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Chapter 814 Did She Mess With the Red Alliance?

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Her eyes flashed, and she denied instinctively. “I, I didn’t.”

“How dare you lie!”

Zhou Hengfeng wasn’t married and did not have a child. He had always loved his niece and simply treated her as his biological daughter. Therefore, after finding out about

this, his first reaction was to be so angry that his head hurt. Seeing that she still lied and did not admit it, besides being angry, he also felt a deep disappointment.

“They’ve already come looking for me.”

Zhou Wei tugged at the corner of her shirt and looked at him nervously with her fingers turning white. Her expression changed constantly, and her mind was in a mess.

Who was looking for her?

The Red Alliance?

How did the Red Alliance know that she had used the Lizard Tail?

She couldn’t figure it out.

Old Master Zhou was also confused. He asked the angry man, “Hengfeng, what’s going on? What are you talking about? Who came looking for us?”

“Who else could it be?” If someone else asked him, he might not even want to speak, but he had always been filial to Old Master Zhou. He could only suppress the anger in

his heart and say unhappily, “The Red Alliance. The people from the Red Alliance found me and asked if I used the virus they sent me previously…”

“The Red Alliance?” Hearing this, Old Master Zhou tensed up and almost stood up. “Why would the Red Alliance come looking for us?”

The outside world might not know much about the Red Alliance, but the successful rise of their Zhou family these past few years was largely related to them!

Originally, Beijing had been dominated by three families. The only family that could remain in Beijing was the Zhou family. If not for the fact that someone in the family had

developed in terms of official career or had taken root here for more than a century, the Zhou family wouldn’t have been involved in either. The reason why they had been

hovering around the edges of the upper circles of Beijing all these years was that the Zhou family had produced some capable juniors.

The most outstanding person among them was his youngest son, Zhou Hengfeng.

There was a very important reason why Zhou Hengfeng could become the number one hacker in the country and be regarded as a VIP by the major families in Beijing. It was

because everyone thought that Zhou Heng’s relationship with the Red Alliance was extraordinary.

Back then, the news that Zhou Hengfeng had almost entered the Red Alliance had also spread throughout Beijing!

The Zhou family relied on this relationship to get better and better!

To outsiders, the Red Alliance was just a mysterious and powerful hacker organization. To the Zhou family, it was their foundation in Beijing.

o matter who they offended, they did not dare to offend the people from the Red Alliance.

Zhou Hengfeng naturally knew this. He was usually very careful when interacting with the people from the Red Alliance, afraid of offending those people.

He would even send messages to greet them on New Year’s Eve.

He was as humble as he could be…

He had worked hard for so long because he wanted to enter the Red Alliance one day. Who knew that the Red Alliance had clearly told him just now that they would cut ties

with him in the future and that he was not to use the Red Alliance’s name outside!

hou Hengfeng’s eyes were filled with fire. His anger rose again. He pointed at Zhou Wei and said resentfully, “What else? You have to ask her what she did in the Ninth


I… I didn’t do anything…” Zhou Wei was still stubborn.

hou Hengfeng slammed the table in anger. “If you didn’t do anything, why did the Ninth Branch chase you out? Why did the Red Alliance come looking for me asking if I

used their virus outside? I only gave you that trojan horse. Who else could it be?”

Zhou Wei opened her mouth and was speechless.

hou Hengfeng’s eyes were filled with disappointment as he looked at her. He turned his head angrily and said to Old Master Zhou, “I can’t help her anymore. It’s up to you


Old Master Zhou, Father Zhou, and Mother Zhou did not speak. They were all stunned by Zhou Hengfeng’s words.

Old Master Zhou’s face turned green and white. He looked at Zhou Wei in disbelief and asked her in a deep voice, “You used the virus your uncle gave you in the Ninth

Branch? What did you do with it?”

The entire family was looking at her.

Disappointment could be seen in their gazes.

“…” Zhou Wei’s mind was blank. Her nails dug so hard in her palm that it hurt. She almost hurt herself, but she didn’t dare to say anything. .

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