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Chapter 925: Sister Nian: Why Is Everyone Here?

With a teacup in his hands, he walked over leisurely. However, as he stood in the middle, the focus of everyone in the stadium fell on him.

“Oh my god, is that Master Ye?” Qin Si stood up in surprise.

He was at a loss. He turned his head towards the young man beside him and asked, “Why did you not tell me Master Ye was coming? Should I go over and greet him?”

This Old Master was different from the other masters from powerful families in Beijing. He usually stayed at home and rarely showed his face.

However, his status was one of the highest.

He had never participated in public events except for meetings like the news that he had no choice but to attend. It was very hard to invite Old Master Ye, even if the event was held by the many top circles in Beijing. Previously, Qin Si was already very surprised when he came to Qiao Nian’s banquet. This time, he was a guest at a medical competition. Qin Si wasn’t able to sort out his complicated feelings.

It must have been Master Wang who invited him to attend this competition. However, Qiao Nian was most likely going to rank third from the back. Why would Master Wang invite Old Master Ye to this competition?

“Master Wang, did Miss Qiao know if Master Ye was coming?” Gu San looked at Ye Wangchuan with complicated eyes. He had the same reaction as Qin Si.

He was a little more pessimistic than him. He estimated that Qiao Nian would be ranked last this time. She would be really lucky to even rank the second or third from the back.

The people participating in the medical competition this time were all junior and senior students from colleges and universities across the country. Miss Qiao was a freshman who wasn’t even enrolled yet. She also hadn’t finished reading the professional books given to her. Although it was normal for one or two people to come and participate just for the experience, the chance of more than three of them competing casually was too small!


Qiao Nian found a corner and leaned her back against the wall. She started to read a book. With her earpiece in one ear, the faint sound of an audiobook being read could be heard.

Basically, all the students participating in the competition had already arrived.

People from several universities in Beijing knew each other and got together to chat as soon as they arrived. The people who arrived from other places mostly came from the provinces.

She was the only one not in a group and minding her own business.

She was holding on to an entry-level “Summary of Questions from the Nine-year Medical Competition”. It was particularly eye-catching. The girl sat there lazily and did not care about the curious gazes that people around cast at her from time to time. What could she do? She stuffed her earplugs in. She briefly calculated the time she had left and then took out her cell phone and tripled the speed of the audiobooks.

At the same time.

Her cell phone started vibrating.

She received a couple of messages at the same time.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyelashes and tapped on the screen, opening the messages.

[I’m waiting for you on the judges’ bench, and your teacher is here too. We will support you. Don’t be afraid. Take the exam well and don’t feel pressured.]

This message was from Nie Mi.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes and opened the other message.

[Grandpa is here.]

[I think it’s because my aunt told him that you will be in the competition this year.]

She frowned and checked the person who had sent her that message. It was Ye Wangchuan.

Was the Old Master here?

Aunt Ye had called him?

She didn’t want to alert anyone when she decided to participate in this competition. She originally thought that she would just come here and compete casually.

However, there were so many people watching her performance now. It seemed as though there was a sense of responsibility on her shoulders now.

Her head hurt. She pressed her temples for a few seconds before letting go. Trying to calm herself down, she finished listening to the last few questions on her audiobook.

With only ten minutes before the start of the competition, most of the participants were already waiting backstage.

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