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Chapter 901: Don’t We Have a National Top Scorer?

Therefore, when this was mentioned, she turned to smile. “You don’t have to feel too pressured. No one from the Chinese Medicine Faculty will probably participate this year. Just perform at your usual level. I believe you can get first place, but it doesn’t matter even if you don’t. When the time comes, the focus of their mockery will definitely be on the Chinese Medicine Faculty! No one from their faculty participates every year, so you can’t blame others for mocking them every year.”

Jiang Xianrou hummed in agreement as her eyes narrowed. She finally felt a little better after feeling uncomfortable for the entire afternoon. She secretly made up her mind.


She had to get it this time!

Let those people see!

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty, Shen Yugui was having a headache about this.

On his desk was an application form identical to the one Liang Lu had given Jiang Xianrou. It had been placed there for half a day, but he couldn’t find a name to fill in.

“…Our department isn’t going this year?” a Chinese Medicine teacher asked with a bitter expression.

Shen Yugui was sloppy and slovenly. The beard on his chin was messy. He didn’t shave, but he looked pretty good. However, he had a bitter expression on his face and was extremely helpless.

“Then who else? Find a random student and get the last place?”

Shen Yugui held his head with his hands, his head almost exploding. “It doesn’t matter if we get the last place, but the Clinical Department next door is waiting to see us make a fool of ourselves. They will definitely send Jiang Xianrou or Luo Qi to participate this year. No matter what, they can get into the top three. They’re in the top three, but we’re in the last. If word gets out, our Chinese Medicine Faculty’s reputation will only worsen!”

“But this is the third year. If we don’t go this year, will our reputation be good?”

All the major universities would send people over, and Nanjing University would also have a slot.

Even the other schools that were not in Beijing had one or two places as long as they had a medical major. Their Qing University was, after all, ranked first in the national school ranking. If not a single person from the Chinese Medicine Faculty could be found, wouldn’t it be a joke?


How could Shen Yugui not have thought about what she said?

However, it was difficult to say that it was easy.

Their Chinese Medicine Faculty only took in two or three students every year. They were all unwilling to learn and were only there to get a diploma.

Under such circumstances, how could they choose a person to represent the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department to participate?

“That’s right!” The female teacher suddenly thought of something and clapped. Her eyes lit up as she stood up excitedly. “Have you forgotten? Our department is different this year. Don’t we have a national top scorer?”

Shen Yugui took a few seconds to recover. He frowned. “You’re talking about… Qiao Nian?”

Cheng Feng Corporation had funded his medical research project like a ghost this year. He had been busy producing results recently and had not paid much attention to the outside world.

However, he had heard someone mention that Qiao Nian got first in the college entrance examination.

Their Traditional Chinese Medicine faculty had been despised by others every year, but this year, they had a genius who got full marks in both materials science and medicine. He naturally felt proud.

“But…” Shen Yugui’s eyes lit up for a moment, but the light in his eyes immediately dimmed again. “You’re right, but Qiao Nian has just finished her college entrance examination. School hasn’t started yet, and she isn’t an official Chinese Medicine student. This doesn’t conform to the rules, right?”

Furthermore, no matter how good Qiao Nian’s results were, she had never learned medicine systematically. This medical competition tested her medical knowledge.

He might not be able to obtain good results for many medical points, which were difficult and varied, let alone a person who had never learned medicine systematically.

How could Qiao Nian go?

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