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Chapter 74: She’s Like a Mystery

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Everyone turned around to see an 18-year-old girl running towards them. She was wearing a T-shirt, smoky gray jeans, and a pair of small leather boots that revealed her straight and well-proportioned legs. She had probably just rushed over, as the fine sweat on her forehead hadn’t been wiped off yet, and she was panting with her hands on her knees, her eyes burning like a wildfire.

“Let me.”

Aunt Chen stared at her in a daze, her mouth hanging open. Forgetting to wipe the tears on her sallow face, she exclaimed in surprise, “Nian Nian?”

Behind her, Gu San was also shocked. He poked his head out, confused as to what was going on. He whispered to the man beside him, “Master Wang, what’s Miss Qiao doing?”

Was she fooling around?

It didn’t seem like it!

Qiao Nian didn’t seem like the kind to fool around.

Although she was young, she was much calmer than her brother, Young Master Jiang.

She had no reason to mess around under such circumstances.

But why did it sound like she was fooling around?

“She’s just a high school girl, how could she possibly know medical skills? Craniotomy isn’t the same as cutting open a watermelon. Look at her confidence, isn’t she just messing around?”

Ye Wangchuan raised an eyebrow, closing his eyes and letting a chuckle escape from his thin and gorgeous mouth. “Hehe.” Interesting~

He thought that Qiao Nian just looked different from ordinary girls, but now it seemed he hadn’t mistaken her. She was indeed different.

Qiao Nian was just like a mystery!

When the female high school student told the group of brain surgeons in the top three hospitals that she would do the operation, everyone was stunned.

Liu Yuanyuan, known as the most beautiful doctor in the brain surgery department, took the lead to break the silence. Sneering, she raised her chin proudly and sized her up. “You? Some of our doctors aren’t even confident, but you, a high school student, think you can do it? What if the patient dies, are you going to take responsibility?”

Qiao Nian stepped on the shadow of the corridor lights, wild and sassy. “Yes, I’ll take responsibility.”

Liu Yuanyuan raised her thin eyebrow, feeling a little annoyed. She said with disgust, “Haha, who are you kidding? Take responsibility? Who are you to do that? Treating illness and saving people isn’t like playing house, and you have to be capable first before you want to be a hero. The hospital doesn’t even dare to be responsible for this operation, but you can afford to?”

“What if I take responsibility for it with my life?”

Qiao Nian stood still in front of them, her hands in her pocket, her forehead still wet with sweat. She was still panting a little as she spoke, but arrogance and confidence exuded from her attitude.

“If I fail the operation, I’ll pay for it with my life.”

Aunt Chen covered her mouth, shaking her head wildly and preventing her from continuing. “Don’t talk nonsense. What do you mean? You’re still young, your uncle isn’t worth it. We’re not worthy enough for you to bet your life on it.”

Qiao Nian’s eyes were very beautiful, and their shape was peach-like, with the tails raised like a phoenix. It made her look a little disobedient, and with her eyebrows raised at the moment, the bulge of her brow bone looked even more rebellious.

She was incredibly wild!

She helped Aunt Chen sit down on a chair, her eyebrows and eyelashes drooped, forming a shadow under her eyes. She said softly, “You and Uncle Chen are worthy to me. Don’t worry, I won’t let Uncle Chen die.”

Red-eyed, Aunt Chen grabbed her hand, choking and speechless. She didn’t know what else to say, except to repeat the words, “Nian Nian, we’re not worth it. We didn’t do anything for you.”

Qiao Nian straightened her back and reached out to wipe away her tears. “Don’t cry.”

After coaxing her, she turned with her hands behind her back, her eyes wild and determined. “It’s unrealistic to transfer to another hospital and continue to wait. We don’t have a second choice now, so let me give it a try.”

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