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Chapter 906: How Many People Does Nian Nian Know Exactly?

The words “waiting for her with a cleaned carpet” were used very well.

Typically, only people who valued a person would wait for them with a cleaned carpet.

He said those words casually because he was referring to Qiao Nian’s status in Old Master Ye’s heart and the Ye family’s attitude!

Jiang Zongnan’s eyes trembled as he looked up. He was at a loss. He moved his lips but did not know how to answer.

Why didn’t he think that Old Master Ye and Ye Lan were here today because of Qiao Nian?

He thought that they must have come because of Ye Wangchuan. Since Ye Wangchuan had spoken, the two of them couldn’t reject him and decided to give him face.

Now that he heard Young Master Ye’s attitude, it appeared that Old Master Ye and Ye Lan knew Qiao Nian in private and approved of her very much. Otherwise, Ye Wangchuan would never have used the words “waiting for her with a cleaned carpet”.

But how could Nian Nian know Old Master Ye and Ye Lan in private and have a harmonious relationship with them?

Old Master Ye was not someone who was easy to come into contact with.

And that Ji Nan from before…

Jiang Zongnan’s feelings were extremely complicated, but he couldn’t figure it out.

How many people did Nian Nian know? How many things did he not know?

When Qiao Nian returned after taking the call, she was about to ask if she should stay in the hotel.

Before she said anything, Ye Wangchuan had already put his arm around her shoulder and said in a soothing voice, “Let’s go. I’ve already spoken to your Second Uncle. Stay at my place for the time being.”

“So quick?” Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to finish the negotiation so quickly.

She raised her head and subconsciously looked in Jiang Zongnan’s direction.

The corners of Jiang Zongnan’s lips were tight, and no one could see his emotions. When he saw her looking over, he moved his mouth again. Under the man’s indifferent gaze, he said awkwardly, “Yes, we chatted.”

Qiao Nian didn’t think too much about it. She looked away and nodded. Then, she walked over and gave Jiang Zongnan a small bottle. The small bottle also had the same small pills. It wasn’t as filled as the glass bottle she had given Old Master Jiang, but it had five or six pills.

Her expression looked very normal. After she handed it to Jiang Zongnan, she said, “This is for Second Uncle. At your age, you can just eat one pill every month or two.”

Jiang Zongnan held the small bottle she had given him and was at a loss for words.

Tang Wanru’s eyes twitched when she saw that she not only gave the old man some of that snack but also brought a bottle for her husband. However, because Qin Si and the others were all here and had slapped her face just now, she didn’t dare to speak up. In her heart, however, she was very disapproving and couldn’t hide her disdain.

What the heck!

After giving it to him, Qiao Nian pulled the brim of her cap down. She didn’t care if he took them or not. She only said, “It strengthens your body.”

Qin Si had seen these small pills twice. He looked around but couldn’t see what it was.

Even he couldn’t tell, let alone Zhang Yang and the others.

It was just as Qiao Nian had said. She bought a local specialty ‘health product’ from Rao City.

Only Ye Wangchuan and Gu San knew about that thing.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t react much.

Seeing that Qiao Nian had returned after answering a call and had given the Jiang family a bottle of small pills, the muscles on Gu San’s face twitched. He stared at the two bottles of medicine in Jiang Zongnan’s hands and his eyes burned.

Two bottles!

There were about 20 pills in one bottle.

And another five or six in the other!

Now, there was no medicine available on the black market. The last time, the First Miss had used her connections and an eight-figure sum to obtain just one pill. How much did the two bottles that Miss Qiao casually gave away cost?

Money was a small matter.

However, given how Tang Wanru kept saying that she wanted to book a commercial business hotel for Miss Qiao, the Jiang family did not seem worthy of this treatment.

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