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Chapter 773: Sister Ni

, Have You Heard?

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Hearing the name of the elder, Master Cheng’s face instantly twitched. He looked at Qiao Nian, speechless.

Nie Mi.

‘The leading music master in the country could be said to be the number one person in the country’s music industry. He wasn’t an inherited cultural figure and was highly respected in the domestic music industry. He also had an extraordinary status internationally.

Nie Mi was indeed a senior teacher, but he was only an honorary professor.

Unlike Mr. Huang from the Chinese Medicine Department, ever since Nie Mi became an honorary professor at Qing University, he hadn’t spent a day there!

His return to Qing University this time… was clearly for Qiao Nian!

‘The Chinese Medicine she majored in was led by the famous Mr. Huang, and her music teacher was Nie Mi… Master Cheng finally understood why Qiao Nian was going to Qing University. She had even rejected him repeatedly and told him that she didn’t have time.

With these two teachers, it was indeed impossible for her to skip class and take time to come to him.

However, the more he became a master, the more he wanted to vie with others. After all, if he had to compare his status in the country, his achievements in his own domain were not bad.

“You’ll definitely be busy in your first and second years of university, but your classes will start to decrease in the second half of the second year. When the time comes, you can come to my place to learn. Bioengineering is no worse than Chinese Medicine and music. If you learn them, you’ll realize that

making reactors is much more interesting than making music.”

“Oh.” Qiao Nian thought of the ammunition reactor he made that day and looked at his expression that said, “Ours is also interesting,” She didn’t reject him completely, but she didn’t give an affirmative answer. “Can we see how it goes?”

“Sure, of course.” Master Cheng had already discussed this with her before. This time, he had only brought it up again because he saw that she was about to leave.

Qiao Nian chatted with him for a while more before Master Cheng rushed back to the laboratory to watch the project he was researching.

Qiao Nian did not delay. She picked up her things and played with her phone as she slowly walked out.

It had taken her almost two hours to perform acupuncture on Master Cheng until he woke up.

She guessed that Ye Wangchuan had finished handling the matter.

Qiao Nian looked at the message on her phone. Gu San and Luo Qing hadn’t told her about Zhou Wei’s final outcome.

She didn’t particularly care about how the Ninth Branch dealt with Zhou Wei, so she didn’t especially send a message to ask.

It happened that the class in First High School might have ended. She had replied to Shen Qingqing’s message earlier. When she opened her phone, she saw that Shen Qingqing had sent her many more messages.

She flipped through it.

The girl rambled on about the situation in class during this period. For example, when everyone’s results improved during the monthly test, the average score in the class increased by 20 points. Shen Hui was extremely happy and treated them to a meal.

For example, Chen Yuan had improved the most this time. His results for the monthly model examination were around 620, but he directly scored 680. He improved 60 points in one month. Everyone was asking him if he would go to Qing University or Nanjing University.

In addition, Shen Qingging also shared some school gossip. There was talk about how other schools came to First High School to poach people near the college entrance examination. Some of the top students in Class B had been poached.

After that, the girls liked to chat about celebrities and gossip.

[Sister Nian, since you’re in Beijing, have you heard that…]

Heard of what?

She had just read the message when her nose bumped into a hard chest. Caught off guard, Qiao Nian staggered and almost tripped.

A firm arm happened to grab her waist and pull her back. The man’s familiar cold fragrance lingered.

She was frustrated..

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