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Chapter 957: Finally Realizing the Difference

Qiao Nian chose the Chinese Medicine Faculty.

Everyone knew that the Chinese Medicine Faculty was Qing University’s worst department. There were less than 100 students every year, and no one was willing to study it.

“I didn’t see it wrongly. Nian Nian entered Mr. Huang’s private room.” Shen Jingyan’s breathing was a little unsteady as well, and his tone was heavy. “I didn’t expect her to get Mr. Huang to come out of retirement by applying to the Chinese Medicine Faculty. In other words, she has two teachers. One is Master Nie, and the other is Mr. Huang. If I didn’t guess wrong, she’s majoring in the Chinese Medicine Faculty and minoring in Music…”

Shen Jingyan really regretted it now. The corners of his eyes suddenly revealed fatigue. “I really didn’t expect Mr. Huang to come out. I even saw people from the medical organization in the private room earlier. From the looks of it, although the apprenticeship banquet Mr. Huang organized is a small-scale gathering, the people who came are well-known. The connections Mr. Huang can bring are all here.

“Qin Chulang is not someone who will casually show his face and eat with others. Many people in Beijing want to curry favor with him, but they can’t find a relationship. I heard that when he was in a car accident, he relied on Mr. Huang to give him acupuncture to protect one of his legs. He didn’t become paralyzed. Because of this relationship, he has always respected Mr. Huang. Only Mr. Huang can make him appear for the apprenticeship banquet.”

His voice was low, and every word seemed to stab into their hearts. “Not to mention those acquaintances we know. Master Nie, Wen Ruxia… If Nian Nian gets involved with Mr. Huang, she’ll be the first in the academic world, to say nothing of others! The people in Beijing will have to take another look at her.”

After saying this, he even sighed and turned to look at Qiao Chen. He wanted to say something but hesitated. He didn’t say anything, but the stark contrast in his eyes still pierced Qiao Chen’s heart.

The gentle expression that had been maintained on Qiao Chen’s face finally began to crack. Her palm had already been pinched until her skin broke.

During this period of time, she had been comforting herself with the profession, but when the truth came, the place she thought she could win against Qiao Nian was also told that she was just dreaming. She felt like she was being suppressed by endless darkness and could no longer deceive herself!

In the private room, Mr. Huang, Nie Mi, and the others were all there. There were about 13 to 14 people in the entire private room. They were all well-known figures in Beijing.

Other than a few people related to the medical organization, the rest, such as Wen Ruxia, were all from the wealthy circles in Beijing.

It was obvious that Mr. Huang valued this student sincerely.

Wen Ruxia sat calmly in her seat and chatted with Qin Chulang. Qin Chulang was an authoritative figure in the Qin family, and the Qin family had a good relationship with the Ye family. Qin Chulang’s son, Qin Si, was famous for being close to Ye Wangchuan. They were playmates in the small circle. Although the Wen family did not stand with any power in Beijing, they had always been smooth. They didn’t offend anyone and could play with anyone.

They were all in the same circle, so it would be a lie to say that they didn’t know each other.

Therefore, when she bumped into him today, Wen Ruxia still chatted with him casually about some trivial matters in Beijing.

Qin Chulang wasn’t good at chatting. Or rather, he was more reserved. After finding a topic to chat about, Wen Ruxia saw that the other party was not very interested. She relaxed and leaned back in her chair. She didn’t try to find a topic to chat about. She only raised her hand to look at the time on her watch. Her eyebrows raised slightly, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

She heard that Mr. Huang’s new student was from a small place. She was young, but she was quite arrogant. She made so many of them wait for half an hour and still did not come.

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