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Chapter 912: Found Something

[Slim Waist Control: Boss, I found something on Ji Qing you asked me to investigate! Damn, do you know who this Ji Qing is?]

Ji Qing…

Qiao Nian retracted her gaze and leaned back in her chair. She didn’t reply for a long time.

She had been investigating the news of her biological mother. Everyone in the Jiang family was silent about her, including the Old Master. They were never willing to mention her.

The more no one mentioned it, the more she wanted to investigate.

Previously, the Red Alliance had searched all the files in Rao City but did not find anything related to her biological mother. They only found out that the Ye family also knew her mother.

Compared to Rao City, her biological mother seemed to stay more often in Beijing.

Qiao Nian supported her chin with her hand. Her cold chin was a little tense. She placed her fingers on the keyboard and paused for a moment before replying.

[Sun: What’s her background?]

Slim Waist Control replied very fast.

[Slim Waist Control: Boss, you’re online. I thought you weren’t here.]

Qiao Nian frowned and had the urge to cross the screen and sew his mouth shut.

He was really too talkative!

[Sun: Get to the point.]

[Slim Waist Control: Damn, so heartless? Boss, you don’t have to be so cold. You’ll hurt my young heart. I’m so young, it’s easy for my heart to be traumatized…]

Qiao Nian didn’t even want to see the long string of nonsense behind him.

The corners of her mouth twitched. She didn’t understand where he had learned this from. His typing speed was so fast, and he could reply with so many words.


[Sun: I’ll give you one more chance. Get to the point. Otherwise, there’s still one more lead host missing from the red-light district of the independent continent. I think you can do it.]

Illegal district.

The nest of the Red Alliance.

A young man looked at the computer screen with his mouth wide open and couldn’t help but curse. “F*ck, is he really f*cking heartless?!” he mumbled to himself.

Then, he typed rapidly on the black mini computer.

He was really talking too much nonsense. A woman wearing a bathrobe came in with a cup of hot cocoa. Hearing his mumbling, she glanced at him like a fox and revealed her fair thigh. Not treating him as a man, she said charmingly, “What are you talking about alone here? I’m already tired even if you aren’t.”

“Sun is online. Didn’t ‘he’ ask me to help ‘him’ investigate a person called Ji Qing? I’ve found something recently and am talking to him.” The man turned around and saw the woman’s exposed thigh. He frowned in disdain. “Brother, can you cover your leg properly? Respect me. I’m a normal man, too.”

The woman casually pulled on her bathrobe and covered her legs as she took a sip of hot cocoa. Her exquisite face was abnormally beautiful. On a closer look, she was of mixed blood. She drank some water and casually added, “Oh, what did Sun say?”

At the mention of this, Slim Waist Control couldn’t stay calm.

The young face revealed an indescribable expression as he said, “I just greeted ‘him’. Damn, with our relationship, what’s wrong with me greeting him when he’s not around for half a month? Our brotherhood is deep. Do you know what he replied to me with?”

Before the woman could respond.

He said to himself, “He said that if I continued to talk nonsense, he would throw me to the red-light district of the independent continent to sell my ass! Tsk!”

He asked the woman with a sorrowful expression, “Isn’t it too much?”

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