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Chapter 9: He’s Just a Teacher, What’s There to Be Regretful About

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The most powerful families in the inner circle would be the Jiang and Tang families. The Shen and Fu families were slightly less powerful compared to them.

The Jiang family was especially powerful.

They were well connected in the capital city. Old Master Jiang was a powerful figure in Rao City when he was younger.

But his health deteriorated when he aged. He moved to the capital to rest ten years ago and seldom came back.

Hence, even though everyone had heard of him, no one had really seen him in person.

Old Master Jiang saw them and replied loudly, “I’m back to see my granddaughter.”

“Granddaughter?” Tang Wei asked as she turned towards Qiao Nian, who was pushing Old Master Jiang’s wheelchair.

She was pretty.

“She’s so beautiful!” Tang Wei wasn’t exaggerating. The Jiang family was well-known for their good looks. But this lady was… exceptionally good looking!

Old Master Jiang chuckled. “Haha, appearance is not everything.”

Even though he appeared humble, everyone could tell how proud he was. He introduced Qiao Nian. “Nian Nian, this is Grandma Tang.”

Qiao Nian greeted obediently. “Grandma Tang.”

Tang Wei immediately removed her bracelet and gave it to her. She then said apologetically, “What a good girl. I didn’t know that you would be here today. If I knew, I would have prepared a present for you. I have worn this bracelet for a number of years, and it was blessed by a master a few years ago. I hope you like it.”

Qiao Nian couldn’t reject the gift and accepted it begrudgingly.

After Tang Wei had given the gift, she started to chat with the old master.

Everyone in the Qiao family was shocked.

Especially He Yujuan and Qiao Weimin. He stood in his tracks and didn’t know whether he should join in the conversation.

Qiao Chen’s face turned pale.

She mumbled to herself unbelievably, “Weren’t older sister’s biological parents from Luohe County? Why does Grandma Tang know them?”

Furthermore, from the looks of it, Tang Wei not only knew him, but she was also even trying to get close to him!

How could Qiao Nian know someone like that?


After chatting for a while with Old Master Jiang, Tang Wei asked about Qiao Nian. “Is Nian Nian in high school now?”

“She’s in her third year,” Old Master Jiang replied smilingly.

Tang Wei took a look at her and asked, “Where is she studying?”

Old Master Jiang answered casually, “She should be attending Rao City High School. She took a gap year previously and has to enroll in a new school. She seemed interested in that school, so I’ve let her enroll in it.”

Qiao Chen almost lost her balance when she heard that Qiao Nian was going to enroll in Rao City High School.

Rao City High School?

Qiao Nian was going to enroll in Rao City High School?!

The family had to put in so much effort for her to be granted a place in that school. But Qiao Nian could get in effortlessly. This contrast shocked her even more.

She didn’t pay attention to what Tang Wei said after that.

It was only after Qiao Nian left with Old Master Jiang that she regained her composure. She then heard her grandma asking Grandma Tang and Aunty Tang.

“Who was that Old Master just now?”

Tang Wei wasn’t aware of their relationship with Qiao Nian and replied casually, “Oh, are you asking about Old Master Jiang? Just an old friend.”

He Yujuan was puzzled. “What old friend? This is the first time I heard you speak about him.”

“He isn’t really high profile.” Even though Tang Wei was close to He Yujuan, the Qiao family wasn’t a part of the upper echelon of Rao City. Furthermore, with Old Master Jiang’s connections, she couldn’t let them know about his identity. She then answered smilingly, “Old Master Jiang is technically my teacher.”

She loved traditional paintings, and Old Master Jiang was a grandmaster at it. She had asked him for help a few times in the past.

Hence, he was technically her teacher.

“Oh.” He Yujuan understood.

Qiao Nian’s family was from Luohe County. He must have been a famous teacher.

She was aware that her good friend was a huge fan of traditional painting. Considering his age, he must have been quite good at it.

It should be like those hidden masters in the rural places like in the television dramas. It was a pity that he wasn’t someone famous.

“I’ve heard that he lost his granddaughter a while back and couldn’t find her. I can’t believe that he managed to find her in the end!

“He must be doting on her after losing her for so long.

“That girl is so lucky. I heard that he found information about her through the internet. She posted that she was mistreated in the family that adopted her… The family must be regretting it now.”


The Qiao Family couldn’t speak a word!

Qiao Weimin was embarrassed as he initially thought that Qiao Nian came to ask him for money. He didn’t dare to speak a word.

He Yujuan looked at Qiao Nian coldly and said, “He’s just a teacher. What’s there to be regretful about?”


Teacher? Did she misunderstand something?

Tang Wei didn’t correct her as Qiao Nian was long gone.

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