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Chapter 83: Sister Nian’s Second Expose

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Qiao Chen held onto her hand as she smiled. She then pretended that it didn’t matter and said softly, “Jingwei, don’t be like that. I’m happy that her results were great. Come on, let’s go back.”

Zhao Jingwei asked, “You’re no longer getting the pen?”

Qiao Chen looked at the students from Class A crowding up the convenience store with a hint of contempt. She then said, “It’s alright, I’ll use yours for now.”

“Alright, then.”

At the classroom.

Qiao Nian was leaning on her chair with a cold look in her eyes. She opened a hidden software on her cell phone—just a simple red square with an “S” on it that wasn’t obvious.

However, everyone knew what the “S” meant. It was the Red Alliance. An alliance filled with hackers, sellers, and miners.


The Red Alliance was involved in every business. However, it accepted jobs dependent on their mood.

As they worked for both sides of the law, everyone knew about the Red Alliance.

Qiao Nian opened the software and a pop-up chat came up.

She entered her password.

A notification appeared: [Sun is online.]

The group went silent for a while before everyone spoke.

[Play with me Miss Concubine: Damn, my eyes are going bad, right? Boss is online?]

[Slim Waist Control: It’s such a rare occasion.]

[Guan Yan: We must have been hacked. Go check it out, Slim Waist.]

[Slim Waist Control: …]

[Slim Waist Control: How many times must I say, I’m “Slim Waist Control.” Not Slim Waist!]

[Guan Yan: Whatever, just check if the software is hacked. Boss’s account is definitely hacked.]

[Slim Waist Control: Screw you!]

Qiao Nian smiled as she read their argument. She then typed something.

[sun: It’s me.]

[Play with me Miss Concubine: Boss, is that really you? Hell must have frozen over. Why are you online?]

[sun: Help me look for this.]

Qiao Nian then uploaded a photo.

[Slim Waist Control: Is this a restricted item? It would be hard as all the countries are very careful about it. Why are you looking for this?]

Qiao Nian looked down at her phone.

She typed quickly.

[sun: I need it. Help me check where I can find it locally. I don’t care about the price, I need it as soon as possible.]

[Slim Waist Control: Alright, I’m on it. It’s not about the money, this is really hard to get. I’ll ask around and get back to you.]

[sun: Ok.]

After Qiao Nian replied, she didn’t join the conversation and closed the software.

Then, something weird happened. The red software disappeared from her homepage when she exited it. It was as though it never existed.

When she kept her phone back into her bag, Shen Qingqing came back with the ice-cream.

Qiao Nian took out a piece of gum and chewed on it slowly.

She leaned against her chair as she thought about what happened yesterday. She looked like a gangster as she did so.

Uncle Chen’s spine problem could not be delayed any longer. She remembered that the person on the eighth floor yesterday was also having trouble walking with his left leg. She would be helping him too when she got the items. If it was effective for him, she would try to heal both of them together.

At the same time.

Ye Wangchuan returned to the hospital with Ye Qichen with breakfast. However, when they entered the room, Qiao Nian and her items were missing. She even folded the quilt neatly before she left.

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