lot.

“Come on! Sister believe in you.”

Li Biyue cheered for Liu Yi from the side.

When Liu Yi entered the room, Liu Yufan pulled old man Ma to the side and whispered.

“I want you to give four stars enemies to him.”

Four stars?

Old man Ma was suddenly alarmed and strangely looked at his Director.

“Logically, I should give him three stars enemy, right?”

“D*mn it, didn’t you hear what I said? Who do you think is the Director here!?”

Liu Yufan suddenly glared at him.

If not for fear Li Biyue would flatten him on the spot, he really wanted to give a bunch of five stars enemies to Liu Yi.

“But….This is unreasonable….And I am a man of great integrity….”

“This month, I will give you a bonus.”

“Em, right, I should give a newcomer a bit of a test. Leadership, rest assured, you can count on me.”

Old man Ma immediately operated the nearby instrument.

On the side, Li Biyue slightly frowned, thinking that something was not quite right.

What’s with these two, so mysterious.

At this time, Liu Yi stood inside the room, curiously thought.

The Hunter Organization is actually like this, they actually have such an interesting test room.

Holographic simulation room?

If this place is used for gaming, wouldn’t it be awesome?

But I wonder how much money did they spend to build this thing!

Liu Yi cannot help begin to feel envy.

But this time, the room suddenly turned dark. Liu Yi was enveloped by total darkness.

But demon race has a night vision ability so he soon became adapted to the darkness in front of him. He then started to notice there was something continuously changed on the wall.

Soon, the room once again lit up.

Liu Yi was surprised to find that he had stood on a desolate desert.

High above him the sun glared brilliantly and below his feet, the sand was scalding hot.

He was completely alone there, no other human, no other vegetation, and no other living thing.

What the ef….This is so real….

Liu Yi even felt the hotness from his surrounding.

This holographic simulation room is too amazing!

But an old man voice suddenly sounded there.

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man, for this test, your environment is a dessert. In this dessert, there is a dessert killer and also scary monster. You must be careful. When you get out, I’ll buy you a drink….hiccup….”

He finished his words with a hiccup, which completely destroyed the dessert atmosphere.

Liu Yi can’t help but shake his head, thinking, this old man is too funny.

And he is much better to look at than that Liu Yufan.

When Liu Yi was still thinking about how powerful is Ma Hua, he suddenly felt something moving under his feet.

He quickly looked down and found the sand under him continuously flowed.

This is not a good sign!

Under such a strong pressure, Liu Yi unconsciously stepped on ice skates and slid several meters away.


The sand where he previously stood collapsed and then flew up, forming a black sandstorm.

Within the sandstorm, there was a giant centipede-like insect with a pair of terrible protruding teeth. This giant insect fluttered into the air.

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