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Chapter 675: I Think You’re Talented in Acting, Would You Consider Transferring Faculties?

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“Previously, I didn’t expect you to do so well in the exam. Congratulations, Qiao Nian.” Her heart bled as she congratulated her.

But she had to say this in front of everyone. Otherwise, she was afraid that Wei Ling would find trouble with her afterwards and ask if she already knew about Qiao Nian’s achievements.

If Wei Ling found out that she knew Qiao Nian’s achievements but did not say it, she would be even more disappointed in her in the future and might even give up on her.

Qiao Chen knew what was at stake and decided to put herself out in front of everyone’s mocking gaze. She smiled and said, “Congratulations on your entrance to Qing University. I’m happy for you.”

Qiao Nian was so disgusted by her performance that she almost retched. She pulled down the hood of her hoodie, and her dark eyes were as sharp as a knife. It was as if she had understood clearly why Qiao Chen was hypocritical enough to congratulate her. Putting her hands in her pockets and looking at the girl smiling stiffly, she asked, “You’re not considering transferring faculties to learn acting instead?”

“I think you’re quite talented in this area, at least more talented than playing the piano,” she said loosely and casually.

Qiao Chen’s face tightened and flushed!

Qiao Nian!!

Did she have to leave no way out for her in front of so many people?!


Qiao Nian never regarded her as an opponent. When Chen Yuan was arrested, Qiao Weimin did put in a lot of effort. Although he didn’t manage to help much, Qiao Weimin had indeed informed her of Chen Yuan’s affairs. She remembered this favor from him.

Hence, even though it was disgusting to be manipulated by Qiao Chen, she did not say anything more. After tossing that statement, she turned around and said to Nie Mi, “I’m not used to sitting at a table with people I don’t know well, so you guys can go if you want. I’ll just grab a simple meal on my own, I still have something to attend to in the afternoon.”

I’m not used to sitting at a table with people I don’t know well.

A simple sentence slapped Wei Ling, Qiao Weimin, and the whole group of Qiao family members in the face.

Before, they had wanted to cut ties with Qiao Nian, but now, it was she who wanted that.

Wei Ling’s expression was rather awful. She seemed like she was going to act up but could not.

Nie Mi didn’t care about them at all. Hearing what Qiao Nian said, he smiled and responded without thinking, “I’m definitely eating with you. How can I go with the outsiders?”

He turned his head and asked the principal, “Principal Liang, how about you? Do you want to stay with us?”

It didn’t matter if Principal Liang was going to join them or not. He just asked him out of courtesy.

Principal Liang looked at Cheng Wu and his party, and then at Qiao Nian. Quickly making his decision, he answered him gently, “I’m surely following you, Master Nie.”

With that, he looked at Cheng Wu and said, “So, Professor Cheng.”

Cheng Wu spent so much effort to invite them, but none of them joined him eventually. He felt awkward, but said politely to his leader, “Principal, please go on.”

Principal Liang crossed his arm, looked at the girl standing there gracefully, and then turned his head and said, “I told student Qiao Nian that I would invite her to dinner. I will definitely not be able to join you today. Another day. I’ll dine with you another day.”

He was usually busy at school and could not meet anyone. Cheng Wu could tell that this was a polite remark to save him the embarrassment.

Wise enough to go along with his lead, Cheng Wu smiled slightly. “Okay. Then, Principal and Master Nie, please go ahead. We’ll meet again if we have the opportunity.”


Principal Liang answered, then said with a smile to the duo beside him, “Master Nie, Student Qiao Nian, let’s go in.”

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