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Chapter 951: Wen Ziyu Didn’t Give Him Face and Did Not Attend

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She had spent money to buy a customized gown today, turning her from a 6/10 to an 8/10 beauty.

Zhou Yang followed Fu Ge and the others out of the banquet hall. Seeing Qiao Chen standing outside and greeting the guests gracefully, he couldn’t help but lower his voice and sigh. “Fu Ge, no wonder someone on the school forum said that your girlfriend is the new campus belle of Qing University. To be honest, your girlfriend is really quite beautiful.”

He left out a final sentence, mainly because he was afraid that it would cause unnecessary conflict.

Qiao Chen was dressed exceptionally beautifully today. She had a pearl earring on her earlobe and looked as gentle as water. She had the beauty of a young lady from a humble family.

The part Zhou Yang left unsaid was ‘If Qiao Nian wasn’t in Qing University this year, Qiao Chen would definitely be the new school belle. Unfortunately, the Chinese Medicine Department has a new divine student, Qiao Nian.’

Qiao Nian was the girl that Wen Ziyu had fallen in love with at first sight. Her looks, to be honest, were too eye-catching. Even ten thousand Qiao Chens couldn’t compare to her!

However, their dormitory had been a mess because of Qiao Nian and Qiao Chen. Today, Fu Ge had personally invited them to attend Qiao Chen’s apprenticeship banquet. Wen Ziyu didn’t give him any face and did not come. It was even more inappropriate for him to mention Qiao Nian’s name at this time and rub salt into his wound.

“I really didn’t expect her to win a Gold at this year’s Grammy Awards. My sister also majored in music, but she majored in violin. She told me that this award is quite difficult to win. Many overseas celebrities are proud to win this award.” Zhou Yang’s voice was low, but he couldn’t hide his praise for Qiao Chen.

Fu Ge pursed his lips and finally smiled. He looked extremely humble as he said, “You’re talking about the pop music award. Chen Chen received the best arrangement award. The nature of the award is different.”

Zhou Yang wanted to ask him what was so different about it. Weren’t they all awards? However, when he saw the faint arrogance on the boy’s face, he swallowed his words.

He raised his head again and looked at the door. Seeing the girl standing beside Wei Ling with an obedient smile, he smacked his lips without leaving a trace and looked a little emotional.

If he hadn’t seen with his own eyes the evidence of Qiao Chen plagiarizing and buying fake reviewers online, he wouldn’t dare to believe that Fu Ge’s school belle girlfriend who came from Rao City had such a story.

Zhou Yang sighed with emotion. Anyway, Fu Ge didn’t mind this about his girlfriend, so as an outsider, he couldn’t say anything.

He would treat it that he was coming over for a meal and watching the commotion.

There were a total of five people in Fu Ge’s dormitory. Except for Wen Ziyu, the other three had all come.

“Congratulations, Chen Chen.”

“Junior Chen Chen, congratulations. This is a gift.”

Fu Ge led the way. Zhou Yang and the other two were quite perceptive and gave the gifts they had bought.

The students at Qing University were not poor, let alone the top students in the Finance Department. Although they had not graduated, Zhou Yang and the others had already started on a side job outside. Among them, Zhou Yang was good at speculating stocks. He had already earned himself a suite in his third year of university. It was a small apartment in a third-tier district. It wasn’t worth much, but it was not bad.

Therefore, the gift they had chipped in for Qiao Chen was quite pricey. The Seven logo on it was especially eye-catching.

“Thank you.” Qiao Chen only took a glance at the gift and got someone to put it away. She didn’t show much surprise.

She thanked Zhou Yang and the rest and then subconsciously looked behind the three of them as if looking for someone.

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