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Chapter 721: Zhou Wei’s Apology

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Qiao Nian had helped their group. She had intercepted the opponent’s attack on the Ninth Branch and also helped to destroy the stolen chips.

However, he still held a suspicious attitude towards Qiao Nian and even warned Master Wang to conduct a detailed check on Miss Qiao’s background.

Regarding this problem, it was not completely his fault from his point of view.

Not long after that, Miss Qiao even helped the Ninth Branch to solve the problem they were facing with the unmanned system.

Furthermore, she was going to attend to Master Cheng.

To be reasonable, his previous approach seemed a little overboard!

Luo Qing always bragged that he would always uphold his promises. Although it was embarrassing for an adult to be apologizing to a young girl in front of so many people, his apology was still very sincere. “In short, if you ever face a problem where I can be of help, just let me know. I owe you a favor.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and looked at him. Her black and bright eyes were clear, and an air of vigor could be felt around her. “I remember Team Leader Luo saying something about treating me to dinner. Are you planning on going back on your words?”

Luo Qing said, “I will definitely treat you! I will definitely keep my word. I will buy you a meal whenever you are free. You can decide on a place in Beijing. You don’t need to hold back!”

Qiao Nian started to laugh. Her appearance was quite eye-catching. “Then it’s all okay. I didn’t help out in vain. We’ll call it even if you treat me to dinner. We don’t owe each other anything anymore.”

Luo Qing was speechless for a while.

The problem that Qiao Nian had helped to solve was worth a thousand meals. Her generosity and forgiving attitude made her contributions even more precious.

“That’s fine.” Luo Qing wasn’t a hypocritical person. He silently kept this favor in his heart. On a more serious note, he turned his head and looked at Zhou Wei and her group who had already walked by. He spoke directly and reminded Zhou Wei succinctly. “By the way, Team Leader Zhou, if you have anything to say to Miss Qiao, you can tell her now.”

Gu San frowned when he saw Zhou Wei. She was very annoying. He was afraid she would bother Qiao Nian again. He was just about to stop her.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Wei walked forward and glanced at Qiao Nian. The expression on her face looked very forced. She pursed the corners of her mouth and reluctantly said, “Miss Qiao, I’m very sorry for the attitude I have shown you at the airport.”

Bo Jingxing, Gu San, and Chen Zhu were all stunned for a moment.

They couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

Zhou Wei didn’t have such an attitude before they boarded separate cars at the airport.

At that time, she was still unconvinced by Qiao Nian’s abilities and was picking on her. Why did she suddenly apologize to Qiao Nian right after she got out of the car?

“I had a bad attitude before, but I will pay attention to it in the future.” Zhou Wei looked very humiliated as she spoke. Her eyelashes were lowered and she didn’t even look Qiao Nian in the face.

It was obvious how reluctant she was to apologize.

Luo Qing could only pressure Zhou Wei into apologizing to Qiao Nian. He couldn’t control what she truly felt in her heart. He sighed helplessly and did not bother to say anything else.

In any case, he believed in Miss Qiao’s abilities. He couldn’t help it even if Zhou Wei wasn’t convinced. He only hoped she wouldn’t go against Miss Qiao too much and humiliate herself in the process.

“You don’t have to apologize to me. I’m very busy, and we probably won’t have any more chances to interact in the future.” The girl’s voice was low and arrogant!

Zhou Wei raised her head as she heard the girl’s voice. It sounded very casual.. “I won’t be free from now on, anyways.”

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