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Chapter 809: The Blood on Her Clothes Isn’t Hers

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The policewoman frowned and looked at the girl sitting there with complicated eyes. She didn’t seem to be anyone special. Her gaze paused again on her very delicate face and said, “The first thing you should do is call the police instead of fighting them with your bare hands.”

A girl was surrounded by several gangsters, and in the end, the gangsters were all beaten to the ground wailing. They would only see this kind of scene in police-themed movies. Who would have expected them to encounter this kind of thing in real life!

The policewoman couldn’t imagine such a weak-looking girl beating up the gangsters.

“At that point, it was already too late.” Qiao Nian had a good attitude. She looked at the policewoman with black eyes and a causal expression, but she didn’t fail to cooperate. She did not try to embarrass the policewoman. “I will try my best next time.”

She would try her best next time!

The policewoman was speechless.

She wasn’t able to come up with an appropriate reply. Why did she have a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to come up with an appropriate reply? Was this just her overthinking things?

“Iknow that the situation at that time was very dangerous. You may not have had the time to call the police. It’s just that the other party was holding a weapon. You were alone. Even if you have no time to call the police, you can ask the crowd for help. Many people were also at the entrance of the hospital.

It’s better for you to fight with a few people as compared to fighting them by yourself.” The policewoman seemed to make sense.

Qiao Nian didn’t refute her. She just lowered her eyes. Not much emotion could be seen in her eyes. They were cold and dry.

suddenly, Cai Gang called out to her. “Miss Qiao!”

Qiao Nian raised her head, but before she noticed, she was suddenly grabbed by a hand. That person pulled her up and checked her carefully. The person’s tone was uncontrollably cold and hostile, “Where are you hurt? Do you feel any pain?”

The man had a faint smell of mint, and the smell of cigarettes lingered on him. However, the smell of smoke was very light, which showed that he rarely smoked.

Ye Wangchuan was here.

Qiao Nian still had a boss-like aura, but she was obviously not as cold as before. “No, I’m not hurt.”

Jiang Li was speechless. He had also tagged along and was about to rush over as soon as possible. However, he was pushed aside. Even Gu San was faster than him and managed to squeeze to the front. He seemed very depressed and seemed to care about this matter deeply. He understood the situation

clearly, so he did not make a scene.

Ye Wangchuan pinched her left wrist again. His eyes darkened, and his voice was hoarse. “If you aren’t injured, why is there blood on your clothes?”

Qiao Nian lowered her head and saw a lot of blood splattered on her black hoodie. The blood was not obvious because her hoodie was black in color. It was impossible to tell if one didn’t look closely.

She raised her eyelids; they were thin, and her pupils were black. She pulled down the brim of her hoodie and said lightly, “Oh, that’s the blood of the people who fought with me. Maybe I was not very careful and accidentally got it on my hoodie.”

Ye Wangchuan checked Qiao Nian carefully again to confirm that she wasn’t injured. He then narrowed his eyes and asked Cai Gang lazily, “Chief Cai, how about those people?”

Cai Gang had already climbed up the social ladder a while ago. He was also considered a notable person in Rao City. The policewoman had never seen anyone talk to the chief like that before.

Her heart tightened, and she subconsciously looked at Ye Wangchuan and the others.

‘The man had an extraordinary demeanor. She didn’t even need to ask to guess that he was a person with a strong background.

She looked to the side again and noticed Gu San. Her temples twitched when she noticed Jiang Li. She clenched her notepad.

It was Jiang Li!

Could he really be that famous star?

Looking at Qiao Nian again, her eyes changed. She had originally thought this was an ordinary incident of a young person picking a quarrel and creating trouble. However, looking at her again, things did not seem as simple as they seemed on the surface..

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