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Chapter 858 Qiao Chen’s Reputation Is Ruined This Time

Wei Ling didn’t understand what she meant. “Qiao Chen.”

The Madam of the Education Bureau’s expression became interesting. She looked at Qiao Chen and then at Wei Ling, who seemed to know nothing. She curled her lips and said meaningfully, “I thought I was wrong. Since the names are the same, I didn’t make a mistake.”

Her words caused Wei Ling’s heart to skip a beat. She subconsciously became uneasy. She pursed her lips and put down the coffee cup. “What’s wrong? What do you mean you didn’t make a mistake?”

Just now, Wei Ling and her friend had been boasting about Qiao Chen for a long time. The Madam of the Education Bureau was already extremely impatient. Now that there was a show to watch, she wasn’t stingy with sharing. She placed her phone on the table, raised her chin slightly, and said, “Look at it yourselves, I feel bad to even say it.”


“I’ll take a look, too.”

Hearing her say this, the others at the table were extremely curious and leaned over to take a look.

As soon as they saw what it was about, their faces lit up. They all shut up and sat back in their seats.

Wei Ling was the last to see it. She took it and looked down at it. With just one glance, she jumped up from her seat and placed her hand on the table. She panted, and her eyes almost popped out. She didn’t come back to her senses for a long time.

The Madam deliberately added, “I just saw the news on the Internet. I thought I was seeing things. Since your niece’s name is Qiao Chen and she’s Mr. Steven’s new student, there’s no mistake. The person who’s tagged is her, right?”

Qiao Chen was sitting beside Wei Ling. Whatever Wei Ling saw on the cell phone, she naturally could see as well. Her face turned pale and her mind was in a mess. She couldn’t react at all.

Zhui Guang… Why would Zhui Guang publicly tag her account on Weibo?

Zhui Guang had never cared about these things!

Back then, Jiang Xianrou had used her things and she had never stood up against her. Why did she publicly mention Qiao Chen with her account name this time??

Qiao Chen’s heart was in a mess. She clenched her fists as all the blood in her body rushed to the tips of her fingers. Her fingers trembled non-stop. She tried her best to calm herself, but she could not.

“It seems like Mr. Steven really likes her. Otherwise, why would he take a photo of her new song and upload it on an official account? I think he also has the intention of flattering her… Unfortunately, he caused something terrible out of kindness… President Wei, don’t you think so?”

These words were as piercing as they could be!

Her face was in so much pain now, as if she had been slapped.

breath. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness and anger. She gritted her teeth and said, “There must be a misunderstanding.”

She spoke resolutely as if it was true, but no one at the table spoke. Clearly, they did not believe her.

They had already come looking for her, so how could she just brush it off as a misunderstanding?

Wei Ling had never been so embarrassed before, especially in her own small circle. She came from a good family and married well. She had always been the one with the most say. Now, her face was burning with anger. She had lost all her face. She instinctively turned her head to Qiao Chen and looked at her forcefully. “Chen Chen, what’s going on?”.

“I…” Qiao Chen avoided her eyes. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to look her in the eye. She stuttered as she stood up, picked up her bag, and said to Wei Ling and the others as if she was escaping, “Sorry, I’m going to the washroom…” As she spoke, she didn’t give Wei Ling any chance to call her back. She staggered away without looking back!

That back view made it clear that she was escaping

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