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Chapter 166 For The Beautiful Girls


That big insect’s body was very amazing, with one leap it soared high into the air, reaching more than ten meters high.

Looking at that centipede-like huge insect, Liu Yi was stunned.

“Centipede spirit.”

Without knowing when, Lin Tong ran out to lie on Liu Yi’s shoulder and then said.

“Moreover, it’s a centipede spirit that has cultivated for a long time….At the very least its strength is….Four stars!”


Liu Yi can’t help but want to curse ‘motherf*cker.’

How could the assessment be so perverted like this?

They let me face a four stars monster?

F*ck, this has gotta be a mistake!

This Hunter Organization is playing with people!

But Liu Yi did not know Li Biyue outside has flown into a rage. She grabbed Liu Yufan by the collars and fiercely asked.

“Liu Yufan, what do you mean by this? Why did you send a four star virtual monster to my brother? Do you want to die?”

“Eh, eh, Li Biyue, how could you say that.”

Liu Yufan already came up with a good argument, his eyes rolled, and then said.

“Your brother’s strength is close to four stars. If I give him a three stars monster, not only it would insult him, it would also insult you, Li Biyue!”


Li Biyue slightly frowned her eyebrows.

He does have a good point.

“So, after much thought, I finally decided to get a four star monster to test your brother’s real strength. In any case, this is just a virtual test, if there’s something dangerous, I will tell that old man Ma to turn off the simulation.”

Liu Yufan said with a fake smile.

But he secretly thought otherwise.

Humph, humph, if that kid is in danger, I will not care about him.

I will just say there’s an error in the machine and let that boy die!

Since you have offended me….Do you think you will have a good end?

Ten Steps To Milk A Man, blame yourself for snatching away this father’s woman!

“Very well.”

Li Biyue thought there was some truth in Liu Yufan’s argument, and coupled with her arrogant temper, she did not think too much about it. She loosened Liu Yufan’s collar, looked at Liu Yi on the other side of the window, and said.

“My brother will definitely pass this test, I believe in him.”

“Yes, yes, Li Biyue’s brother is definitely not a weakling!”

Liu Yufan said with a smile.

He secretly shifted his position to a spot next to the instrument. And taking advantage while the old man Ma went to get the liquor, he quietly pressed a button.

A third-stars has some power (‘Some power’ is a slang for cockroach)?

This allows you to turn into a real cockroach!

Liu Yi was skating on his ice skates, wandering around the dessert, constantly dodging the Centipede spirit’s underground attack.

Although the Centipede spirit can move fast underground, Liu Yi’s ice skates were not slow either.

Combined with his demonic race’s perception, he can easily perceive the threat from the underground.

As a result, Liu Yi once again successfully avoided the underground sneak attack on this desert, then he waited for an opportunity to launch a counter-attack.

This Centipede spirit was so huge that each time it came out, there must a sandstorm, making it difficult to see its appearance.

My other me said that no matter how difficult the enemy is, there will always be a way to deal with it….

After observing its attack pattern several times, Liu Yi suddenly got an idea.

He increased the force on his feet, stepped on the ice skates and glided away.

The giant Centipede spirit attacked from below once again, and like before, only caught air.

Liu Yi turned around, produced a big pile of ice projectile and threw it at the side of that Centipede spirit.


The ice bomb exploded on that Centipede spirit’s side.

Large tracts of sand suddenly condensed into ice, and the Centipede spirit’s half body was caught up in there.

“See how you’re going to escape this time!”

Liu Yi seized this opportunity and stretched out his left hand.

Xiao Cai, his spiritual animal, immediately departed into air, turned into a swirling multicolored blade, and then fell on Liu Yi’s left hand.

“Try the power of my Xiao Cai, your grandpa!”

Liu Yi said and flung his multicolored blade.

All of a sudden, a multicolored neon light appeared in the sky.

This neon light was very fast, with just a brush, it directly cut one of the Centipede spirit’s legs; red blood was immediately spurted out.

After this swirling blade drew an arc in the air, it came again and cut off its leg on the other side; finally, it flew back to Liu Yi’s hand.


Liu Yi could not help but praise Xiao Cai.

This is so great!

Several more of these and that Centipede spirit will die for sure!

After I cut off its legs, see if it’s still going to be so smug!

But as Liu Yu prepared to throw out the swirling blade once again, he was suddenly shocked.

At this moment, felt as if he suddenly turned incomparably heavy; A terrifyingly huge pressure pressured his body.

Holy sh*t…..

What the h*ll is this….

Cold sweat dripped down his forehead, he now can’t even move a single step.

That Centipede spirit took this opportunity to break free from the surrounding ice and reburied its body under the sand.

Seeing Liu Yi who was sweating profusely and standing there motionless, the corner of Liu Yu emerged out a smile.

Even if you have a little strength, so what.

With this ten times gravity, you’ll turn into a soft egg.

