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Chapter 73: Big Boss, You’re Exposed

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After school, many parents drove over to pick up their children after getting off work. The gates of First High School were blocked by various cars.

Frowning, Qiao Nian took out her earphone from her bag, walked through the crowd, and was about to call the hospital.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black Phaeton parked in an inconspicuous corner across the road.

Ye Wangchuan leaned back lazily on the other side, his handsome face illuminated under the street lights. His eyes were deep, and a cigarette hung from his thin and gorgeous lips. His black shirt sleeves were rolled up to reveal the crimson prayer beads on his wrist.

Though he was parked far away, his appearance stood out from the crowd and was very alluring.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to walk over.

However, he seemed to sense that she had come out and raised his head to look in her direction, coincidentally meeting her gaze.

Qiao Nian: “…”

Ye Wangchuan didn’t expect her to come out so fast, and to see him smoking. Frowning, he quickly threw away the cigarette butt and stamped it out with his foot. Then, he turned and said to Gu San, “Didn’t you say that the exam would take at least half an hour?”

“Yes, it usually does.”

“Then, why is Qiao Nian out already?” And she had even seen him smoking.

Rubbing his forehead, Ye Wangchuan was too lazy to scold him. He raised his hand and greeted the girl on the opposite side.

The road wasn’t very wide, and Qiao Nian arrived within a few steps.

She just reached the car when she heard the man’s low and sultry voice say, “Uncle Chen met with an accident.”

Qiao Nian’s heart jumped, and her face changed slightly. Taking off her earphones, she stared at him with black, cold, and ruthless eyes, like a wolf whose bottom line had been stepped on.

“What happened?” Her voice was incredibly hoarse.

Upon seeing her shoulders and back tense up, Ye Wangchuan knew that she was far from being as calm as she seemed on the surface. He turned and opened the car door, inviting her in. “I’ll tell you on the road, get in the car first.”

Along the way, Ye Wangchuan briefly explained the incident to her.

In fact, it was very simple. In the afternoon, Uncle Chen suddenly felt nauseous and fainted for a while. The doctor performed an emergency examination and found that he had a tumor in his brain which needed immediate surgery.

However, this kind of craniotomy required quite a number of doctors. Rao City was only a small city, and the level of medical technology was far from Beijing’s.

Suddenly looking for an expert to perform a craniotomy on Uncle Chen was like trying to reach the sky.

Before the car arrived at the hospital, Ye Wangchuan glanced at her pale face. His fingers quickly turned the beads on his wrist, and he softly comforted her. “I’ve already contacted the experts from Beijing’s hospital. They’ll be here soon, so don’t worry.”

She had always known that Uncle Chen wasn’t in good health, and he was paralyzed in bed all year round. Hence, she had asked the doctors to do a comprehensive physical examination on him every month, but she didn’t expect them to encounter a brain tumor in him!

Qiao Nian’s face turned pale, and she leaned backward before shutting her eyes. Her black eyelashes were distinct, her lips were drawn into a straight line, and her hands were clenched into fists.

It was the first time Ye Wangchuan saw her so fragile and anxious. Afraid that her hand would bleed from her tight grip, he put his big hand on the back of hers.

As if he was comforting a child, he whispered and coaxed her, “Nian Nian, trust me. Uncle Chen will definitely be fine.”

The car quickly stopped at the hospital, and Qiao Nian almost ran up to the 6th floor.

From a distance, she heard Aunt Chen’s depressed cry and the voices of doctors discussing together.

“The patient has fallen into a severe coma. What can we do? We can’t wait for the experts from Beijing to come over, so why don’t we directly go to the higher-level hospital?”

“No, he can’t be moved anymore in this condition. He can only operate as soon as possible.”

“But who will do it?”

The scene was deadly quiet.

The brain surgeons in Rao City were gathered here, but no one dared to come forward and say that they were confident. If it was another person today, they might not have been under such pressure and would have agreed to do the surgery. After all, there were successes and failures in operations. However, despite looking ordinary, this patient seemed to have a powerful support, and no one dared to bear such a responsibility…

Aunt Chen waited with tears in her eyes for a full minute, but not one doctor volunteered to do the surgery. Her heart sank, and just when she was about to cry desperately, she heard a familiar voice from the end of the corridor.


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