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Chapter 956: How Embarrassing!

Qiao Nian interrupted him impolitely and said bluntly, “That’s her business. Since we’re no longer friends, there’s no need to pretend anymore. It’s her business if she wants to pretend that she’s fine. I have no obligation to act with her!”

“Nian Nian, you!” Shen Jingyan’s expression immediately became a little ugly, and he was about to lecture her.

Qiao Nian didn’t give him a chance. She restrained the coldness in her eyes and put away her earphones. With one hand in her pocket, she said simply to the three of them, “I still have something on. I won’t accompany you.”

Shen Jingyan’s words were forcefully blocked by her.

They watched helplessly as the girl left without turning back. She didn’t care about them at all!

Wei Ling sneered again. She looked at the girl’s back as she walked into the corridor and mocked, “I told you long ago that we can’t be the same as before. You didn’t believe me, but you saw it with your own eyes now.”

Ever since Wei Qi’s matter, Qiao Nian had become even with them as she had said. It was the same last time. Even if they bumped into each other directly, Qiao Nian could pretend not to see her and brush past her like a stranger.

It was the same this time.

It was this attitude again.

“It’s not the first time she’s so arrogant. Let her be.” Wei Ling gathered her clothes and said calmly, “Beijing is not like Rao City. I want to see for how long she can be arrogant. She thinks she can continue to be arrogant in Beijing just by relying on Nie Mi and the Jiang family. When she sees the situation in Beijing clearly, she will take the initiative to look for you…”

How could the Jiang family and Nie Mi’s connections compare to the Shen family’s? How could it compare to her Wei family? In her eyes, the reason Qiao Nian was so arrogant now was that she had not seen the situation in Beijing clearly. The other reason was that Ye Wangchuan was behind her.

However, in truth, Qiao Nian should curry favor with Shen Jingyan.

After all, even if she was not from the Qiao family, she had at least called Shen Jingyan her uncle for more than ten years. Her messy relationship with Qiao Nian was much more reliable!

“When that time comes, I’ll see if she’ll still be as arrogant as before…” Wei Ling did not finish her sentence.

Suddenly, she heard Shen Jingyan’s surprised voice. “Nian Nian, she… Did she enter Mr. Huang’s private room just now?”

Wei Ling and Qiao Chen looked over at the same time and happened to see the last corner of the girl’s shirt. It was the private room they had come out from earlier.

Her expression changed immediately and she instinctively denied it. “Why would she enter Mr. Huang’s private room? You must have seen it wrongly. When we went to greet him, Mr. Huang and the others clearly said that they were also attending an apprenticeship banquet. Mr. Huang accepted a new student and will teach his disciple medicine in the future.”

“Mr. Huang is a professor in the Chinese Medicine Faculty of Qing University. Qiao Nian chose the Chinese Medicine Faculty!” Shen Jingyan’s tone was heavy.

Wei Ling was also stunned. “You mean the student Mr. Huang mentioned is Qiao Nian?!”

She refused to believe it on reflex. “Impossible.”

“How many years has it been since Mr. Huang took in a student? Even if he did, he couldn’t have taken in Qiao Nian. She…” She wanted to say, how could Qiao Nian deserve this honor?

However, she was too frustrated and couldn’t figure it out at all. Although she was unwilling to believe it, she believed Shen Jingyan’s words from the bottom of her heart again.

Qiao Chen looked at the private room Qiao Nian had just entered with a pale face.

Mr. Huang’s student? How was that possible?!

The only thing she could do now was to trample on Qiao Nian’s major!

She chose the Music Department as her major and minored in Finance, one of the top majors at Qing University. Furthermore, Cheng Wu would lead her.

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