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Chapter 720: At the Ninth Branch

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The black sedan stopped outside the Ninth Branch.

“We’re here, Young Master Bo.”

Bo Jingxing looked at the scenery outside the car window. A white research institute stood there quietly. When he turned around, he saw that Chen Zhu was still there to popularize the iris recognition technology.

Raising his hand and pressing on his temple, he smiled and said to the girl who was playing with her cell phone, “Sister Qiao, the Ninth Branch is here.”

“…Iris recognition technology is not only used in access control. I heard that this technology has been used on computers and mobile phones. In the future, our mobile phones will not need fingerprint verification when they are turned on, and only need to be pointed at the eyes for a few seconds to unlock. ”

Chen Zhu was still talking to Qiao Nian about how awesome the iris technology was!

How amazing was Zhou Wei to have come up with this research!

Qiao Nian rubbed her earlobes. She had listened to him go on for a long while now. At this point, she put away her phone, looked past him at Bo Jingxing and asked, “We’re arrived?”

“Mm, arrived.”

Bo Jingxing could also hear Chen Zhu’s chatter along the way, but he didn’t stop it, because the emergence of iris recognition technology could make up for the Ninth Branch’s incompetencies in the hacking field, and it was also an achievement that the Ninth Branch deserved to show off.

He smiled at Qiao Nian and asked, “Want to go down and have a look?”

Qiao Nian could not be happier to open the car door and get off.

The fresh air outside the car was blowing, and Qiao Nian felt that the ears were finally clear. Even the tension in her temple eased.

Ah, liberation!

The car that Zhou Wei and Luo Qing were riding in followed them all the way. When they arrived, the black car behind them stopped.

Luo Qing got out of the car first and greeted Qiao Nian, “Miss Qiao.”

The weather in Beijing in December was much colder than that in the surrounding city. Qiao Nian was only wearing a hoodie and a thin cardigan jacket, which made her feel a little cold. She lazily pulled up her hoodie, her black eyes looking at the big man. She nodded as a form of acknowledgement and response.

Luo Qing was truly in admiration of her!

He was not bothered by Qiao Nian’s casual and distant attitude, knowing that she was usually rather cold to people she was not close with. He walked over with a huge smile and said to her, “Miss Qiao, we just looked through the USB drive in the car. I am very curious, how did you solve the problem of the source code?”

There was an error in the source code of the automated system. Zhou Wei in the second group had been unable to solve this problem. She once asked Liao Xu from their group for help.

He was also present at the time. He had seen Zhou Wei’s source code error and tried to work on it himself, but the effect was not good and the loophole could not be managed.

He really couldn’t understand Qiao Nian, a young girl who had never systematically studied computing anywhere, could be so good!

Qiao Nian lifted her eyes, just in time to see Zhou Wei get out of the car with a long face and walk over here.

She raised her eyebrows expressionlessly and replied casually: “I didn’t really solve it, I just took a look, maybe it’s luck.”

She refused to say it, and Luo Qing couldn’t hide his disappointment. He said, “Miss Qiao, you are too modest. Programming does not depend on luck, it only depends on personal capability. I’m truly in admiration of you. In the future, if you need any help, just come to me and I’ll help you out as much as I can.”

“Anyway, I owed you a favor last time. You didn’t make me swallow the computer. I’m too embarrassed to play stupid with you and acting like I forgot about it…” He smiled and touched the back of his head. He was very sincere.. “Miss Qiao , I have to say sorry to you about what happened before, I’m very sorry.”

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