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Chapter 911: I Heard They’re Looking Down on Chinese Medicine

He felt that Qiao Nian was very scheming at such a young age.

He had seen such an unfathomable feeling from two people in his seventies. One was Qiao Nian, and the other… was related to her in countless ways.

It was Ye Wangchuan.

Ye Wangchuan was also a calm person. Nothing seemed to enter his eyes, but in Beijing, no one dared to provoke him.

At his age, he could stand at the top of the pyramid in the circle of fame and fortune in Beijing. Even the older generation looked up to him. How many people could achieve this?

Therefore, when such a person told him in a calm tone that he wanted to see the world, it felt like… Nie Mi felt as if he had eaten a bowl of sour and spicy beef noodles. He couldn’t taste the mixed emotions in his heart.

“Is that why you agreed to participate?” Although Nie Mi didn’t know how confident she was, he knew that Qiao Nian was not an ordinary person. However, in his heart, Qiao Nian was his student and the junior he cared about. “…If you don’t get good results, you can’t help Chinese Medicine prove anything.”

Just like a national instrument, he had never let anyone know that this culture, konghou, was still around.

However, look at the people in Beijing who were looking for him. Which one of them really wanted to learn konghou from him? Each and every one of them was holding a violin and playing the piano to look for him to give him pointers. They were just trying to borrow his name to gild themselves. How many people really loved music and national instruments?

This was also why he would rather not have one than make do with it!

Over the years, he had only met one person, Qiao Nian, who really liked ethnic music. She knew konghou and knew what he was persistent about.

Zhui Guang!

Wasn’t it just his lifelong wish to send her overseas and let everyone see their country’s national essence!?

It was not what people who say ABCD and talk about all the silly things.

Their culture was way before the violin and piano they praise!

They were playing with what was left of their ancestors!

It was the same for medicine!

Qiao Nian logged into the alliance software on her laptop with one hand and spoke to him in a very low voice, “…Isn’t there still a week? I’m going into seclusion this week to read more books and search for what kind of competition it is on the Internet. I’ll try to get a good result.”


She had been competing for years or even decades in a week. Nie Mi didn’t think she had much chance of winning.

Thinking of his own matters, his heart felt heavy. He no longer tried to persuade Qiao Nian not to participate. After a moment of silence, he said, “If you want to participate, then go. Other than you, they really can’t find anyone else in the Chinese Medicine Faculty. If you don’t go, Chinese Medicine will be mocked by people on the Internet. If you go, at least no one will say that the Chinese Medicine Faculty don’t even dare to go…”

He didn’t say that it would be no different from not going if she came back with the last place.

However, those ignorant people on the Internet would focus their criticisms on Qiao Nian. They would definitely dig out her exam results and mock her for not studying in the Clinical Department and choosing a lousy major…

Nie Mi suppressed these worries in his heart and adjusted his mood. He asked her, “Has the competition venue been confirmed? Where is it? I’ll cheer you on later.”

“I don’t know. They haven’t told me yet.” Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on the computer screen as she sent a message.

She clicked on it.

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