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Chapter 94: Protective Master Wang

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As she was the talk of the town for the past few days, it was devastating to her for someone to speak to her that way. She turned pale and looked down as though she was wronged. She bit on her lips and said, “I just feel that we shouldn’t make such a big deal out of this…”

“You weren’t the one injured. You’re not even a teacher. What gave you the right to be so delusional?”

Qiao Nian didn’t hold back her punches and spoke directly. “The only reason why you’re against an investigation is that you’re guilty.”

Before Qiao Chen could reply, Qiao Nian looked away and spoke to Principal Yu. It was as though she couldn’t be bothered to care about her.

“There’s a camera at the staircase leading up to the top floor. It must have captured some footage of the culprit.”

When Zhao Jingwei heard that, she was so afraid that she started shaking uncontrollably. It was as though she admitted that she was the culprit already.

It was only when Qiao Chen pinched her that she calmed down. However, her expression was still guilty. It was obvious that she was the culprit.

As Qiao Nian got hurt, she couldn’t attend the afternoon class.

Shen Hui got her to take three days of leave and asked her to rest at home.

Shen Qingqing was shocked by her decision. Liang Bowen was supposed to send her to the hospital.

When Qiao Nian was done grabbing her things, she told Chen Yuan and left the classroom. In the corridor, she noticed that a group of girls crowded together as they looked somewhere shyly, chatting amongst themselves.

“Look at that handsome guy.”

“Oh my, so handsome. Is he a celebrity?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen him on television. Why would he be at our school, is he a parent?”

“That can’t be, right? He looks so young.”

“I’m not sure if he has a girlfriend. I want to ask for his WeChat.”

Young and looked better than a celebrity.

Qiao Nian was reminded of a handsome person immediately. Just when she rejected that thought, she saw the man walking towards her. He was wearing a white shirt, which was a rare sight. His top buttons were undone, showing his neck. His eyes were deep and his facial features made him look as though he was mixed-blood. However, when you looked at his dark eyes, you would think that he couldn’t be mixed-blood.

He walked over from the crowd. Even though there were so many people, the principal and the Dean of Teaching were next to him, explaining.

He had a strong presence, making him stand out from the crowd.

“Young Master Ye, regarding this, I…” Principal Yu said as he walked beside him.

However, Ye Wangchuan didn’t care about what he was saying. He was looking for someone in the crowd. Finally, he found who he was looking for.

He walked quickly towards her, leaving the crowd behind. As he stood in front of Qiao Nian, he took a long look at her carefully before asking with his low, raspy voice, “Are you still in pain?”

He was so close to her that she could feel his breath. Qiao Nian could feel her heart racing in front of everyone as she stumbled. “… I’m fine.”

She was still confused over why he could come to school.

He was so attractive that everyone would be trying to find out who he was after today.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her pale face. He felt that her eyelashes were really attractive.

It also showed him that she wasn’t happy.

She didn’t want him to be here.

Even after knowing that she didn’t want him to be here, Ye Wangchuan still smiled. He noticed the dressing on her wound, and he could even see the blood soaking through. His eyes turned cold as he suddenly carried her.

It shocked Principal Yu and the rest.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t care about them. He looked at him coldly as he carried her and said, “Principal Yu, I won’t repeat myself. You should know what to do.”

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