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Chapter 917: Just Knew That She’s a Genius

Qiao Nian had wanted to play games on her cell phone, but she had never thought of watching a movie. Hearing his question, she looked up and seemed to think it through. She then stood up and said, “Let’s go to the cinema.”

She had never dated before, but she knew that the cinema was one of the places one had to go on dates.

But she didn’t like crowds.

“Give me a minute. I’ll go up and get something.” She still liked to wear a cap when she had to go to crowded places. It blocked out most of people’s gazes.

“Mm, it’s fine. There’s no hurry. Let’s go over slowly.”

This was actually Ye Wangchuan’s first time going to the cinema. There was really no need for Young Master Ye to ever go to the cinema.

When she said that they were going to the cinema, Ye Wangchuan was prepared to make a call and get someone to prepare two movie tickets. He also wanted to book a separate theater.

Ever since the Chinese Medicine Faculty handed in the application form for the competition this year, many people in the school were talking about this matter.

There were also discussions about this on the school forum.

However, it was not very popular.

Compared to Qiao Nian, Qiao Chen, who hadn’t taken the college entrance examination and had arrived in Beijing two months earlier, knew how to market herself better. Much earlier on, she had especially found someone to ‘secretly’ take a set of photos of her and put them on the forum. She was beautiful and had a good aura, so her fame rose instantly.

Everyone said that she was the new belle of the freshmen year.

Later on, she became an international pianist and followed her teacher to receive an international award. She hadn’t entered Qing University yet and was already quite famous.

Many people paid attention to any news that had something to do with Qiao Chen.

As for Qiao Nian…

Other than knowing that the top scorer of the national college entrance examination this year was called Qiao Nian and she had chosen their school, not many people in Qing University knew about the person behind the name.

They just knew that she was a genius.

They didn’t know her height or looks.

Therefore, even though the news that freshmen who had not entered the school yet were going to participate in the International Medical Competition was quite interesting, most of the people on the forums were still chatting about miscellaneous stuff. No one specially discussed it.

Room 703 of Qing University’s men’s dormitory.

The atmosphere was as gloomy as usual.

Fu Ge returned the same way. He pulled a long face and did not say anything.

Wen Ziyu was slightly better than him. He chatted and laughed with a few people when he needed to, and did not take his expression seriously at all.

The other three people felt the most uncomfortable being sandwiched between the two of them. They would be in trouble no matter who they sided with.

However, compared to Fu Ge, the three of them were still on Wen Ziyu’s side in the previous incident. After all, the last time, it was Fu Ge who provoked Wen Ziyu first. Later on, he was slapped in the face and couldn’t step down.

“Hey, did you all hear?”

In the dormitory, Fu Ge had just sat in his seat and booted his laptop. He remained silent with a cold face.

Zhou Yang pulled the chair beside him noisily and said to a few others, “I just saw on the school’s website that the Chinese Medicine Faculty is participating in the medical competition this year. The name list has been submitted. Guess who is participating?”

Fu Ge had originally turned on the computer. Hearing this, he paused for a second and became frustrated.

“Who is it?”

“Didn’t the Chinese Medicine Faculty not participate every year? Why are they participating this year?”

Wen Ziyu also asked, “Who is it? If you want to tell me, don’t say half of it. Why are you keeping me in suspense!”

Zhou Yang touched his nose and stopped fooling around. He spat out a name. “Qiao Nian.”

“It’s Young Master Wen’s goddess.”

Wen Ziyu exclaimed, “Qiao Nian?! She’s going to participate in the competition?”

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