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Chapter 90: Shameless

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Shen Qingqing noticed that Qiao Nian was focused on her phone and not saying a word. She thought that Qiao Nian was affected by Qiao Chen’s news. So, she walked over, patted her, and asked, “Sister Nian, what’s the matter?”

Qiao Nian kept her phone and replied nonchalantly, “Nothing.”

“Oh.” Shen Qingqing didn’t think too much about it and joined the discussion about the professor from Qing University.

The news that a professor from Qing University was coming to First High School to lecture was on First High School’s forum. Not only were the students from First High School discussing it, but even netizens were also talking about it.

Qing University was one of the best universities in the country. Hence, Qiao Chen was the talk of the town during this period.

The Qiao Family was getting fame from it as well. When Shen Qiongzhi and He Yujuan went out for gatherings, they would be the center of the discussion. People would compliment them on their abilities to teach their daughter and that she was able to find such a capable boyfriend.


Even Madam Fu heard about it and asked Fu Ge. However, Fu Ge didn’t answer the question. Even though she was a bit upset that he did this for Qiao Chen, she was still happy that he was so influential in Qing University.

Look at her son, even the professors from Qing University were willing to do him a favor.

Everyone knew that the professors from Qing University weren’t just great at teaching, they were also the best researchers in their domain of research. Hence, they were highly respected in the country and were a part of the inner circle in Beijing.

If Fu Ge could ask his professor to hold an open lecture in Rao City, this meant that he could ask him to get into the upper echelon of society.

Just when everyone was discussing this matter, Qiao Chen wrote a post on Weibo

[Thank you, my love. I’m so glad to have you in my life.]

It was just a few words, but it was a short and sweet sentence. It essentially admitted to everyone that the professor from Qing University was coming to First High School because Fu Ge asked his mentor for her.

Everyone went crazy in the comments—

[I envy their relationship.]

[There are good men on this earth, after all. Just that I’m not worthy of them. (crying face)]

[She’s so pretty and kind. Yet, I don’t even wash my hair for three days already. What kind of torture is this.]

[A person more capable than you managed to find a boyfriend that’s even more capable. Let’s toast to this, we will be single in the future!]

She was already famous for being the prettiest artiste. However, this incident made her even more famous.

Even the official Weibo gave her an official tag in her newest post.

Qiao Chen’s followers on Weibo increased by the minute.

It was as though she was a superstar.

The forum for First High School was all about her and Fu Ge.

Qiao Chen was the talk of the town.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t care about all of it and continued with her day. She continued going to school and to the hospital to visit Uncle Chen after school. When she encountered Qiao Chen in school, she would pretend that she didn’t see her and walked away nonchalantly.

She didn’t pay much attention to Qiao Chen, but she noticed that there was a girl who looked really angry next to Qiao Chen every time. The anger from her felt as though she had murdered the girl’s family. Qiao Nian only noticed this girl.

When she returned to the classroom, she noticed that Shen Qingqing was hiding something that seemed to have been taken from under her desk. She frowned, entered the classroom, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

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