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Chapter 95: How Can You Fall in Love With a Senior High School Girl

What he meant was that he was going to investigate it!

Principal Yu was in a difficult situation. If this matter was investigated, it would definitely ruin the school’s reputation. But since this reverent figure spoke, how could he refuse him as a mere principal?

“Young Master Ye, about this…” He wasn’t going to give up and wanted to fight for the school’s reputation.

However, the man responded in a warning voice. “I don’t have many bad habits, but I have a bad temper. I’m the only one who can bully my people. If someone else bullies my people and I can’t find that person, I can only look for the school.”

His voice was light and non-threatening, but it pressured the Dean of Teaching like a thunderbolt.

Principal Yu originally wanted to fight for the school, but after Ye Wangchuan spoke, he could only nod. “I know, Ye Wangchuan. You should rest assured. The school will give Qiao Nian an explanation.”

“That’s good.”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were extremely cold. He glanced at Principal Yu politely but distantly. “I’ll be taking her back first.”


He was very tall, and he carried Qiao Nian away very quickly. Under everyone’s gazes, his graceful figure gradually disappeared from their field of vision.

The girls in front of Qiao Nian were all glued to the scene.

This was too… dramatic, right?

In the past, everyone said that the boyfriend of the school belle was handsome, and people even shared his photos before. But, compared to this man, he was simply average.

Was this Qiao Nian’s boyfriend?

Even Principal Yu couldn’t help but exclaim after looking at the two people leaving. “Dean Yang, would you protect your friend’s sister like this?”

“Well…” The dean didn’t know what to say. He frowned and couldn’t answer. “I guess I’d protect her as a friend, but I don’t know if I’d go to that extent…”

“That’s right.”

Principal Yu didn’t understand what he thought was weird. He only felt that the way Young Master Ye came and his attitude towards Qiao Nian was not typical of a friend protecting his friend’s sister. The way he swept her off her feet was more like how a man would treat his woman!

However, considering the Ye family’s status in Beijing, how could Young Master Ye be attracted to a girl who was in the third year of high school?

Outside the school, a Phaeton was parked quietly outside.

Gu San leaned on the side of the car. When he saw the two of them, he quickly opened the door and lowered his eyes as if he didn’t see Ye Wangchuan carrying Qiao Nian. “Master Wang, you’re back.”

“Yes. Contact the orthopedics department and go to the city hospital.”

Ye Wangchuan gently put the girl in his arms in the car and lazily got inside.

Qiao Nian avoided him as soon as she got in the car. She frowned and seemed to dismiss the injury on her arm. “We don’t have to go to the hospital. My arm is just bruised. No bone is broken.”

When Gu San got in the car, he was unsure of whether he should go to the hospital.

Ye Wangchuan’s deep eyes were misty, and he didn’t seem to respond to Qiao Nian’s words. He seemed to close the car door casually, but he was forceful. “Go to the hospital.”

Gu San understood who called the shots and started the car. “Yes, Master Wang.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

The black Phaeton moved calmly on the road and flew past the surrounding scenery.

Qiao Nian had nothing to say along the day. She sat next to the car window and looked out silently.

Ye Wangchuan rubbed his forehead and looked at her sulking, porcelain-white face. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you angry?”

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