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Chapter 772: Sister Nian’s Teacher and Elder

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“I don’t think so. At least for the time being.” Qiao Nian met his gaze and looked at him calmly. “I just don’t have time.”

Master Cheng had heard of her reason long ago. He didn’t probe further and paused for a moment before asking, “By the way, who is your Chinese Medicine teacher?”

He knew Mr. Huang and wanted to string her up.

Qiao Nian: “It’s probably… Mr. Huang.”

“Mr. Huang?” Master Cheng originally wanted to use his relationship to help her pull the strings. Unexpectedly, Qiao Nian had already become Mr. Huang’s disciple. He was stunned for a moment, but looking at the girl standing in front of him, he did not feel as surprised as he had imagined.

He had already become familiar with her at first sight. After interacting with her for a month, he was even more tempted to take her in, let alone anyone else.

Who wouldn’t want such a smart student?

With this in mind, Master Cheng understood. He raised his white eyebrows and looked at her with his turbid but hale and hearty black eyes. He asked, “It’s impossible for you to have chosen only one major when you study so well. Other than Mr. Huang’s Chinese Medicine, what else do you major in?

“Finance?” Qing University had two majors. One was in the Clinical Department and the other was in the Finance Department. He guessed that Qiao Nian either majored in finance or computers.

After all, Qiao Nian’s computing skills seemed to be very good.

Even Luo Qing admired her. He could more or less guess Qiao Nian’s talent in IT.

Qiao Nian shook her head. “No.”

“No?” Master Cheng didn’t expect himself to guess wrong twice. He was a little stunned. “Then, what else are you majoring in?”

He was about to say, “Could it be computing?”

Qing University’s level of computer expertise was average. If Qiao Nian wanted to study it, she should go to Nanjing University.

Nanjing University had the best education level in this area.

Zhou Wei was a Nanjing University student.


Qiao Nian zipped up her bag, her eyes wild and alittle lazy. “Music Department.”


A perfect-score student like Qiao Nian wanted to learn music?

He felt like it was a waste of a genius.

‘The expression on his face was filled with heartache and pity. “Why do you want to learn music?

“You can learn music at home, but there’s no need to specialize in a professional class… If you have the energy, you can come to the Ninth Branch and learn from me in the laboratory. You can go for scientific research in the future, or you can do other things…”

Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to talk to her about this. She put one hand in her pocket and said with a gentle gaze, “No, I mainly agreed to an elder’s request to learn from him.”

“Who is it?” Master Cheng felt heartache. He wished he could argue with that person and ask him why he wanted Qiao Nian to learn some music.

“Your elder is also teaching in Qing University?”

He tried to recall if there was a teacher in the music department with the surname Qiao. He couldn’t recall anyone. He looked up at Qiao Nian and waited for her reply.

“Is the elder you’re talking about your relative?”

Qiao Nian felt a headache and was a little frustrated by his gaze, but she still answered his question nicely. “He’s not a relative. He’s just an elder I’ve known for many years. Master Cheng, you might not know him.”

On this matter, Master Cheng was quite persistent. He said in a warm and gentle tone, “Young lady, tell me his name first. What if I know him?”

‘There were only a few famous music masters in the country. They weren’t from the same industry. He didn’t know many, but he knew one or two people.

He wasn’t just asking for his name. He thought that if Qiao Nian’s music teacher standards were average, even if he wasn’t able to help her with her Chinese Medicine major, he would at least be able to help her with her music major

Seeing how persistent he was, Qiao Nian could only say Nie Mi’s name.

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