This ten times gravity was the room’s special feature, it only affected the human and not the holographic projection.

But Li Biyue didn’t know what really happened. Seeing Liu Yi suddenly stopped moving, she thought Liu Yi was thinking about his next move.

How could she know that her own baby brother fell into other people’s scheme?

D*mn it….

With his sense, Liu Yi knew the Centipede spirit was moving underneath the sand toward him. His cold sweat has reached his nose.

If this goes on….I’ll become Centipede’s sh*t….

How could I lose my life in this Hunter Organization….

Liu Yi struggled really hard to move and somewhat did not know what to do.

“Immortal Power! You have the awe-inspiring righteousness, let your body filled with the Immortal Power!”

At this time, Lin Tong also felt Liu Yi was in a crisis and quickly reminded him.

Immortal Power….

Liu Yi was not the silly boy that year, he had long understood that his own body has Immortal Power, as well as Demonic Power….

He just did not say it out loud.

He immediately launched his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra. Liu Yi’s eyes emitted two blue awns, and he shouted.


The majestic Immortal Power rolled up his awe-inspiring righteousness, which continued to wander around his body.

This Awe-Inspiring Righteousness was a unique force between heaven and earth, a very special force.

Only people who harbor true righteousness can catch this Awe-Inspiring Righteousness and turn it into their own strength.

With Awe-Inspiring Righteousness, everything is possible.

Blue-White air stream rushed into Liu Yi’s body, flooding his meridians.

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly did not feel so heavy anymore.

Although he still felt as if he was carrying a giant on his back, at least he can move again.


At this time, the sand under his feet flew up and black smoke rolled out.

The giant Centipede went out to swallow Liu Yi.

It’s huge teeth were like two huge blades, wanting to tear Liu Yi completely.

Liu Yi did not hesitate, immediately threw his multicolored chain, which wrapped around this huge Centipede spirit’s head.

This Centipede spirit’s teeth and mouth were completely locked by Liu Yi’s multicolored chain.

He grabbed the two sections of the chain and stepped on the Centipede spirit’s head and then pulled as hard as he could so that he won’t be swallowed by this Centipede spirit.

“Gluk, gluk!”

The Centipede spirit produced two dull gulping sound, it clearly did not feel very happy being sealed by the mouth.

It was furious.

This Centipede spirit twisted its huge body and, in the blink of an eye, slammed into the sand, disappearing into the ground, pulling Liu Yi with it.

Li Biyue’s heart started to palpitate, and her whole body tensed up.

She tightly clutched her sweating palms.

“Hey, how could this kid suddenly turns weak?”

Old man Ma, who was sipping his white liquor, still did not know about the situation. He looked in surprise at the scene inside the virtual room.

The scene inside the virtual room suddenly change, Liu Yi was actually being pulled to the ground but what the other people saw on the screen was that the Centipede spirit pushed him with his mouth to the ground, forcing his body into the sand.

In addition to Liu Yufan, who was the source of all these, the other two did not know that the gravity inside the virtual environment has turned ten times its original value.

In the comic, the superhero Superman came from an environment with far more gravity than Earth.

Therefore, when he came to Earth, he became a veritable Superman.

It’s the same reason humans can jump up more than ten meters on the surface of the moon.

Liu Yi’s original weight was 60 kg, but under the ten times gravity, he was now 600 kg, more than half a ton.

For an average person, their bone density and hardness simply could not withstand such a huge force of gravity and would simply crush under the huge weight, instantly killing that person.

But Liu Yi was a cultivator, plus his body has an endless amount of Awe-Inspiring Righteousness, making him not only able to withstand the pressure, but also move.

But his current situation was not particularly good.

The Centipede spirit has pitted his body against the sand, burying him deep in the sand.

Liu Yi felt that if this went on, he would be buried alive here.

He wanted to fight back, but the Centipede spirit was like a train that constantly pushed his body so that he was unable to resist.

No….I want to live….

Liu  Yi didn’t want to inexplicably die in the Hunter Organization just like that.

Demonic power, Immortal Power, as well as the Awe-Inspiring Righteousness fully operated inside his body.

The Devil qi also began to mobilize, silently flew within his body and gathered in his hands.

Old man Ma, who was still drinking, suddenly realized something and looked at Liu Yi inside that room.

Liu Yi dimly remembered when his strength was still two stars, under his other personality’s control, once used a strange move to kill the evil ghost in the cemetery.

I should use….

This move….Perhaps, it will be effective.

Using his Demonic Power as the base foundation, the other two power quickly flowed into Liu Yi’s chest.

A portion of these powers then rushed toward Liu Yi’s left hand, and the other portion went to his right hand.

Liu Yi felt he was like a ton of TNT, full of explosive power that was ready to explode.

D*mn….For my future girlfriend in the University! Fight!

Liu Yi suddenly loosened the chain and put his hands on that Centipede spirit’s head.

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