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Chapter 10: Wangchuan, Do You Have the Time?

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Outside Waterside Loft.

The Jiang’s family car had arrived.

Qiao Nian’s cell phone was vibrating as she walked out of the building. She took a look at it and then stopped in her tracks.

“Nian Nian, what’s wrong?” Old Master Jiang took note of her every move and asked in concern the moment she stopped.

“Did you forget something?”


The thing she wanted wasn’t here. It was somewhere else.

Qiao Nian put her cell phone back in her pocket and then looked up at him. “Grandpa, I’d like to head somewhere later.”

Old Master Jiang had just reunited with her and couldn’t wait to give her all that she wanted. He didn’t even need to consider her request. “Where are you heading? I’ll get your brother to send you there.”

Jiang Xian seemed slightly displeased. “Grandpa, I have a news conference later, and Second Brother already agreed to send me there.”


Jiang Xian was known to be a beauty with brains and so was rather popular in the entertainment industry. She had already acted in several drama series before she even graduated.

She was rather known even in the capital.

“Can the chauffeur send you instead?” Old Master Jiang wasn’t supportive of her joining the entertainment industry. He felt that given how well the Jiang family was doing, Jiang Xian didn’t have to be in the public eye. But since Jiang Zongnan and Tang Wanru were agreeable, he didn’t want to be an annoying grandfather standing in the way of his granddaughter.

Jiang Xian pouted and wrapped her arm around his. “But Second Brother and I already have a previous deal.”

She deliberately glanced at Qiao Nian and said, “Let the chauffeur send Nian Nian there instead.”

Qiao Nian obviously knew what she was trying to do and could sense the enmity as well. She casually said, “No need for that trouble. I’ll just take a cab there myself.”

“How could that do!” Old Master Jiang wouldn’t agree to it!

He furrowed his brows and then turned to the classy man. “Wangchuan, do you have time to send Nian Nian there for me?”

Jiang Xian bit her lip.

She insisted on Jiang Li sending her, but that wasn’t because she really wanted his company! She intended to spend more time with Ye Wangchuan! If Ye Wangchuan drove Qiao Nian instead, then there was no point in her request.


She tried to maintain her expression as she said, “Grandpa, Brother Wangchuan is so busy, how could he possibly have the time? Let Second Brother send her instead, I’ll take a cab.”

“Didn’t you say that you had a deal with your Second Brother?” Old Master Jiang then turned towards the young man and asked, “Wangchuan, do you have the time?”

He meant that it was alright if he didn’t.

Ye Wangchuan glanced at the girl beside him replying to a message on her cell phone. He then took the keys from Jiang Li and said politely to Old Master Jiang, “I’m free, I’ll send her.”


Jiang Xian’s expression turned a little awful.


She tried to force a smile while suggesting, “Brother Wangchuan, you’ve just returned from another city. You must be exhausted. Let Second Brother do it instead.”

Tang Wanru knew what her daughter was thinking. Ye Wangchuan was such a good catch; anyone would want him as a son-in-law.


She finally said something, “That’s right, Wangchuan, let Jiang Li drive her instead.”

Jiang Li didn’t catch the subtext. He patted Ye Wangchuan on the shoulder and whispered, “You haven’t slept well in three days, you should get some rest. I’ll drive Nian Nian.”

“No need for that. She’s with me, I’ll send her.”

Jiang Li was speechless.

Ye Wangchuan got the keys and went straight to Qiao Nian. He sounded rather gentle as he asked, “Where are you heading?”

Qiao Nian hated causing trouble for people, especially when it required her to interact with them!

She noticed Jiang Xian’s and Tang Wanru’s anger.

She quickly looked away and then turned towards Ye Wangchuan.

Her head started to hurt again.

Jiang Li’s friend was… such a hassle!

She put her cell phone back in her pocket and tried her best not to make eye contact with the Jiang family members. “Jiangnan View Road.”

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