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Chapter 813 Why She Was Kicked Out of the Ninth Branch

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“Xiao Wei, come and sit down.” Mother Zhou quickly pulled out a chair and made her sit down.

She scooped another bowl of chicken soup and brought it to her. She said softly, “You haven’t eaten breakfast. Have some soup before you eat.”

“Okay.” Zhou Wei was calm. She picked up a spoon and slowly took a sip before stirring the bowl with the spoon. She seemed to have something on her mind. She was so

distracted while drinking the soup that she would look at her phone from time to time as if she was waiting for a message.

The others didn’t notice her small movements, but Zhou Hengfeng did.

He subconsciously looked at her a few more times and was about to ask something when his phone suddenly rang.

Who was looking for him at a time like this?!

Frowning, he originally did not plan to reply, but then he saw the red S logo of the person who had sent him the message.

The symbol of the Red Alliance!

His expression froze as he stood up with a grave expression. He picked up his phone and walked to the side to read the message.

The Zhou family at the dining table didn’t notice his sudden departure. Old Master Zhou threw down his chopsticks and leaned back. He looked at Zhou Wei with a stern

face and said, “You’re back for almost a week. You still haven’t told us why the Ninth Branch fired you. What have you done?”

Zhou Wei’s face suddenly turned an inch white. She put down her spoon and looked up. She quickly glanced at him and lowered her head silently.

“Dad…” Father Zhou couldn’t bear to see her sad and dispirited. He said to Old Master Zhou protectively, “Xiao Wei just came back. It’s fine if she doesn’t want to tell us.

Don’t force her.”

Old Master Zhou scolded him coldly. “Shut up!”

Father Zhou hesitated and did not dare to speak.

“If I don’t ask her clearly, how can we help her?”

After saying this solemnly, Old Master Zhou turned his head and asked ruthlessly, “Zhou Wei, tell me yourself. What’s going on?!”

“I…” Zhou Wei couldn’t help but clench her fists beneath the table. She gritted her teeth in humiliation and could not say anything.

The Zhou family was waiting for her to make herself clear. A few pairs of eyes were looking at her. Zhou Wei’s mind was blank, and her heart clenched as if it was being

ruthlessly grabbed by an invisible hand.


Mother Zhou was also anxious. “Xiao Wei, what on earth is going on? Tell us. As long as you tell us, your grandfather and uncle will help you think of a way. If you don’t tell

us, no one will know how to help you!”

“1…” Zhou Wei still couldn’t say it. She turned her head away in a sorry state. Her voice was fast and embarrassing. “Mom, don’t ask. I don’t want to tell you.”

Seeing her reaction, the entire Zhou family looked at each other and saw impatience in each other’s eyes, but they were helpless.

Old Master Zhou was so angry that his chest heaved. However, Zhou Wei was his biological granddaughter. Not to mention what happened that day, he couldn’t pry open

the mouth of a living person and force it out.

As everyone was silent.

Zhou Hengfeng, who had gone out to reply to the message, walked back quickly. His eyes were filled with obvious anger as he walked straight towards Zhou Wei.

He slammed his phone on the table in front of her. His expression was so dark that water could drip from it.

“You used the virus I gave you so recklessly?”

Virus… used recklessly…

Although the other Zhou family members didn’t know what he was talking about, they could see the seriousness of the matter from his expression.

Zhou Wei suddenly looked up, her expression flustered and guilty. She was clearly frightened by Zhou Hengfeng’s sudden question..

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