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Chapter 875 She’s Just From a Small City

He had called at least a dozen times, and only two or three people had agreed to come for dinner. The others had found all sorts of reasons to decline.

It was obvious how difficult it was.

Beijing had always been a place where people were judged for their backgrounds.

Nian Nian had always stayed in Rao City and rarely came to Beijing. She also kept a low profile when she came to Beijing, and almost no one knew of her existence.

This time, the Jiang family suddenly wanted to hold a school banquet for their niece whom they had finally found in Rao City. When they heard that this girl was a relative from a small city, they all made up reasons to reject him before he could continue.

He was in his forties and was a famous figure in Beijing. Since others had rejected him politely, he couldn’t shamelessly beg them to come for a meal.

After a series of phone calls, other than two or three small family clans that were sucking up to the Jiang family, no one from even a slightly better family clan was coming.

He could only place his hopes on his father.

“Dad, how many people are there on your


Old Master Jiang didn’t look too good. He looked exhausted and his eyelids were dark. “…Wen Ruxia from the Wen Family is coming, and so is Nie Mi. In addition, Principal Liang and Elder Huang will be coming. No one else is free.”

Seeing that they were all from the academic world, his situation was not much better than Jiang Zongnan’s.

Among the top families in Beijing, apart from Wen Ruxia, no one else wanted to come after being contacted.

This situation was beyond their expectations but also reasonable.

No matter what, their Old Master Jiang had already retired for a few years. The Jiang family’s status in Beijing was deteriorating by the day. If not for the fact that Xianrou had connections with Ye Wangchuan and the others, the Jiang family would probably be even less confident.

Old Master Jiang wanted to hold a huge banquet for Qiao Nian this time. It was best to invite more famous people. This way, he could introduce Qiao Nian to the circle.

The reality was like a slap to their faces, catching them off guard.

She was from Rao City and just a high school student.

She wasn’t famous in the past. Even if she did well in the college entrance examination this time, she wouldn’t be recognized by the upper class in Beijing, where family background was important…

Jiang Zongnan’s heart was heavy. He didn’t dare to look at the Old Master’s expression. He paused for a moment, frowned, and said with difficulty, “I’ll try to contact them again. I’ll see who else I can’t contact.”

“Mm.” Old Master Jiang looked dispirited. He raised his eyelids and said in a low voice, “The Imperial Mansion… give them a call and change the venue booking to a small hall.”

Jiang Zongnan was silent for a moment before sighing and going out to make a call.

No one was willing to come. They couldn’t use a knife to hold someone else’s neck and force them to come, but this situation was really helpless…

At the Qin Residence.

Qin Si had just returned from outside. He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. He unscrewed the cap and took a sip.

He frowned when he saw a red invitation casually thrown on the table. He asked the servant frivolously, “What’s that?”

“Young Master Si.” The servant was originally making tea for him, but when she heard his question, she stopped what she was doing and looked in the direction he was talking about. She revealed an enlightened expression. “Ah, that. Someone from the Jiang family just sent an invitation over. They want to invite you to eat at the Imperial Mansion next Wednesday.”

The servants knew that he had always been annoyed by having to attend the banquets in Beijing, and he rarely cared about the ways of the world.

However, Jiang Xianrou had a good relationship with their Young Master. When the Jiang family sent an invitation over, he politely accepted it.

She didn’t want to tell Qin Si, but she didn’t expect him to see the invitation himself.

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