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Chapter 810: Master Wang Wants to Personally Interrogate the Gangsters

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Since Ye Wangchuan had personally asked, how could Cai Gang refuse to answer?

After briefly explaining the situation to the policewoman, he led the person to find the relevant personnel.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t waste any words. His eyes darkened. He stretched out his hand and put the girl’s hair behind her ears. He pinched the tips of her fingers and said to Jiang Li standing by the side, “It’s cold. Nian Nian is not wearing many layers of clothes. Please lead everyone to the car and wait for me.

Iwill settle some business and be right out to join you guys.”

“Okay.” Jiang Li agreed quickly. He passed the policewoman, unbothered by the small police station. He never thought about asking Qiao Nian if she had finished making her statement.

Gu San’s voice was low as he said, “Master Wang, I will go with you.”

“Suit yourself.”

Ye Wangchuan didn’t refuse his offer.

Assuming that he agreed, Gu San followed Ye Wangchuan and Cai Gang into the police station.

In the interrogation rooms, the policemen were at a loss. They didn’t know how to handle the young people in front of them.

“Why were you fighting that girl? How did she provoke you guys?”

None of the gangsters answered. They looked like fools. Their faces looked all beat up, and some of them were still bleeding from their noses. They looked very miserable. They didn’t like the party who went to beat someone up, but more like the party who was beaten up.

“Tm asking you guys a question! Are you all mute?”

They didn’t cooperate. The police officer in charge of taking notes was so angry that he slapped the table several times and reprimanded them loudly. “You’re all in the police station already. Do you think that nothing will happen if you just keep quiet? If you explain yourself well, we can still be lenient.

However, if you don’t explain yourself, there will be consequences.”

“Tsk.” The muscular man smiled contemptuously. He half raised his chin and looked at him provocatively. He said, “Brother, what do you want us to say? We have already admitted that we hit someone. You can deal with it however you like. We have no objections, anyways.”

The policeman slammed down by the cup of water, and the bottom of the water cup slammed loudly on the table, making a heavy noise. “Is this what I asked you? Why were you bothering that girl? Do you know her? Or did someone instruct you to harass her?”

The chief had received instructions to investigate this matter carefully. He didn’t dare to just let them off so easily. However, they were all wily old foxes. They were often brought into the police station because of fights. They were familiar with the interrogation process and were not afraid at all.

He had been interrogating them for a long time but was unable to get any useful information.

As expected, the other party ignored his questions.

It was as if they were asking him to make his own assumptions.

At this moment, the door of the interrogation room opened.

Light came in from the outside.

Turning around, the policeman saw Cai Gang leading two young men in. The man had an extraordinary temperament. He was followed by a tall man. However, behind the man with the extraordinary temperament, his aura seemed restrained. Obviously, that man was the leader.

He hurriedly got up and said respectfully, “Officer Cai.”

Cai Gang acknowledged and motioned him to remain calm. He scanned the people in the room, turned back to the policeman, and asked, “Have you finished the interrogation?”

The policemen lowered their heads in shame and said, “No, they don’t want to tell us anything.”

Cai Gang had a headache. He frowned and said, “Even if they didn’t want to say anything, you should have found a way to get them to talk!”

At this moment, Ye Wangchuan walked over and pulled aside a chair. He sat down and put his long legs there casually. Squinting, he said in a low voice, “Let me conduct the interrogation.”

“Young Master Ye…” Cai Gang was taken aback..1

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