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Chapter 91: It Might Have Been That Period

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Shen Qingqing hid it behind her and smiled weirdly. She asked, “Qiao-Qiao Nian, why are you back already?”

As her reaction seemed normal, Qiao Nian didn’t care about it. She took a chair, sat down, and then said, “Lao Shen spoke for a while to me before asking me to return.”

“Oh.” Shen Qingqing nodded. However, she didn’t dare to look her in the eyes.

Qiao Nian noticed it but didn’t want to ask her about it. She just pretended that everything was fine and fiddled with her phone.

However, she noticed that Shen Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She even looked at what she was trying to hide with a complicated look on her face. It seemed like she was indecisive over something.

Qiao Nian noticed that she was trying to hide a note.

A note?

She looked down and couldn’t understand why Shen Qingqing would hide a note. She was even so nervous not to let her see it.

Also, it was obvious that the note was found on her seat.

In the following physics lesson, Shen Qingqing wasn’t focused at all. When the teacher asked her to answer the questions, she didn’t even know what the teacher was asking about. Even Liang Bowen noticed that something was wrong and wanted to ask her during the exercising session later.

However, Shen Qingqing left without saying anything.

Qiao Nian noticed that something was wrong. She kept her phone and followed everyone out, surprising Liang Bowen and Chen Yuan.

“Sister Nian, are you joining us for the morning exercise?” Liang Bowen asked, still shocked by what he saw.

Chen Yuan was confused as well. Qiao Nian didn’t like to be near too many people, and she had already gotten approval from Shen Hui not to join the morning exercises. Hence, during the morning exercises, she would be resting or playing with her phone in the classroom. Why would she join them today?

Qiao Nian didn’t mention Shen Qingqing and answered, “I’m just heading down to take a look.”

Liang Bowen scratched his head, still confused. He then commented, “I’ve never seen you go downstairs before. I can never understand you girls. You’re weird.”

Chen Yuan had gotten close to Liang Bowen because of Qiao Nian and Shen Qingqing. He patted him on the shoulder and tried to advise him as though he was older than him. “It may have been that period.”

Liang Bowen was speechless.

Impressive, Bro!

Everyone in the school would be at the field for the morning exercises. A lot of people were there, and it was chaotic.

Qiao Nian followed behind Shen Qingqing and found out she wasn’t going to the field. She was trying to avoid the rest of the class as she headed towards the back of the block.

Shen Qingqing was a typically good student that had good grades and was obedient in school. Hence, she wouldn’t have tried to skip the morning exercise if she didn’t have a good reason.

Qiao Nian hesitated for a while before following her.

As it was during the morning exercises, you could hear the music. There wasn’t anyone at the back of the block. She saw that Shen Qingqing went to the field behind the block and looked around. It seemed like she was looking for someone.

Someone must have asked her to be here but didn’t show up.

Distracted, Qiao Nian heard the sound of something snapping from above. She looked up and saw the waste materials at the top floor of the block falling over the railing.

They were heading towards the clueless Shen Qingqing!

She tensed up and screamed! “Be careful! Get out of the way!”

She then ran towards her.

Shen Qingqing heard her voice and didn’t react in time. She stared at her and exclaimed, “Qiao Nian?”

She then looked up and saw that something was falling towards her.

She was shocked.

It was a close shave, but Qiao Nian managed to push her out of the way. Both of them rolled on the ground to somewhere safe. However, one of the steel rods scrapped her hand, and there was a huge sound—

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