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Chapter 88: Are You Bullied in School

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After Qiao Nian was done replying to the Red Alliance, she went down to get some water as she was thirsty.

When she went down, she saw that Ye Wangchuan was on a call with someone. His voice was lowered. “They doubled their offer? They’re rich. Don’t reply to them and keep them hanging… Wait for them to increase their offer again…

“Since when did I agree to their offer? Just leave them hanging. I’ll decide if I feel like it.”

He saw that she was heading down and then continued, “That’s it. Handle the rest yourself.”

When Qiao Nian came down, he hung up the phone. He saw the cup that Qiao Nian was holding. He put his phone aside and said, “There’s milk in the fridge, let me heat it for you.”

Qiao Nian didn’t want milk, but he had gone to the kitchen already. She could only wait for him to get the milk.

As she waited, she thought about who he was calling.

As she thought about it, he returned with the warm milk. As he towered over her, Qiao Nian realized how tall he was. Her head was at the same height as his chest. As they were so close, Qiao Nian could almost hear his heartbeat.

His heartbeat was strong and loud!

Qiao Nian could feel her face warming up as she became shy. She wanted to move away from him. However, before she moved, a hand grabbed onto her waist.

“Don’t move, there’s a chair behind you,” he said with his raspy voice. As they were so close together, it was as though he was speaking next to her ears.

Qiao Nian felt even shyer as she tensed up. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and it gave her a weird sensation.

Ye Wangchuan was holding onto her to prevent her from falling. He then moved his hand away and passed her the warm milk.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

Qiao Nian nodded and started to sip on the milk.

She wasn’t sure of the reason, but she felt really awkward. This was something that she had never encountered before. The atmosphere was weird and she wanted to leave, but she couldn’t bring herself to.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her as she sipped on the milk. As he saw her silently sipping the milk with her almond-shaped face, he felt that she had a girl-next-door look.

However, he witnessed another side of her just a few days ago at the hospital, so he knew that Qiao Nian wasn’t as obedient as she looked.

However, when he saw how shy she was, he was amused and smiled. He then tried to start a conversation. “How’s school?”

Qiao Nian loosened up a bit after having a topic to chat about. She replied nonchalantly, “It’s alright.”

Other than the fact that she had to listen to non-stop lectures by the teachers, everything was fine for her.

She wanted more freedom, though.

Ye Wangchuan took a long look at her and suddenly asked, “Are you bullied in school?”

“Define bullying,” Qiao Nian asked.

Was beating her considered bullying?

Then, she wasn’t bullied at all.

The worst thing she faced was the rude messages from Qiao Chen just now, but she blocked her already.

Ye Wangchuan thought about what he found out after calling First High School just now. He saw the indifferent look in her eyes and knew that she wasn’t affected by them. He smiled and said, “It’s nothing.”

They then chatted for a while. He asked her to rest some more after noticing that she looked tired.

When she left, he made another call.

“Jiang Li…”

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