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Chapter 87: Blocked Immediately

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Qiao Chen looked a bit weird as she smiled awkwardly. She then softly said, “Sister must have forgotten her phone somewhere.”

However, she knew that it wasn’t the case. Qiao Nian didn’t want to pick up her calls intentionally. She usually rejected all her calls.

Qiao Chen clenched her fists. She didn’t want Chen Xi to be disappointed and said, “Don’t worry, Teacher Chen. I’ll send her a text message. She’ll definitely reply to me if she sees it.”

Zhao Jingwei complained. “She’s such a hassle.”

Qiao Chen calmed herself down as she sent Qiao Nian a message.

After a while, Qiao Nian received Qiao Chen’s messages.

Qiao Chen: [Sister, Teacher Chen is my form teacher. She’s one of the best teachers in the school. Could you ask your form teacher to let her off so she doesn’t have to apologize to you?]

Qiao Chen: [Teacher Chen couldn’t bring herself to go to school today. She couldn’t bring herself to ask too. Only you could do it and solve this situation. She didn’t look down on you on purpose, she misunderstood because your grades were horrible in the past.]

Qiao Chen: [You’ve won already, there’s no need for you to push things so far. She’s a teacher and you’re a student. It’s not right for her to apologize to you. You’ll still have to study there in the future, and she hasn’t done anything wrong to you. Just tell the school that you don’t need her apology.]

Qiao Nian propped her leg up as she read Qiao Chen’s message. She smiled as she read those messages.

If Class B won, would Qiao Chen do the same for her?

It was obvious.

Qiao Nian had a cold look in her eyes as she replied to Qiao Chen. After that, she blocked Qiao Chen and threw her phone aside. She then turned her focus to her own matters.

Qiao Chen received her reply.

When her phone rang, she thought that she was successful and smiled. She then confidently opened the message.

However, when she saw Qiao Nian’s reply, her face turned pale and then red!

“Hehe, has Qiao Nian replied?” Zhao Jingwei saw the message as she was sitting next to her.

Qiao Chen was so angry that she was shaking. She couldn’t hide her phone in time, and Zhao Jingwei saw everything.

However, Zhao Jingwei wasn’t tactful and read Qiao Nian’s message out loud.

“Has the Monastery in Paris burnt down and you don’t have a place to return to?”

Zhao Jingwei didn’t know what it meant. She scratched her head and asked, “What does that mean?”

Qiao Chen’s face was red. She wanted to die. She didn’t respond to Zhao Jingwei. She got up and said to Chen Xi, “Teacher Chen, I’ll call her for you again.”

She called immediately. However, only a female voice was heard. “Sorry, the user you called has refused to pick up.”

Qiao Chen immediately understood what it meant. She clenched her fists so hard that they almost bled.

Qiao Nian blocked her.

Zhao Jingwei saw the look on her face. She immediately felt angry and sympathetic over it and exclaimed, “She has gone too far.”


Did she really think that she could do anything she wanted in First High School!

The same thing happened last time. She must teach her a lesson!

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