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Chapter 701: I Will Be Back Before the College Entrance Examination

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She raised her wrist and put the chalk on the blackboard.

Line after line, the girl’s handwriting was not cursive but full of personality. It was as freestyle as it could get.

In less than five minutes.

The girl put down the chalk in her hand, turned her head, and looked at him with a light expression. She said politely, “Teacher Liu, I’m done. You can see if it’s right.”

The Physics teacher was speechless.

He didn’t need to look. He watched the whole process, and what she wrote was the correct answer.

And it was even simpler than the standard answer he knew.

“That’s correct.” The Physics teacher was convinced by this girl. He turned around, looked at the large group of people in Class A, and said, “The one on the blackboard is the correct answer, you guys remember to copy it and study this question type carefully. You may see this type of question in the College Entrance Examination this year.”

“Okay.” Their voices sounded before they started scribbling.

He looked at the dozens of impatient eyes and picked up the textbook, tucking it under his arm. He then joked. “I guess you are not in the mood to listen to my class. There are still three minutes left, so I will dismiss you early today. There’ll be a test next lesson, you guys better perform well!”


Liang Bowen and friends shouted the loudest.

The Physics teacher shook his head with a laugh, then turned to speak to Qiao Nian politely. “Then, I’ll get going first. Remember to ask them to copy down the answer.”

“Mm. See you, Teacher.” Qiao Nian responded respectfully.

In a good mood, the physics teacher hummed a song and walked out of the classroom without looking back.

As soon as he left.

The students in Class A were all like wild horses, crowding around the podium.

Their faces were full of excitement.

Liang Bowen reacted the fastest, staring at the girl who left the chalk on the podium. He smiled and asked, “Sister Nian, why did you come to school?”

Qiao Nian put one hand in her pocket, raised her eyes casually, and said, “There’s something on.”

“What’s on?” Liang Bowen blinked and said immediately, “Is it related to the admissions teachers who came to school today?”

Qiao Nian didn’t think about hiding it from them. She nodded and said, “Almost.”

The Class A students were so envious…

Almost all of the top-tier colleges and universities in the country had come, but Sister Nian did not see it as a big deal.

Shen Qingqing was more concerned about other things. She looked at her intently and asked, “Then… Sister Nian, will you come back to class and have lessons with us this time?”

This question was in the minds of everyone in Class A, and everyone was looking forward to it, hoping that Qiao Nian would come back.

Suddenly stared at by dozens of expectant eyes, Qiao Nian pulled down the brim of her cap and said with a somewhat helpless expression, “No. I’m here to apply for leave.”

Although everyone knew in their hearts that Qiao Nian no longer needed to come to school, they couldn’t help but feel disappointed when they heard that she had come to apply for leave.

Shen Qingqing responded very quickly, and immediately said, “It hasn’t been long since you came back from Beijing, it’s good to apply for leave and get some rest…”

But, she really wanted to study hard with Sister Nian in the final stretch before the College Entrance Examination.

Everyone in Class A must have felt the same.

But everyone, like Shen Qingqing, was more happy and proud of Qiao Nian than they were disappointed!

Qiao Nian scanned everyone’s faces. She rubbed her temple and said, “I’ve applied for a month’s leave. I will be back before the College Entrance Examination to take the exams with you guys.”

Once she said this, all the heads that had been hanging low snapped up and looked at her in disbelief.

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