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Chapter 920: I Thought He Was Otherworldly

“Eating breakfast won’t take too long…” Seeing that she really didn’t want to eat, Gu San paused for a second and then turned to look at the man who had also just gotten up. “Master Wang, Miss Qiao wants to go to the competition venue early.”

Ye Wangchuan looked up at the girl with a deep gaze.

“You don’t want breakfast?”


Qiao Nian was locked onto by his gaze. Recently, she kept having the illusion that she was being watched by him, and she couldn’t have peace of mind. She wasn’t even processing the contents of the medical books that the female voice in the earpiece was reading as she walked down the stairs with the other earpiece in her hand. Her fingers were fair, bony, and beautiful as a piece of art.

Qiao Nian was silent for a moment. Seeing that someone’s gaze was still on her, she propped her head up helplessly and looked at him with her dark eyes. “It’s not that I don’t want to eat.

“I’m in a hurry.”

She didn’t like to explain herself. Explaining was always troublesome. “I haven’t finished reading the seven books that Mr. Huang sent me. I’m only short of 10-odd pages. Therefore, I want to go over earlier and finish reading the rest at the stadium.

“I can’t just say that I won’t be in the last place and come back with the second last place, right?” Qiao Nian turned her head away. Her eyebrows were very firm. Her facial features were exquisite, but they didn’t affect the heroic and valiant feeling she gave off. A large part of it was that her contours were smooth. Compared to Qiao Chen’s gentleness which was obviously petty, Qiao Nian’s eyes exuded coldness and sharpness. This was also why in the past, when Shen Qiongzhi was angry, she liked to scold her for always looking at her with a stiff face, almost like a wolf cub.

Actually, it wasn’t that. Qiao Nian was just a little indifferent because her eyes were dark and cold when she looked at people.

However, Ye Wangchuan never cared about the coldness that covered her appearance. Every time he saw her, he could see the gentleness hidden in the depths of her eyes.

He picked up his car keys and said, “I’ll drive you there.”

Qiao Nian saw that he had just gotten up. His thin sweater was loosely draped over his body, revealing a section of his collarbones. His hair was not combed either, and the fringe resting on his forehead was curled up. He looked lazy and casual. She raised her eyebrows and said, “I can go over myself. If you want to come, you can still make it after eating.”

Ye Wangchuan stuffed his hands in his pockets and narrowed his eyes. He walked casually toward her and said, “I don’t have the habit of letting my girlfriend hail a taxi. Let’s go. There’s a bun shop nearby that sells pretty good buns. In the past, I used to pass by that place every morning when I was in junior high. It’s still open now. I’ll buy one for you when I pass by later. Eat it in the car. It won’t waste your time.”

“Then, do you have the habit of treating your girlfriend to buns?” Qiao Nian raised her chin and revealed her beautiful face under the brim of her hat. Her eyes were sharp, but the corners of her lips were curled up. She was clearly in a good mood and was joking with him.

Master Wang was treating her to a bun. Tsk, it was quite fresh.

She thought that with his status, he should have been an otherworldly person since he was young. She didn’t expect his growth experience to sound like that of an ordinary person.

Ye Wangchuan looked at the girl’s moist lips, and his gaze froze for a second. He pinched her fingers and looked away, humming lazily and flirtatiously. “I have no choice. My girlfriend is not picky. She’s easy to take care of.”

Qiao Nian’s fingers were itching from his grip again. She narrowed her eyes, which were dark and deep, looked away, and tacitly agreed. “…She’s not as easy to raise as you think. It’s quite expensive.”

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