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Chapter 82: She Understood Everything

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He walked over and patted Qiao Nian on the shoulder.

Then, Qiao Nian sat down and smiled.

Liang Bowen exclaimed, “Since Qiao Nian is here, I will treat everyone to ice cream for our victory this time. Let’s head to the convenience store. Pick anyone you want!”

Everyone from Class A cheered and followed after him.

Shen Qingqing wanted to go along as well. However, she noticed that Qiao Nian didn’t move and was puzzled. She asked, “Nian Nian, are you not going?”

Qiao Nian answered nonchalantly as she fished out her phone from the bag, “I don’t feel like it.”

Shen Qingqing thought for a while and felt that Qiao Nian wasn’t going because she was lazy. She then suggested smilingly, “I can bring one for you instead. What flavor do you want?”

Even though she didn’t like ice cream, Qiao Nian couldn’t bear to reject her. She then answered reluctantly, “Orange, then.”

Shen Qingqing made a note in her mind and answered, “Alright, wait for a while please.”

At the convenience store in First High School.

Qiao Chen remembered that she forgot her pen and headed back to get one. At this moment, she saw the students from Class A heading to the store.

She frowned and asked, “What are they doing?”

Zhao Jingwei came along with her. However, there was something on her mind and she looked really unhappy. She frowned more when she saw the students from Class A heading into the convenience store cheerfully. She then said in envy, “Hmph, they’re obviously boasting!”

They were so disgraceful, as though they had never won before!

A bunch of hooligans!

Qiao Chen came at almost the same time as Qiao Nian because she had something on in the morning. Furthermore, the students from Class B didn’t want to talk about their defeat. Hence, Qiao Chen didn’t know that the results were out. She looked at Zhao Jingwei puzzledly and asked, “Boasting? What are they boasting about?”

“The results from the recent exam are out. They performed better than us and are boasting about it,” Zhao Jingwei said with jealousy. “Hmph! Why are they cheering, anyway? Qiao Nian might have cheated. She was just from a normal high school that transferred in. How could she have gotten the top spot? Something must be wrong!”

Qiao Chen froze and almost dropped the thing in her hands. She exclaimed, “What did you say? Qiao Nian… got the top spot?”

“That’s right.”

She got even angrier when she talked about it.

Everyone thought that Chen Yuan and Qiao Nian would have dragged Class A’s scores down. However, they performed really well in the exams.

Zhao Jingwei saw that Qiao Chen was pale and thought she wasn’t feeling well. She remembered their relationship and tried to console her. “Don’t compare yourself to her, she just got lucky this time. She’s nothing compared to you. She’s from Luohe County, her good results won’t change it. Meanwhile, your parents are business owners and your boyfriend is from a powerful company. She can never compare to you. Stop cheapening yourself by comparing to her!”

Qiao Chen didn’t feel great after hearing that Qiao Nian performed well in the exams. However, after hearing what Zhao Jingwei said, she understood everything.

Why should she compare herself with Qiao Nian, anyway? They didn’t belong in the same world!

She was going to Beijing to grow in her career in the future. She was going to marry Fu Ge and be a part of the upper echelon of society.

And everyone could tell Qiao Nian’s future already. They were destined to have different lives.

“Furthermore, you didn’t get to do the exams because of Ren Yi. If you had taken the exams, you might have beaten her.”

That was pushing things too far.

Qiao Chen was only 50th place in the school. Qiao Nian was the top scorer this time.

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