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Chapter 857 What’s Your Niece’s Name?

Fu Ge’s face was livid. He swayed for a moment and barely stabilized himself. Even standing in the sun, he felt his entire body turn cold, especially when he heard Wen Ziyu’s conversation with someone on the basketball court. He felt like cold water was pouring down on him.

Fu Ge’s fingers tightened slightly. Unwilling to give up, he pursed his lips and went to other trending topics…

Wen Ziyu even said that Qiao Chen bought fake reviewers online. Since he said that, there must be evidence online…

In a corner of a Beijing clubhouse.

The college entrance examination results were released today and Qiao Nian ‘screwed up’ in the exams. She was in a good mood and brought Qiao Chen out to meet her friends.

She was from the Wei family, and she had successfully married Shen Jingyan, who was of equal status. Naturally, her friends were also people of the same level.

She had a reputation in Beijing. At the very least, she was the type of person that Qiao Chen could not come into contact with yet.

Therefore, throughout the entire afternoon tea, Qiao Chen acted very sensibly and obediently. She sat gently beside Wei Ling, and she only spoke when Wei Ling or others asked her questions. She never interrupted them.

She was so ‘sensible’ that Wei Ling’s friends felt that she was not bad after interacting with her.

After all, today was the day of the college entrance examination results release. The few women chatted about the college entrance examination.

One of the people who was close to Wei Ling knew Qiao Chen’s results. She picked up her coffee cup and hid the faint smile on her lips. She took the initiative to raise the subject. “Speaking of which, it seems that the college entrance examination results are out. My brother’s son participated in this year’s college entrance examination, but his results were not good. We found that he scored less than 500 points. He’s a humanities student at that. He doesn’t even have enough undergraduate credits. He can only be sent overseas later.”

She directed the topic to the obedient girl beside Wei Ling. “Wei Ling, you’re lucky. Your husband’s niece is good enough. She got into Qing University in the joint examination and didn’t even need to sit for the college entrance examination.”

Qiao Chen looked up when she heard this and smiled gently. She didn’t speak and looked quite polite and sensible. However, the corners of her eyes subconsciously revealed the arrogance of a young lady.

The others had also heard that Wei Ling’s niece from Rao City was here. She was beautiful, had good grades, and did very well for the family.

When they heard someone say that she would be admitted to Qing University, they couldn’t help but look at Qiao Chen in surprise.

“I heard that Chen Chen was even accepted by Mr. Steven some time ago and became his disciple to learn piano?”

When this was mentioned, the corners of Wei Ling’s lips couldn’t help but curl up. She had the same reaction as Qiao Chen. She was arrogant but pretended not to care. She said calmly, “That’s true.”

Steven was quite famous in Beijing. Other than Nie Mi, he was the teacher that the upper-class ladies wanted their children to go to.

However, Steven had been living abroad for many years and was an overseas person. Although he wasn’t as picky as Nie Mi in choosing students, he still had his standards.

Their piano skills had to be good, at least.

Since Qiao Chen was able to become Mr. Steven’s disciple, it meant that her piano skills were at least professional grade eight!


Wei Ling clearly wanted to show off, but the others might not be willing to cooperate with her. Hearing this, they picked up the coffee cups in front of them and lowered their eyes as if they did not hear her. They drank coffee and played with their phones, but no one spoke. She did have some ability to become Mr. Steven’s disciple, but she wasn’t Master Nie’s disciple. Was she worth Wei Ling being so arrogant for?

No one at the table spoke, and the atmosphere was a little awkward. Qiao Chen tightened her fingers and was about to tell Wei Ling that she was going to the washroom.

Suddenly, the Madam of the Education Bureau, who was sitting in the corner and playing with her phone, said in surprise, “President Wei, what did you say your niece’s name was


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