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Chapter 907: Master Wang: You Can Also Stay in the Master Bedroom


Gu San glanced at the middle-aged man and retracted his gaze silently.

The Jiang family only had those two pieces of rat shit, but there was nothing wrong with the others.

Jiang Zongnan had also contributed a lot to Miss Qiao’s school promotion banquet. Overall, Miss Qiao didn’t gift the wrong person.

After leaving Imperial Mansion, Qin Si, Zhang Yang, and the others went back.

Qiao Nian followed Ye Wangchuan to the Rhine Apartment.

She had stayed in that apartment when she came to Qing University for the exam. It wasn’t that Ye Wangchuan did not have other properties in Beijing. Rather, he was afraid that she wouldn’t be used to the new environment. Furthermore, that apartment was close to Qing University’s campus, so he didn’t change places.

She got Gu San to drive to Rhine Apartment.

Along the way, Qiao Nian seemed to have something on her mind. She didn’t stop sending messages on her phone and kept her head lowered as she replied to the messages.

Ye Wangchuan did not disturb her. He only played with her fingers from time to time and pinched them. Qiao Nian was even more agitated. She raised her eyes and looked at him a few times, but he pretended not to notice her.

That calm and composed look was almost annoying to Gu San!

Finally, they arrived at their destination. The sedan drove straight in.

This was not the first time Qiao Nian had come to Ye Wangchuan’s place. When she arrived, she held her shoulder bag and asked, “I’m still in my original room?”

Ye Wangchuan’s apartment was not small. Other than the three necessary rooms, there were two guest rooms, a living room, and a dining room.

The decoration style was modern and luxurious. It was subtle yet stylish.

For example, the couch he casually placed in the living room was black and didn’t look like it had any special designs. However, Qiao Nian recognized it. She had seen a picture of the exact same couch on a luxury website from overseas. Its price tag was enough to buy a small house in the suburbs of Beijing.

The price of the couch was not the main point. The main point was that such a luxurious couch wouldn’t be shipped to China. In other words, if anyone wanted to buy it, they would have to chart a plane to transport it.

She only took a glance at the couch before looking away. After all, this was not her first time here. She had stayed here for a few days previously and was familiar with most of the things that she should be familiar with.

“Up to you.” Ye Wangchuan changed into his slippers and entered. Seeing that the girl was rather lazy, he walked to the fridge and got her a bottle of water. After passing it to her, he lowered his eyes and said, “You can choose any room here. You can stay in whichever you want.”

“Any one of them?” Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows and glanced at him sideways. Her eyes were mischievous as if she had something to say.

She could even stay in his room?

She wanted to say this, but it was just a joke. However, as she spoke, she thought of a certain someone’s personality that was becoming more and more fearless lately and forced herself to hold it in.

To her surprise, although she held it in, that certain someone seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He raised his thin lips and said in a hoarse voice, “The master bedroom is fine, too. My room is just enough for two people.”

Qiao Nian took the water from him and clenched her fists, rendered speechless. She stopped drinking the water and returned it to him. “I’m staying in my original room.”

It was as if she was escaping. “I’ll go put my things there first.”

When Ye Wangchuan saw that the water had returned to his hands, he lowered his head and smiled. He seemed to be in a good mood as he returned and placed the bottle on the table.

Gu San silently watched the entire process of how his Master Wang teased Miss Qiao. He pursed his lips and secretly smacked them.

Sometimes, the adjective “shameless” was quite suitable for this Master Wang.

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