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Chapter 921: Unwilling to Arrive Even a Day Earlier

Ye Wangchuan remembered the grand bouquet of flowers she had on the day of the banquet. He chuckled lightly and his throat trembled. His eyes were filled with pettiness. “Ah, it seems like I will need to save some money for my wife.”

Qiao Nian was originally just joking with him. Seeing him play along with her joke, she added another sentence, “Not necessarily. If the trial doesn’t turn out well, you will be fired immediately.”

If he didn’t pass the three-month probation period, he would be fired immediately.

Master Wang was fired by his girlfriend. If this got out, everyone in Beijing would be very shocked.

Ye Wangchuan’s chest trembled a little, and his troubled face became more serious. “I will try my best so I don’t get fired!”

He clasped the girl’s hand and wrapped it in his big palm. He spoke concisely and wasted no time. “Are you not in a hurry? Let us go, I will send you there.”

Qiao Nian nodded silently and pushed in her earpiece.

She was really in a hurry. When Shen Yugui and the others contacted her, they did not give her much time. A week’s time was not considered long. Although she tried her best to look through it, the time was limited and she did not manage to look through everything. Since she was going to participate in a competition, she also had to spend some time preparing for it. She wasn’t planning to rank last.

Furthermore, someone continuously got first place. That person was Qi Lanyin. She and the famous master from overseas had to ridicule traditional Chinese Medicine and domestic medicine. Qiao Nian really wanted to teach her a lesson.

She wanted to see how good the students from top overseas universities were!

A black Mercedes-Benz was parked quietly outside the terminal in the Beijing Municipal Airport. People from the medical association were starting to get impatient from the wait.

A bald man with a big belly lost his patience and said, “Master Carlos and his associates are not here yet? Was it not a morning flight that was supposed to arrive at 8 o’clock? It’s already half-past 8 and they are still not here yet. What are they doing in there?”

The others who were waiting did not say anything.

Although the competition would start at 9 o’clock, the representative for the overseas team chose to fly into Beijing at 8 o’clock that morning.

They didn’t even want to come a day earlier to prepare for the competition.

They would only do this if they looked down on the medical standard in China!

This kind of behavior was not only disrespectful towards medicine in China, but was also very arrogant and rude!

No one would be able to remain calm in this situation, let alone the famous people from the domestic medical profession. They were all from medical associations.

Liang Lu was also secretly annoyed by their arrogant attitude. She explained blankly, “Maybe their flight was delayed. Let us wait a little while longer.”

Shen Yugui scoffed at her statement and spoke impatiently. “Since they’re coming to participate in the competition, they should have booked a flight for the previous day. Did they really have to book a flight for today? I don’t understand why we need to wait outside to greet them. With such an attitude, we should let them take a taxi to the venue by themselves!”

“What do you know? It’s their fault, and they’re in the wrong. However, we should still maintain our demeanor and greet them properly.” Liang Lu’s face tightened up as she thought about Qiao Nian’s participation in this year’s competition. She spoke irritably and disdainfully. “Master Carlos is a very reputable person in the international medical profession. We should still give him the respect he deserves.”

Shen Yugui’s mouth moved a little. However, he didn’t say anything.

Master Carlos was a very reputable person in the international medical field. They should treat him with the respect he deserved. However, did he respect the domestic medical profession?

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