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Chapter 918: Don’t Worry, I’ll Trample Over Her Very Soon

Zhou Yang nodded. He thought for a moment and added, “It was her name that was submitted for nomination by the Chinese Medicine Faculty this year. The nomination for the Clinical Department seems to be Jiang Xianrou. I think it’ll be exciting for the medical department this year.”

Qiao Nian and Jiang Xianrou… When the two names were put together, Wen Ziyu couldn’t help but think of the scene at Nie Mi’s birthday party. He couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up and picked up his cell phone that he had tossed onto the bed. “I’ll go out and make a call.”

The others were teasing him about how he lost his cool each time his goddess was mentioned.

But Fu Ge was in no mood to laugh with them, nor could he. His fingers subconsciously tapped against the Student Union’s documents absent-mindedly.

He didn’t expect Qiao Nian to really agree to participate in the competition. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if she participated with Jiang Xianrou?

He was frustrated, but he didn’t know what he was annoyed about. At this moment, his cell phone lit up.

Fu Ge picked it up and looked at it.

Qiao Chen had sent him a message.

[Brother Fu, did you hear that Qiao Nian is going to participate in the medical competition? She’s not matriculated yet, can she also participate in this competition?]

In the past, when he saw similar news, he would only think that Qiao Chen was purely curious and had no other intentions.

Now that she sent a message asking about her, he couldn’t help but think of how she had bought fake reviewers online.

After that incident, he had not gone out to meet Qiao Chen for a long time. Occasionally, Qiao Chen would call him, but no one mentioned what happened that day as if that incident had never happened.

He looked at the message and frowned. He held his cell phone and replied: [Mind your own business and ignore other people’s business.]

After replying to the message, he tossed his cell phone on the table with a bang. Everyone in the dormitory looked over at him, but Fu Ge was in no mood to care. His brows were lowered and his face was gloomy as if he had placed his entire attention on the Student Union’s work…

The others knew that he was uncomfortable, but after what happened that day, they didn’t want to provoke Fu Ge. They could only pretend that they did not see it and exchange looks instead. They pretended that the sound was imperceptible and continued to gossip.

At the same time, in the Jiang family.

Jiang Xianrou had also heard from Liang Lu that Qiao Nian wanted to represent Qing University in this medical competition.

She threw her cell phone back onto the bed in disdain and took a shower.

At this moment, Tang Wanru brought her soup. Seeing her coming out of the shower, she placed the bowl of soup on the study table.

Tang Wanru then recalled what happened at noon and couldn’t help but ask, “Xianrou, did you ask Young Master Qin what happened?”

Today, Qin Si did not respect her as a senior at all. His words were extremely mean and unpleasant.

When Jiang Xianrou got home, she had heard her mention booking a hotel for Qiao Nian. Hearing this, she put down the towel she was using to dry her hair and said coldly with a straight face, “…He’s giving Master Wang face.”

Tang Wanru also believed that Qin Si wouldn’t give Qiao Nian face. Her expression softened slightly and she pursed her lips before looking at her. She lowered her voice and said, “In the past, she was in Rao City and we could pretend that she didn’t exist. Now that she’s studying in Beijing, you must work hard and not let your grandfather look down on us.”

“There’s only one Jiang family!”

And there could only be one person in the younger generation of the Jiang Family who could be the successor!

How could Jiang Xianrou not understand what she meant? With an extremely cold expression, she threw the towel onto the back of the chair and sneered. “Don’t worry, I will trample over her very soon. I will let the others in Beijing see who can represent the Jiang family!”

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